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I am 14 years old (nearly) and live in Oakland, a large torpid city across the bay from San Francisco. Anyway, I forced myself to finish it and while I feel successful in finishing something that was painful, it just brought nothing new to my life.

There was a problem loading your book clubs. I told her I wasn't mentally ill, I was just a teenager. While I understand that teenage boys think about sex every minute of every day... the main character of Nick is a grating personality that takes the fun out of sex. And when the kids "alter ego" came into play, I had no idea what was going on for like 100 pages.

(Art seems to be a subsidiary concern.) The book was unrealistic and over the top.

‎The hilarious, take-no-prisoners novel about a cynical, sex-obsessed teenager's pining love for an intelligent girl– now a major motion picture from Dimension Films starring Michael Cera SIX MONTHS IN THE LIFE OF THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS TEENAGER Youth in Revolt is the…

This is a review for the first, "unedited" edition. Welcome back. In addition to releasing her debut YA novel, These Violent Delights, in the midst of a pandemic, she's also... First Broadway Books trade paperback edition. Yes, it seems all signs point to a clear diagnosis of incipient male-pattern baldness. It took me like 3 weeks to finally finish it. Yes. It's sort of written in journal format, but like with excruciating detail. A modern day Confederacy of Dunces, and equally worthy of praise. Another 14 year old boy's love song to his penis.

I am writing this in the tenuous privacy of my bedroom on my annoyingly obsolete AT clone. Please try again.

JULYWEDNESDAY, July 18 -— My name is Nick. Nick’s best friend Lefty provides a much-needed outlet for Nick’s ramblings, but Lefty lacks Nick’s precocious intelligence, as well as his love of literature. I am squeezing a zit on my chin the size of metropolitan Fresno. And did a few other semi-kinky things with him as well.

You should get outside in the fresh air.

Fate. Youth in Revolt is unlike any other YA novel. Introducing Youth in Revolt by C.D. Payne, the basis of the 2010 Dimension Films movie starring Michael Cera. I just remembered.

Not that funny. This book contains the first 3 books and this one is super super funny! Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Sometimes I was embarrassed to be giggling at what I was giggling at, and to make me feel like that is quite a feat. But in the span of 500 pages, 100 is nothing. Our protagonist, Nick Twisp, begins the story as a fairly standard Oakland dweeb, but in course of the book inexplicably transforms into some kind of clever, manipulative uber-genius sex god.

That way I can come out looking like a successful real estate agent, junior division.

(My face is beginning to resemble a pepperoni and eyeballs pizza.) So far, this has not straightened out the bow. He LOVED the movie, It didn't work for me. I am back to talking to my mother (my birthday is coming up soon). If you didn't know, this book is HUGE. The adolescent male voice rings achingly, annoyingly, gratingly true here. Just keep giving me mitts and someday I'll turn into Rollie Fingers. First, you should know Dad pilots a leased BMW 318i (the cheap one). I'm not speaking to her right now. by Broadway Books, Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp. One particularly repellent fellow asked me for a quarter. He spent his early years in West Virginia and southern Ohio, moving back to Akron while still a mere tot. She used to keep Dad up to date as he drove along on all the motor statutes he was violating.

(I feel I am still too young to tip.)

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 4, 2019, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 19, 2014. At 12:10 he screeched into the driveway, blasting the horn.

Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2018. Lacey, however, seemed more interested in laughing like a maniac and urging my father to "step on it, honey!

Later, Dad came out and invited Lacey in for a "nap." Payne has painted a wonderful picture of a young boy coming to terms with himself. Wait, no, actually, I'd prefer the opposite.

Read it in Hungarian years and years ago, then bumped into the film on boyfriend's DVD rack (Film is rubbish, sorry.)

How could you ever look a girl in the eye after you've had your winkie up her wendell?

I arrived to find the building full of unwashed people talking to themselves. After telling me about his trip (strange food, unintelligible natives, cute girls without tops arrayed like cordwood on sunny beaches), he got to the real news: he has found his older sister Martha's diary. Were he free of familial responsibilities, Dad would be in Paris, penning a Lasting Work of Important Fiction.

What I can't understand, if she wanted to breed jocks, why did she mate with a dork like Dad? then he mentioned he'd read it too. The book is composed of Twisp's highly-literate (especially for a 14 year-old) journal entries, only Twisp uses all of his cunning linguistics (pun intended) to espouse on masturbation and the pursuit of intercourse - and what a pursuit it is. My ambition is someday to be able to move entire paragraphs in a single bound. Revoltingly Young: The Journals of Nick Twisp's Younger Brother (Youth in Revolt), Revolt at the Beach: More Twisp Family Chronicles, Revolting Youth: The Further Journals of Nick Twisp (Youth in Revolt), Revolting Obsessions: The Intimate Journals of Nick Twisp II (Youth in Revolt), Revolting Relations: The Bachelor Journals of Nick Twisp II (Youth in Revolt), Licensed To Revolt: The Journals of Twisps on the Move (Youth in Revolt) (Volume 9), Young and Revolting: The Continental Journals of Nick Twisp (Youth in Revolt), Son of Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Scott Twisp (Youth in Hollywood).

So ordered it for his birthday last year and he loves it! $19.00 .

The atmosphere was so dreary, I came back without a book. If his plotting only backfired on himself, I might have enjoyed it more; but the weasel victimizes his friends, his annoying parents, and completely innocent people. Him, who doesn't like to read.

This book came to me with glowing reviews, but it didn't live up to them. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Reading Turgenev while residing in the back seat of a '72 Dodge Polara? As much as I think about sex, I can only with extreme difficulty conceive of myself actually performing the act. Lately I have become morbidly aware of my penis. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 16, 2012. Nothing short of the new standard to which all life and literature in the universe should be compared!!!!

Start by marking “Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp” as Want to Read: Error rating book. I took it with me to SF, as my old book, thinking maybe I'll make a dent in it if it's the only thing I bring (plus the awesome Jodi book).

While I laugh and love annoying jerkish characters in many Adult Swim offerings (see: Aqua Teen Hunger Force & Frisky Dingo), those shows are so outlandish that the joke is how OPPOSITE of true behaviour the characters employ.

What a competitive asshole! Some even have 586s!

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