what is media convergence

The economic strategy of media convergence (also known as media consolidation, media concentration or economic convergence) is a product of three elements. Media convergence is not a new concept. Britannica Encyclopaedia say’s, “Media Convergence is a phenomenon that involves the interlocking of computing and information technology companies, telecommunication networks and content providers from the various media platforms like magazines, newspapers, radio, television, films and the likes. Media convergence is the joining of several distinct technologies into one. It is a long term economic, technology and social trend that has several components: Enthusiasts vs Professionals A blurring of the line between professionally produced media and media produced by enthusiasts. Early radio stations partnered with newspapers in order to read news on the air, for instance, and MTV merged radio and television to a certain extent. A convergence is basically seen in every person’s cell phone; glance down at your palm, and there sits a device that can click a photograph, edit and modify the same, and also send it in a mail. In some cases, mul… And third, government deregulation. With the advent of the Internet, however, possibilities for media convergence have exploded. First, digitization. Media convergence is the tendency for different types of media to become more similar with time. (See also Royal Commission on Corporate Concentration). Second, corporate concentration. What is Media Convergence? Convergence is the process where several media channels come together to exist and operate in synergy. Lawson-Borders (2006) believes that convergence is as a possible field that to use computers and the internet to deliver multimedia contents when collaboration happens between print and … Some people like to define convergence simply by stating it to be a merger of mass media and communication outlets. With the new media innovation, traditional media and new media collided in many times (Lawson-Borders, 2006). Convergence is known broadly as the coming together of computing, telecommunication, and media in a digital environment In.1978, the term Convergence was first coined by Nicholas Negroponte which stated that modern devices in combination with technology, social media, and internet form the basic structure of Convergence in media, It brings together the “3 … What is Media Convergence? These factors have allowed media conglomerates to own different kinds of media (e.g., TV and radio stations and newspapers) in the sam… Fewer large companies own more media properties.

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