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Look! Scrambled Ed/Gallery < Scrambled Ed. Jonny fishes Edd and Eddy out of the water with a fishing net. ]Eddy: "What took ya? "Eddy: "We need Double D, Ed." "[He looks around the raft at his various animals. [He pulls open his jacket to reveal a fridge, and takes out a bottle of mustard.] ], Edd: "Sleepy sleepy sleepy." ]Jonny: "It's a little embarrassing." Naturally, this is the moment when Ed and Eddy bust in, and Eddy reveals that he has a new plan for a scam called Eds' Sea Ranch, but Edd is too tired to stay awake or listen, so Ed and Eddy drag their friend to the Creekto look at the locati… "Faster! You're silly. Thank you!" General. Where do I find some sea creatures?" Do you have corn in your ears, mister? He's ours! "Edd: [barely awake] "Build a pen to house the aquatic creatures. The tug-of-war stops as the parties look at him. "Scrambled Ed" Where's this thing go? Follow. Where's those sponges? AAH! [Jimmy gives the mallet.] [Ed squeezes the mustard, and a pencil eeks out.] [Jimmy hands the glue over.] "Edd: [alone] "Sleepy sleepy sleepy." Edd is left lying on the ground and has just fallen asleep again when Jonny shows up and asks Edd about a branch growing out of Plank's side. ]Rolf: "Quick Jonny, get the stick! It appears again in. "[The building in question is a large arc. Eddy is ready to get the scam working, but when he tries to drag Edd along, he finds that Kevin is pulling on the other end, angry at having ruined a bike chain with toothpaste. At Ed's house, Eddy finally remembers that they left Edd alone, so Ed goes back and gets him. ]Edd: "Not if it was the last bed on earth. "Rolf: "Rolf's belly would like food too. Lost advertising and interstitial material,,_Edd_n_Eddy:_Junkyard_Scramble_(non-existent_Game_Boy_Color_game;_2001)&oldid=123217. [He wakens long enough to shift his position on the rock he is on. "Is it serious? Script. [Eddy hits him with the rolled-up list.] Please subscribe my channel Svenska Röster Ed – Stefan Frelander Dubbel-D – Mikael Roupé Eddy – Stefan Frelander Jonny – Johan Wikström Jimmy – Dan Bratt/Håkan Mohede Sara. "Ed: "I collect sponges, Eddy. [whispering] "The walls have ears, Eddy. [He runs away. Rolf hallucinates that Jonny's head is a roast turkey. 10 notes Reblog. Barely lucid, Edd mutters about building a pen to house the creatures. "Jonny: [confused and a little creeped out] "Okay...Let's go check the fishing net, Plank. ]Edd: [Kevin shakes Edd's head and Edd recites dentistry] "Liberally apply toothpaste for cleaner, brighter teeth. Have we made any mistakes... or do you have any additional information about Scrambled Ed? "Ed: "Location, location, location." Bed. "[Sarah shakes Edd, and the boy shifts in her bed. Free (& Subscription) Games for All Platforms: New & Upcoming, November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home, Fall TV Preview: A Guide to New & Returning Broadcast Shows. Season 2 Episode 21B: Scrambled Ed. Edd drowsily draws the plans for the scam on the boulder he's lying on. [He drags Ed off to fetch the supplies. Please help support BCDB with a donation or a subscription to the website.Be sure to note your username in your donation and we will remove all ads on the site! Sea-bed sponges!" Directed by Danny Antonucci, Russ Mooney. Parents Guide. They wheel Edd outside and throw him on a picnic table, laying him flat for surgery. "Ed: [popping up from under a stepping stone] "Double D? So what's next, Double D? "Edd: [talking nonsense] "Attach it spefically to the barsh-niggum abitalluby tim." "Ed: "He asked for mustard, Eddy. When Edd spots the bed, he heads for it, but upon lifting the covets and seeing what lies beneath, he realizes that any other bed whatsoever would be preferable to this one. The sun beats down heavily on the makeshift raft. HAS THE WATER COME TO A BOIL YET?" However, when they enter the "surgery room", they find Edd sacked out on Sarah's bed and decide to abandon their surgery in favor of operating on Edd, whom they diagnose as having a broken brain. ]Eddy: "Sweet. Ed grabs Edd back. His friends misinterpret this, and Ed instead hands over a pen. "Ed: "Oh! "Sleepy sleepy sleepy…" Eddy trying to get Edd's attention. Of course, a now awake but still weary Edd is annoyed with Eddy's persistence, but he has bigger things to worry about, as Jonny has found the stick and is about to land an icky thump. "Plank:Jonny: "Do you think so?" The greatest of all creatures! [Eddy motors into the woods and stops. ]Eddy: "Thank you. Directed by Danny Antonucci, Russ Mooney. Entertainment, based on the Cartoon Network show Ed, Edd n Eddy. Our fall TV preview concludes with a comprehensive guide to the new and... 2013 Fall TV Preview: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Season's New and Returning Shows. Pulling away the covers, he sees the horror that lies beneath. Previous [He leaps from the water.] A severe case of exhaustion, don't you think? Radical." ], Ed: [in the lane, handing Edd to Eddy] "One Double D, hold the onions! ], Jimmy: [in a nurse's uniform] "After you, doctor. At Ed's house, the duo make it to Ed's room, but they soon realize that they left behind Edd. With Matt Hill, Sam Vincent, Tony Sampson, Keenan Christensen. Taglines All we need now are some exhibits. 7: Look Into My Eds / Tag Yer Ed 1.8 Ep. Synopsis "Edd: "Tired. Of course, Edd is tired, as he's obviously been up all night, and he collapses into sleep right on his desk.

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