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Barb during her 11th war patrol along the east coast of China from 19 December 1944 to 15 February 1945. [11], List of most successful American submarines in World War II.

The convoy maintained course and speed, but Barb stalked it for five hours and succeeded in closing a cargo vessel. She arrived there on 2 August and was there when the news of the Japanese surrender arrived on the 15th. She fired four torpedoes at the ships, scoring two hits on a large freighter and one on a medium sized vessel. Anxiously watching the skies, Commander Fluckey noticed plumes of cirrus clouds, then white stratus capping the mountain peaks ashore.

Catalog#: NH 103570. In a daring penetration of the heavy enemy screen, and riding in 5 fathoms [9 m] of water, he launched the Barb's last forward torpedoes at 3,000 yard [2.7 km] range. With her bow tubes empty, Barb was forced under by a charging escort while Queenfish and Picuda continued the attack. 31 January 1945 reported: "Ping-hai is operated by Technical Sergeant William M. Stewart, LJSMCR, and Ralph A. Martin, GM3C.". Barb during her 11th war patrol along the east coast of China from 19 December 1944 to 15 February 1945. A correlation of the Barb's track chart, patrol report, and the Ping-hai log shows that Ping-hai's first report was received more than 16 hours after the Barb had turned to the northeast on a surface patrol. After studying his charts, he surmised that this could only happen if a channel had been dredged through the Hai-tan Straits. [3] The Portuguese government, for his distinguished service, decorated him with the Medalha de Mérito Militar, noting that this was the first time this decoration was awarded to a naval attaché of any other nation. The USS Barb off the coast of Pearl Harbor, 1945. After sea trials and snorkel training off New London in November and early December, the submarine was decommissioned again on 13 December and and turned over to the Italian government on loan under the terms of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program. Painting, watercolor on board; 1943, framed dimensions 28H X 32 W. Accession#: 88-176-C. Barb got underway eastward on 11 February and arrived at Pearl Harbor four days later. He maneuvered until the tanker and carrier overlapped, fired six torpedoes, and rapidly turned to bring the stern tubes to bear. Under Commander Eugene B. Fluckey, her 11th patrol lasted from 19 December 1944 – 15 February 1945, in the Formosa Straits and East China Sea off the east coast of China, from Shanghai to Kam Kit. July 22, 1945 (Patience Bay, off the coast of Karafuto, Japan) Patience Bay was wearing thin the patience of Commander Fluckey and his innovative crew. Barb’s ninth war patrol, from 4 August to 3 October 1944 in the South China Sea between Formosa and the Philippines, was very eventful and successful. She was decommissioned there on 5 February; and, after alterations including topside streamlining and the addition of a snorkel, Barb was recommissioned on 3 August 1954, Coammander George E. Everly in command, but only for a brief period.

Military tacticians estimated such an invasion would cost more than a million American casualties. In only 5 fathoms (30 feet) of water his crew had unleashed the sub's forward torpedoes, then turned and fired four from the stern. But this early morning Lucky Fluckey and his officers were puzzling over how they could blow not only the rails, but also one of the frequent trains that shuttled supplies to equip the Japanese war machine. On her twelfth and final patrol of the war, she landed a party of carefully selected crew members who blew up a train, the only ground combat operation in the Japanese home islands.

On 15–16 September Barb rescued 14 Australian and British POW survivors of SS Rakuyō Maru.[7].

At 0402 on 23 January 1945, at a range of 3,000 yards BARB fired all six bow tubes at the mass of ships in Namkwan Harbor, then turned and fired all four stern tubes, as she commenced her getaway.
Barb was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for her eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh war patrols. The smoke from the burning ships rapidly obscured the convoy and prevented further assessment of the damage inflicted. as Barb dived deep to escape.

Barb was credited with having sunk the third greatest tonnage of Japanese shipping destroyed during World War II, with 17 ships for 96,628 tons on her record. The third hit caused a massive explosion that buffeted the submarine.

"He chose an eight-man team with no married men to blow up the train," Captain Max Duncan said, who served as Torpedo Officer on the Barb during this time. Unyo’s crew fought for hours to try to save her, and might have succeeded had it not been for the rapidly deteriorating sea conditions associated with an approaching typhoon. For all his exploits, Admiral Fluckey said he was most proud of one thing. The theory was the longer endurance of American submarines might make them useful ambushing German U-boats. He retired from military service in 1972. The USS Barb off the coast of Pearl Harbor, 1945. The skipper of the submarine Barb in the Pacific from April 1944 to August 1945, Commander Fluckey was known for innovative tactics.
He married his second wife, Margaret, in 1980 and they continued to run the orphanage together until it closed in 1982. The Navy was testing the launcher as an anti-kamikaze defense, but Fluckey convinced them to mount it on his ship in time for his patrol.

Stumbling through noisy waist-high grasses, crossing a highway and then into a 4-foot drainage ditch, the saboteurs made their way to the railroad tracks. Afterwards, they set the 55 pound demolition charge which would explode when the next train passed. "He also wanted former Boy Scouts because he thought they could find their way back. Intending to land a commando party, Barb moved toward the beach but withdrew upon discovering four pillboxes on the island. Just as Barb's torpedoes left her tubes, the carrier turned sharply, and all five torpedoes missed. 27'3"; dr. 15'3"; s. 20.25 k.

On her ninth patrol, Barb joined Queenfish (SS-393) and Tunny (SS-282) in just such a group dubbed "Ed's Eradicators" for its commander, Capt. At 0034 on 17 September, the 11,700-ton tanker Azusa Maru was hit in the starboard side by two torpedoes, exploded and sank in 15 minutes with all hands. Fluckey estimated there were two 30 ships anchored in Namkwan harbor, on the coast of China. After one war patrol as the prospective commanding officer of the submarine USS Barb (SS-220), he became the submarine's seventh commander in January 1944 to August 1945.

Following a brief overhaul period at New London, Barb departed for Pearl Harbor where she arrived in September. Finally, the bird was tricked when both scopes were raised, one a few seconds before the other. When two Japanese schooners crossed Barb's track on 14 November, she sank both with gunfire. The next day, Barb was damaged by two near-miss bombs from a Japanese aircraft, but Fluckey opted to continue the mission. It should be noted that no U.S. coast watchers were located in the vicinity of the Hai-tan Straits.

Eugene “Lucky” Fluckey (it rhymes) graduated from the U.S. The citation reads as follows: “For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as commanding officer of USS BARB during her Eleventh War Patrol” along the east coast of China from 19 December 1945, to 15 February 1945. His book Thunder Below! The USS Barb (SS-220) commanded by CAPT Eugene B. Fluckey, couldn't resist this juicy target. The submarine ended her first patrol on 25 November when she arrived at Roseneath, Scotland. She survived them all (barely, in the case of the Germans, as she bottomed out at 365 feet). He was the commander of Submarine Division Fifty-Two of Submarine Squadron Five from August 1953 to June 1954. The mission of the USS Barb was to cut the Japanese fleet's supply lines by sinking enemy ships out of the island of Karafuto in the Sea of Okhotsk. On July 2; she also bombarded the town of Kaihyo on Tyuleny Island (Sea of Okhotsk) with her regular armament, destroying 60 percent of the town. The reporting done by Sergeant Stewart took place on 20-21 January 1945, not 23-24 January 1945. The rockets landed in the target area but started no fires, and damage could not be assessed. He maneuvered Barb so that he could fire at both the tanker and the escort carrier with the same salvo, firing all six bow tubes at the overlapping targets.

She spent the next three months training in the Narragansett Bay operating area; then steamed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for refresher training. A cautious reconnaissance in shallow and mined waters along the Chinese coast proved Fluckey right and, on the night of 22–23 January, he hit the jackpot. Barb arrived at New London on 24 July, underwent refit, and headed toward the Panama Canal on her way to the war against Japan. Over the past several years proceeds from the sale of this exciting book have been used by Admiral Fluckey to provide free reunions for the men who served him aboard the Barb, and their wives. Except for three days of lifeguard duty, this offensive patrol was conducted north of Hokkaido and east of Karafuto.

Commander Eugene B. Fluckey, USN. There, she sank two small sailing ships with gunfire. Japanese propaganda claimed that civilian passengers were killed, but intelligence indicated that trains traveling at night carried troops. "Lucky" Fluckey they called him. In addition, Golet (SS-361) disappeared on the way to the Kurils and was possibly sunk by a Japanese mine on 14 June 1944.

As Barb was closing in on a Japanese tanker, Fluckey recognized that there was an escort carrier in the convoy.

Official U.S. Navy photograph, from the collections of the Naval History and Heritage Command.

During the night of 22-23 July 1945 these men went ashore at Karafuto, Japan, and planted an explosive charge that subsequently wrecked a train. It was after 4 A.M. and Commander Fluckey rubbed his eyes as he peered over the map spread before him.

Fluckey was awarded four Navy Crosses for extraordinary heroism during the eighth, ninth, tenth, and twelfth war patrols of Barb. On October 13 2020, Secretary of the Navy Kenneth Braithwaite announced that a future Virginia class submarine (SSN-804) will be named for USS Barb. Fluckey was a strong believer in using his submarine’s speed advantage while surfaced. In July 1966, he became the Director of Naval Intelligence. On this night it was the only order the saboteurs refused to obey, all of them peering anxiously over Hatfield's shoulder to make sure he did it right. Fully aware that a safe retirement would necessitate an hour's run at full speed through the uncharted, mined, and rock-obstructed waters, he bravely ordered, "Battle station — torpedoes!" However, coast-watcher reports from Naval Group China (more on them in a future H-gram) and recollections of Chinese witnesses indicate that four ships were sunk (two of them large) and three damaged, which would make Fluckey’s final claim of three ships sunk, one probably sunk, and three damaged, on the mark.

Queenfish attacked first with no reported hits. ", Thus it would appear that both convoys were held in ComInt prior to the attack.'s mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another.

Despite their strong dedication to duty, coast watcher personnel of NavGrp China and SACO did not contribute specific, direct tactical intelligence to the Barb attack in Namkwan Harbor on the morning of 23 January 1945. The two submarines reached the search area by the next afternoon, and combed the water for survivors. Five minutes later the saboteurs were lifted to the deck by their exuberant comrades as the Barb turned to slip back to safer waters. This research was conducted without adequate charts or geographic or Chinese place name reference aids. Comdr. The Hikoshima Maru dodged numerous torpedoes, probably some from Barb, before running aground (Barb got credit ).

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