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in 1996, Sportacus was an elf called Íþróttaálfurinn (The Athletic Elf) who possessed magical powers and wore a navy-blue tunic, baggy green trousers, and a large burnt umber hat. Who is, surprisingly enough, more of a pushover then he is a crimefighter. Ab September 2008 wurde in Großbritannien ein Ableger namens LazyTown Extra ausgestrahlt.

Sie trägt eine rosa Perücke und Kleidung in derselben Farbe.

He is opposed by the sinister (yet perhaps equally energetic) Robbie Rotten, who seeks to return LazyTown to its former state: a lazy town. He also appears in the following LazyTown productions that are not part of the series: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

I'm using this story of the series as an answer to a challenge on my new website.

[3] In 2012 Sportacus visited Wareham Wareham Children’s Centre as part of the Change4Life campaign in the UK.

In the TV show, Sportacus wore a blue and white tracksuit, a blue vest, a blue stocking cap with a thick white stripe and thin black stripe on it, light blue goggles, deep blue boots with red, black and white stripes running down them, blue metal bracers on his arms, and a black pointed mustache.

He wears a blue superhero outfit consisting of a dark blue vest, a crystal with the number "10" on it, striped pants, boots, and bracers on his forearms.

He then says that he only really needed eight seconds. While playing and singing the song "Time to Play" Stephanie notices that "Spob" is doing some moves that are very familiar and as the two of them play, Robbie sneaks up, steals Sportacus’ old clothes that were sitting on a bench, and runs off. He's determined to teach the citizens of the town about being active and staying healthy. Stephanie is a bit skeptical about his name but asks if he wants to play, and he shyly admits that he's a bit out of practice but they start playing, after Stephanie almost knocks him over by throwing the ball a bit too hard. (in all)"Welcome to LazyTown" (in series)

After finally catching it, he says that he still does love it. [5], In 2006 Magnús Scheving, the Sportacus actor and creator, hired Dýri Kristjánsson as the stuntman for the Sportacus role. Sie liebt das Tanzen und motiviert zusammen mit Sportacus die anderen Kinder zum Spielen und Sport treiben. Last appearance Gallery.

Trixie ist Stephanies beste Freundin. TV Shows Lazytown.


"Sugar" (Will pass out if he is exposed to "Sugar", although he can be replenished with Sports Candy).

Sportacus is the deuteragonist of LazyTown.

He loves to use everyday items in outrageous ways and never does anything ordinary when he can do it with flair.

When they arrive, the others don’t believe that the kid is Sportacus until he does his famous jump.

Sportacus receives a letter from a kid named Tommy, asking what he liked to do when he was ten. Bessie (originally his mother)

Male Sportacus quietly says that it is "Mr. Fluffy Bunny Pants" to which Ziggy acts completely shocked; he asks what happened but Sportacus says he doesn't know. Die Serie dreht sich um ein Städtchen namens Lazy Town, deren Name sich vom englischen lazy (‚faul‘) ableitet. He travels between airship and LazyTown in a pod-like transporter, the Skutla.

LazyTown ist eine isländische Fernsehserie für Kinder. [2], Aymee Garcia (Puppenspielerin ab Staffel 3), Kobie Powell (Synchronsprecher in Staffel 1–2), Noel MacNeal (Synchronsprecher in manchen Veröffentlichungen der Episode „Verwirrte Füße“ oder im englischen „Defeeted“). While hanging out at the park, Stephanie finds him and asks who he is; after almost saying that his name is Sportacus he quickly calls himself ... Spob. [4] In 2013 Sportacus was the only character from LazyTown that attended a sport campaign in Egilsstaðir and Borgarnes in Iceland as part of the European Move week campaign. Meini ist ein kleiner, reicher Junge, der nicht gern teilt und glaubt, dass alles ihm gehöre., Matthias Matthiasson: singing voice, seasons 1-2, Dyri Kristjansson: live appearances from 2014-16, In the original plays and the Icelandic dub, Sportacus is an elf rather than a human. Sportacus lives in a large airship above LazyTown, which contains his bed, food, and other equipment. Matthias Matthiasson (singing). Ziggy ends up barreling towards the ice cream stand when Sportacus, using a grappling hook, pulls it out of the way; he then uses a yo-yo to make Ziggy stop just before he crashes into the Mayor's nicely pruned bush. Er wohnt in einem Luftschiff, welches über der Stadt schwebt. Er war Aerobic-Vizeweltmeister und versucht mit der Serie, Kindern Lust auf Spiel, Bewegung und gesunde Ernährung zu machen. His only task is waking the LazyTowners by crowing every morning.

Onkel Meinhard (Meinhard Meintsgut) ist Stephanies Onkel und Bürgermeister von Lazy Town.

Is able to constantly react to his own zeppelin's practice sequence, which can shoot things at extremely high speeds. In der Serie werden Realfilm, Trickfilm und Computeranimationen miteinander kombiniert. Bessie appears in many episodes of LazyTown. In 2014 Dýri took completely over the role of Sportacus, as Magnús was becoming too old for the role. Wie sein Nachname verrät, ist er ein herzensguter Mensch, dem allerdings hin und wieder ein kleines Missgeschick passiert. LAZYTOWN, created in Iceland, was born from the idea that kids should be encouraged to be active rather than lazy. Freddie will einfach nur seine Ruhe haben und faulenzen. Meanwhile, Robbie has put Sportacus’ outfit into one of his disguise machine's chambers and decides that now is the opportune time to take a nap.

Pixel, after seeing Sportacus through the hovercraft’s camera, tries to free it and ends up shaking the table and causing the egg resting on it to start rolling off. Durability: Likely Small Building level (Stated by himself and several of the cast to be the healthiest and most fit in LazyTown, so logically, he should be physically superior to Robbie Rotten, who has consistently survived being attacked by his backfiring traps on several occasions). His name is a portmanteau of the ancient figure Spartacus and the word sport, which represents his athleticism.

He pouts at the fact that doing something like that is impossible but then starts going through a box of seemingly random things before pulling out what looks like the top of an umbrella and starts building something. Magnús Scheving

The rest of the gang arrives behind the billboard and Stephanie shows them that she thinks the bush guy went down the tube; Pixel sends his hovercraft down it and explores what’s down there, seeing the trail of leaves and the bush guy sound asleep. — Deshalb versucht er immer wieder, mit allen möglichen Tricks und – immer leicht zu durchschauenden – Verkleidungen, Sportacus endgültig loszuwerden. Aber in seinem Herzen ist er recht liebenswert, weshalb die anderen Kinder ihn mögen.

He also has a pointed moustache. Sportacus decides to go down there and after calling down some rope from his airship, he descends down the tube, Mission Impossible style, and stops barely a foot from the floor.

Robbie Rotten, who was watching, wishes that Sportacus were younger so that he wouldn't be able to ruin his plans anymore.

He attempts to get to the Littlizer 3000 but is stopped by Robbie, who set it to self-destruct in ten seconds. Stephanie (Julianna Rose Mauriello) visits LazyTown to stay with her uncle, the mayor. Sportacus encourages the children of LazyTown to eat fruits and vegetables (which he calls "sports candy") and play outside instead of sitting around indoors and eating unhealthy food.

Stephanie greets her uncle when she sees Ziggy riding past on his bike, prompting her to ask him where his training wheels are when he proudly says that he took them off; after announcing that he can go really fast he says that he hasn't learned how to use his brakes yet. His primary mode of transportation is his large airship that hovers over LazyTown. Unknown, likely City Block Class+ with Sports Candy. Sportacus (Icelandic: Íþróttaálfurinn, meaning “The Athletic Elf”) is a fictional character from the English-language and Icelandic-produced children's television show LazyTown, created and portrayed by Magnús Scheving. Sportacus distracts Robbie by tossing him the egg and flips up onto the disguise machine platform, prompting Robbie to ask how he learned to do that; Sportacus proudly states that he practiced. They had two children together.

She meets a variety of kids -- who happen to be puppets -- and befriends the town's superhero, Sportacus 10 (Magnus Scheving). In the original Icelandic play on which the television series was based, Áfram Latibær! Stephanie says she has an idea as they all head to Pixel's house, hoping that he had his camera on so that they can figure out what happened to Sportacus.


Die achtjährige Stephanie, gespielt in den ersten beiden Staffeln von Julianna Rose Mauriello, ist neben den beiden Männern, Sportacus und Freddie Faulig, eine der drei von realen Personen dargestellten Figuren der Serie.

Relatives Sie ist in Meinhard, den Bürgermeister von Lazy Town, verliebt. Alle anderen Figuren der Serie werden durch Handpuppen dargestellt.

About. Several kilometers with Crystal.

Dann dürfen Sportacus und Stephanie hilfreich in Aktion treten. Sportacus is so engaged in his life of physical activity that he does parkour just to get from place to place—even doing acrobatic flips just to get from one side of his kitchen table to the other—and the children have to instruct him on how to relax. Doch einen stört das ganz gewaltig: Freddie Faulig. When Robbie hears Sportacus learned everything when he was a kid, he decides to shrink Sportacus to a younger age.

Pixel accesses the film from earlier that day and while looking over it, they see a bush holding an umbrella on a fishing pole turning Sportacus into a kid. Sportacus is a superhero from the kid's show LazyTown.

In 2010, Sportacus and then first lady of the USA Michelle Obama visited the Bruce Monroe school in Washington as part of the Let's Move!

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