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Find out right here how it's done! Aah the season pass! It leverages learning partnerships to deliver world-class content, supported by science. For guidance, refer to each course description. Passes can then be picked up at Whistler Blackcomb Guest Services, located at the base of Whistler Mountain. If less than 6% of your Facebook LIKES (Fans) is all…. However, we will refund only the net you paid for the pass…
Now the fee is charged when Whistler Experience participants register for the program online. ( Log Out /  If we carry out this goal the tourist will leave Whistler feeling good about […] Whistler Experience benefits provide incentives to explore Whistler activities and to participate in additional Whistler Experience training.

Employers/Employees registered for The Whistler Experience® receive many benefits, one of which is the option to purchase a discounted Whistler Blackcomb Season Pass, called the Spirit Pass. If you are planning to do a season in Whistler Blackcomb without working, this is the only way to get your hands on a season pass. Find out where to buy season passes, how much they cost and how to get a good deal. HomeThe ExperienceAccommodationsContact Us, FAQ'sThe Locals GuideReviewsBlog                                     Booking Policy, Alpine NorthAlpine SouthBrio ChaletRavenscrest EastRavenscrest WestTapley's Cabin. Call with your Whistler Experience number in hand. To qualify, employees must work for a business that is a member in good standing with the Whistler Chamber. Epic Pass is currently on sale for $1273.00 plus taxes. If you had a different Pass/Card product in the 2019.20 season or a 2019.20 Pass/Card product you will need to get a new pass and sign a new waiver. Program participants attend a Whistler Experience training event (qualifying event) that provides customer service and resort-specific information. Even if you don’t have a job yet, you can still participate in The Whistler Experience by registering online and attending your qualifying event. Ride On Whistler 2019. It is only available before the start of the season so make sure you buy it before you arrive. If you are able to purchase a spirit pass at a later time, we are happy to process a refund for you. Note: If your employer is paying for the pass, please allow up to 72 hours until you’ve received an e-mail confirming your Spirit Pass has been processed. Whistler Spirit Pass was available for sale at $1221 plus taxes in 2019. I think when you live in a resort you should help out the tourist who’s map is up-side-down… or let the tourist cross in front of you without using the cross-walk… I mean really – people are on vacation, taking a break from the stress life is dishing out..not always thinking… they’re here having fun – lay off the horn too well ya! As such you will need to visit a Guest Services office prior to accessing the mountain. I’d like to say we all love Whistler so much that we understand tourism is our bread and butter, thus creating a great resort experience is a no brainer… but not all things are that easy to understand… Instead we use another model that works very well… Reduced Ski Passes and discounts on food and gear…complements of Intrawest… Most kids come here for a season or two to ski, and in the summer for mountain biking.
The spirit pass is available to anyone working for a company in Whistler that is registered with the local Chamber of Commerce. With your Whistler Experience number in hand, connect with Whistler Blackcomb Guest Services you can either; call 1 800 766 0449 to purchase the pass over the phone and complete Release of Liability online here or you can visit Guest Services to pay by Cash or Debit.

The Whistler Spirit Program was implemented by the Chamber of Commerce many years ago – simply train the people on the front lines to meet and greet the tourist with enthusiasm, kindness, and most of all be helpful. ( Log Out /  If you can afford to, we recommend you buy a standard season pass at the early bird rate, then if you get a job in Whistler that can offer you a spirit pass, you can apply for a full refund on the standard seasons pass you bought. Once you have received your Whistler Experience number and completed your qualifying event, you are eligible for all Whistler Experience benefits until September 30, 2021. If we carry out this goal the tourist will leave Whistler feeling good about their experience here. How to POST on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK from Your Desktop Computer Using the NEW Creator STUDIO. This is considerably more than a season pass.

I must admit the Chamber and their few employees do an exceptional job – I am more than sure all the people who pass through these Spirit Courses come out a better service man/woman. Refunds will not be issued to Spirit Pass holders who buy a Whistler Blackcomb day ticket for any reason.

Don’t forget to bring your Whistler Experience number with you. If you are terminated or leave your job, your Whistler Blackcomb Spirit pass will be hotlisted as soon as Whistler Blackcomb is notified and reactivation will depend on whether your pass was employee or employer paid. You will also need to decide what type of seasons pass you want to get: An Epic Pass - ONLY AVAILABLE BEFORE THE START OF THE SEASON! Leave a comment  |  Trackback URI.

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