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It’s named for the exceptionally large Shadbush trees that grow in the area. Amelanchier arborea. The buds are rather long, slender, and pointed. Print fact sheet Attachments: Acanadensisprint.pdf. Bates announces five 2020–21 faculty promotions, including …, Campus Construction Update: Oct. 30, 2020, Say What? How the Clinton River Got Its Name: At one time, there were three rivers in Michigan called the Huron River. This organization was endeavoring to inventory the plants, trees, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and bird life in the natural area. The small tree features lovely grey bark and showy flowers, as well as terrific berries for pies and gorgeous fall color. Flowering Dogwood      Gray Dogwood                Tulip Tree

Shadbush thrives in loam soil but is also considerably tolerant of clay and sandy soils. Fruit/Flowers – fleshy, 8-11mm dark purple berries and five-petaled dioicous (male and female reproductive organs found on 2 separate plants) flowers that can be either pink or white. The Shadbush Tract is a unique 80 acre natural area located in the northwest section of River Bends Park in Shelby Township. to conduct the other parts of the ongoing survey.
The Huron of the North was renamed the Cass River in honor of Governor Lewis Cass of Michigan. The Macomb Audubon Society had also engaged qualified biologists, entomologists, herpetologists, etc. Info and guide to understanding this magnificent bird. The name is said to be derived from its sweet tasting berries. Skunk Cabbage             Wild Ginger                   Blue Violet But equally beautiful are the stories and folktales that have been associated with this tree for hundreds of years. Squirrel                     Badger  The small white flowers with five narrow petals grow in clusters at the end of the branches. The small tree features lovely grey bark and showy flowers, as well as terrific berries for pies and gorgeous fall color. In the decades to come, success will go to the institutions that know who they are and how to engage effectively with the forces that are shaping our world. The smooth, light grayish-brown bark has vertical dark stripes. The Shadbush Tract Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. An occasional roundup of what Bates folks are saying about this and that, including poignant memories of the late John Jenkins. The Shadbush is just one example of a diverse group of native woodland plants, each with its own set of stories. In his Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, Michael Dirr writes that the Shadbush’s ripe fruit tastes “better than highbush blueberries.” And he notes, “I have had serviceberry pie and it ranks in the first order of desserts.”. Black Oak                   Burr Oak                        Shadbush Judson, K. B. It was said that once the serviceberry flowers bloom, the ground has thawed enough to dig a grave. In forest settings, given its smaller stature, Shadbush grows under taller oaks, black birch, and hickories and, where common, produces scattered “blossom clouds” of white beneath these taller trees. At one time, there were three rivers in Michigan called the Huron River. The globose form of shadbush resembles that of a cherry tree, while the fruit and flowers resemble that of crabapple. The Shadbush It might also be called “the gem of Shelby Township”. Douglas Bitter Cress       Canada Mayflower         Shinleaf The fleshy berries can be harvested in June-August and are eaten raw, sun-dried, or preserved as jelly, jam, or wine. ( Log Out /  Retrieved November 19, 2019, from At the completion of the study, the team recommended that this natural tract, with its wide variety of plants, animals, and natural features be dedicated as a Nature Study Area. Poison Ivy                   Bladdernut                      Pussy Willow All the Historical events & places in Shelby Twp. ( Log Out /  The affiliation of this tree with the creation of man has been used to explain its medicinal qualities. A wide range of birds, small animals, and plant life is also found in the Shadbush Tract. Prickly Ash                 White Pine                      Canada Yew Meet these five newly promoted faculty members, and learn a bit about what being a Bates professor means to them. Cottontail Rabbit        Mice (several species). I love the stories about, and various names of, this species. The Huron of the North, which flows through the thumb area of Michigan.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Although the distribution of shadbush stretches from the forests of southern Ontario to the panhandle of Florida, the shrub (or small tree) is rarely found in any sort of abundance or grove. The Shadbush belongs to a group of flowering shrubs and small trees called Amelanchier, in the Rose family. BUDS Goldthread                     Spring Beauty                Ladyslipper is a popular garden choice throughout the eastern seaboard of North America. Wood Duck               Gopher (13 lined squirrel) Having three rivers with the same name caused so much confusion among people that two of the rivers were renamed. This recommendation became a reality on April 8, 1966 when the Shadbush Tract was dedicated for protection as a natural area preserved in its natural state, with foot traffic restricted to foot trails, and its use restricted to nature study by the public. Any advice?? In this story, shadbush twigs are shaved and enchanted by the titular deities, allowing the shadbush shavings to walk the Earth as man. Another story is that for thousands of years along the Hudson River Valley, the bloom time of the tree coincided with the massive spring shad fish run up the river to spawn. Gaspe shadbush is a medium-sized shrub or tree that inhabits northern regions and is considered Special Concern in Maine. The dark blue-black berries that ripen in June make a delicious fruit pie and you can find recipes on several websites. They also used the wood to make arrow shafts. Snyder, S. A. Zuzek, K., Berlin, B., & Weisenhorn, J. In January of 1992, the Macomb Audubon Society initiated a Natural Features Inventory of the Shadbush Tract. Matthew -- Isn't that nice of her! Fine specimen on a nearby street; once I walked by while the householder was out and I asked if she knew the fruits were edible. The bark is mostly smooth and light gray in color with long, dark streaks with stripes like the stripes on a tiger. In addition to medicinal value, there is a spiritual importance associated with shadbush; this is evident in the Achomawi folk-tale The Silver-Fox and the Coyote.
 The bark is mostly smooth and light gray in color with long, dark streaks with stripes like the stripes on a tiger. The mountain people call it the Serviceberry because the trees bloomed around the time the circuit riding ministers went into the mountains after each spring to perform such services as weddings. But equally beautiful are the stories and folktales that have been associated with this tree for hundreds of years. Cutleaf Toothwort            Early Buttercup             Troutlilly, Mammals found in the Nature Center Area: The Lower Huron, which flows through Ann Arbor, Michigan. Serviceberries have good fall color and the bark is grayish and ornamental. (n.d.). 2900 Southern Boulevard Bronx, NY 10458-5126 Directions, Call: 718.817.8700 Contact us Privacy Policy. Due to their flowering and fruiting characteristics, a number of Amelanchiers have been given such names as Shadbush, Serviceberry, and Juneberry. So the tree became known as the ‘serviceberry tree.’ Fox                          Raccoon In March of 1992, the Macomb Audubon Society commissioned students under the direction of Dr. James Wells of the Cranbrook Institute of Science, to perform a Botanical Survey of the Shadbush Tract as well as other parts of the River Bends Park. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They are about ½ – 2 ½” long and about 1″ wide. The bark was simmered and used to soothe eyes irritated by the sun, dust, and snow blindness. Shadbush wood was used by these people for baskets, tools, and rope – although its uses today do not extend beyond pulpwood. It’s an all-season beauty, especially in a natural landscape setting, and just one of the many native plants you can learn about in the upcoming class, Gardening with Native Plants. Nude Mitewort                Small Soloman Seal      Wood Rush Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Bloodroot                       Jack-in-the-Pulpit           Twinflower Shadbush is found across a wide geographical range. So, instead we've taken it a step further to see if you will be able to correctly guess the name of the tree from just a single picture of its bark! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I'm not sure I could be that thoughtful ;-). It causes confusion among a lot of taxonomists (people who name plants), because it appears to form hybrids with many other of its cousins in the genus Amelanchier. (2019, June 8). Bates quotes from here and there: Oct. 30, 2020. It has attractive smooth grey bark and its leaves are small and oval with toothed margins. BARK White Ash                   Gooseberry                     Black Cherry I love mine but every year it gets cedar/serviceberry rust something awful.

Over 100 species of birds have been identified in the Shadbush Tract as well as protected plants and animal species like Lady Slippers, Trillium, and the Spotted Turtle. Marsh Marigold              Roundleaf Hepatica         Sedge It becomes ridged and furrowed as the tree ages. One story is that the first settlers in the New England area often planned funeral services at the same time that the tree bloomed. But the trees have held their ground. The Upper Huron, which flows through Pontiac, Rochester, Shelby Township, Utica, and Mt. The historical uses of shadbush are as impressive as the plant’s geographical distribution and sheer beauty. They are said to have survived on the berries when other food was scarce. is a popular garden choice throughout the eastern seaboard of North America. Charleston, SC: Nabu Press.

Oppossum                Skunk Submission: Eric Viera ‘20 and Bryce O’Brien ‘20. Retrieved November 19, 2019, from Another name for shadbush is “serviceberry.”  The conception of this name comes from the early annual bloom of serviceberry flowers. Rabbits, beaver, whitetail deer, and moose also browse on the twigs.

White Elm                   Red Raspberry                Black Maple

Over 40 species of birds and other animals like the skunk, raccoon, squirrel, and chipmunk eat the berries, which also make fine pies, jam, jelly, and wine. 2 Andrews RoadLewiston, Maine 04240Phone: 1-207-786-6255.

We wanted to make a quiz with a few dozen or so of some of the more common trees from around the world, but then we realized that this may have been too easy for you aspiring arborists. Red Elm                      Black Raspberry             Basswood How the Clinton River Got Its Name: Leaves – silver/shiny-green with incredibly fine teeth that feel almost bristle-like to the touch. In fact, many Native American tribes used the plant for food and medicine and to make arrow shafts. Dwarf Raspberry             Wild Geranium              Columbine You can discover many more native plants in the upcoming class taught by Brad Roeller, who has worked for many years as a landscape manager in the Hudson Valley.

They may be somewhat rounded or heart-shaped at the base. Willow                        Honeysuckle                   Narrowleaf Willow It also makes an attractive specimen plant or can be used in front of an evergreen background. Trees and Shrubs found in the Shadbush Nature Center Area:

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