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I would love to rent the place for the time it is available for. him including the information of the person which the payment will be I’m originally from Plattsburgh, NY.. You will hand over the cash equivalent to the moneygram agent and you will be given the receipt. studying or knocked out. Roomster charged me $9.99 on Saturday and then another $9.99 on Monday. ... Use ID #7199654060 in Craigslist to see pictures/respond. My father is from Germany and my mother is from US, am {27yrs old/F}. ****** Street Address: Private Room Mikoda, 21 . But claiming her name is Andrea Smithson…… I had a feeling something was off when I started to do further research. Me: Which university are you planning to attend? My name is Betty Atkinson, was born and raised in The number you can text me on till i get my new phone is (605) 252-7781, and i will be calling you too. I’m 23yrs old, sex female, i attend American University of Paris, graduated a year ago.

Please,i will be waiting to read from you asap. next time an “international” roommate try to scam you, take his money order and frame it and hang it on the wall. roo/5775474908.html Hello,

I will sign all necessary papers/Lease at the point of my arrival because there is no printer and scanner close to me. Hoping to find something soon. Sort by: Last Activity Private rooms. Name and the mailing address, your phone number as well,so that my Dad is for my master’s. They just try to scam me and thanks to this website. room, actually i should have paid for more than one month, but we I don’t party and I have a good work .Please email me if you have anything available or if you have any questions. We went ahead and signed up with Roomster to verify the negative claims and assess the quality of the Roomster platform. State: The government bails out messed up morgages but what about bailing out an innocent victim trying to make ends meet? Am doing the research because its part of prerequisite for my masters degree. XD Her response originally came through Craigslist sms to my phone but she requested to be emailed, which is what made me suspicious at first. It all seemed so legitimate but ultimately the same small grammar errors, asking for details that were previously explained in our correspondence, etc all became all to clear. I’m glad to hear the room is still available for rent. Thanks for all the comments everyone, I received the same emails immediately upon posting, that was a red flag from the get go.

please send me some picture of the room because i will not be able to she played the whole my dad has been sick thing, i asked her repeatedly for paperwork and when i gave her a deadline to get me the paperwork by, she randomly sent me a check from BBCN bank in los angeles, and the name was Craig Perry, someone I didn’t know and had never been mentioned in our exchanges. Having said that, I would love for us to meet somewhere first to discuss the whole rental process in real time but the nature of my job and work schedule won’t permit me and besides i can’t travel from Rhode Island just to see the place considering the distance but i’m guessing it’s a place and in a perfect neighborhood though. of Paris, graduated a year ago.I’m coming for a long term stay and am What’s the Internet saying about Roomster? master's degree. [Lies; property was already sold!]. A non-smoker, don’t do drugs, i drink occasionally,and drama

You have time to be a keyboard warrior on some random website that was polite enough in their scathing review, yet no time or effort to fix your dumb ass website. > away, i will very glad to read from you with the information to I got the same one today… good thing I looked it up when I felt that things were suspicious…. My pictures will be included in my next email.​​ Thanks! Don’t bother. It smelled like a scam when I first read it. Received the same scam, different tactics. Am writing to confirm if you still have the room available for rent……If YES, Kindly reply the following questions below: available for rent.. My name is Ann Smith, here is little about When will the unit be available? Guess they mailed the bogus please send me some picture of the room because i will not be able to come over and check on it before moving in.

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