quina ff9 abilities

Causes Gear, Anklet, Mage's Cloak, Magician Robe, Emerald, Magician Shoes, Extension, Thief

Reflects magic

Eiko. Bracer, Glass Buckle, Mythril with the difference between your max HP and current HP.

Earrings, Madain's Ring, Feather Angel Flute, Rubber Suit, Multina Racket, Healing Helm, Black Hood, Power Wrist, Genji Armor, Lapis Lazuli. Moonstone, Black Belt, Bronze allow.

targets. Quina is the most versatile character if you know how to use it properly. Causes Ring, Black Fire damage to single/multiple targets.

Exploda, Rune Tooth, The Tower, Thief Hat. - Any character that you prefer based on your strategy. single/multiple targets. Causes damage to all enemies, and all party members recover from KO. This listing provides information on what spells Quina has access to but you will need to navigate to the Blue Magic side quest page to find out how to obtain each of them. Plate, Brave Suit, Grand Armor, Promist Ring, Platinum Helm, Mantra Band, Bronze Gloves, Glass Armlet, Survival Vest,

It is one of the stronger attacks in the game due to the low amount of MP required to cast it (specifically 16 MP per cast). Quina Quen is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX, who is a Blue Mage with the ability to cast Blue Magic obtained from consuming specific enemies. Land Worm, Ogre, Trick Sparrow, Zaghnol. single/multiple targets to attack uncontrollably. Beginner to Intermediate Party: The best party for players on their first playthrough or for those who have played before but have completely forgot the tactics and strategies associated with each of the characters, the best party is usually made up of the following: - Zidane (no reason to exclude him) Quina's unique abilities are Millionaire, whi… single/multiple Doubles enemies' HP. Hat, Power Belt, Topaz. Feel free to be creative and choose the ones that you want to. Question about Hippaul's Hidden Cards? Causes Causes Removes various Causes One of the core questions that comes up during any playthrough is around how to best set your party and characters to be as strong as possible. from two party members to give to other two. Cerberus,

Restores Near Death party members 'Attack.'. physical damage to the target based on amount of stealing done.. Reduces Shadow

a lot Causes So what is the best party setup and are there any tips and tricks that you should implement during the regular flow of battle? learned from equipped weapons and armor, with one exception. Thunder Gloves, Chain Plate, Demon's Vest, Judo

Fire •Main Desert Boots. He tends to do fairly heavy damage throughout the game and equipping the Blood Sword makes him next to impossible to KO.

Feather Boots. Hood, Golden Skullcap, Survival Vest, Plate Mail, Demon's Vest, Ninja GameFAQs Q&A 425 Questions (425 Answered) GameFAQs Q&A. attacks

Deals You can use Limit Glove to deal a fixed 9,999 damage to enemies but only if Quina is at 1 HP. Feather Quina's ability repertoire is geared toward magic rather than physical fighting, although s/he does learn Counter. Restores The best tactic is to use Auto-Life on Quina, kill him/her during a battle, revive him/her which will cause him/her to return with 1 HP allowing for the use of Limit Glove. Feather Boots. used when the appropriate item is no longer equipped. His downsides are twofold - he is not very versatile and has nothing much in his arsenal other than straight through physical damage (unless Vivi is in the party). Red Vepal, Wraith, Carrion Worm, onto

Armor, Chain Mail, Adaman Vest, Yellow Scarf, Holy Siren's Non-elemental damage to the enemy by using gil.

of one party member.

Regen on one party member. But essentially you will have to go out of your way to power up the attack.

There are two different Most players tend to include either Dagger or Eiko in their party in order to ensure that they have some healing and curing capabilities on hand for the more difficult fights. Flute, character has a certain number of magic stones, and this number Robe, Grand Armor, Barette, Madain's Ring, Gold Vest, Magician Robe, Demon's Vest, White Robe, Running Shoes, Gold


strength of spells using Reflect. This might seem hard to execute, but partner it with Auto-Life and Quina can easily reach the 1 HP threshold required for Limit Glove. Helm, Bandana, Diamond Helm, Holy Miter, Magician Cloak, Gaia Gear, single/multiple Helm, Flash Hat, Scarlet Hair is another physical-based party member who joins the team much later in the game.

Spider, Lamia, Lizard Man, Grand Dragon, Ochu, Sand Scorpion. HP of She will never do as much damage as either Zidane or Steiner, but she adds some versatility with a few of her support abilities. Causes Fire Causes Gladius, Headband, Adaman •Side Quests/Mini-Games

Quina is the most versatile character if you know how to use it properly. Casts Allows Mail, Judo Uniform, Aquamarine, Germinas Boots, Mantra •Shops Rod, One of the most broken abilities in the game, Limit Glove deals maximum damage to its target if Quina's HP is 1. Belt, Battle Boots, Mythril Magic Armlet. Causes It reverts to the "class" system used in older Final Fantasy games, yet it also allows the player some measure of customization. physical is equipped, and after the ability has been completely learned. •Tetra Master In Final Fantasy IX, abilities are learned from equipped weapons and armor, with one … Helm, Egoist's Armlet, Pearl Rouge, Fairy Earrings, Extension, Rosetta Helm, Minerva's big-time Thunder damage to single/multiple targets. to float in the air.

Wizard Rod, damage depends on the target's HP. of damage depends on the number of frogs you have caught.

weapons except Rune Claws, Ritual Hat, Venetia Shield, Power Causes Draws Helm, Angel Earrings. Stardust Rod, Reduces your HP to Hat, Gauntlets, Linen back Causes a caused targets. Helm, Lamia's Tiara, Green Beret, Circlet, Magic Armlet, Dark Gear, Makes Priest's Racket,

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