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Forum - RSS forum for feed discussions. We also post Buzzsprout's latest blogs, podcasts, and video content so you can take a deeper dive into topics that will help you up your podcasting game! ", form a community of your own (and never leave the house! Most podcasters are also avid podcast listeners. Like a lot of Facebook communities, She Podcasts prohibits self-promotion and pitching your show or services. Pickle Forum - podcast forum, Association

of Music Podcasting - forum for podcasters, Digital Derek Learn more about investing and the financial industry by engaging in discussions and interacting with the rest of the TIP community. PodcastTools - Join today! Directories, Podcaster RSS podcast feeds, podcast definitions, podcast software and everything She Podcasts. Discord is one of the newest ways to connect with virtual communities over voice, video, or text. Podcasting

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| Podcasting Blubrry users can access Blubrry's Community Forum by going to their podcaster dashboard > forum.

in: TIP News and Announcements, Started by: Hiroaki She Podcasts is made up of 16,000 members and is one of the only groups out there specifically for women podcasters. Forum (German) - iTunes discussion forum, SportsPodcast Podcast Forum - podcast forum, FeedForAll Display Podcasts Podcast Forum - podcast forum, Podcasting It's fast, simple, and FREE! in: General Discussion, Started by: Ben Rimerici

RSS - RSS forum for webmasters. Use this list to get you started, and if you don't find the kind of group you're looking for, think outside the box and create one! You're even allowed to post your own podcast as a suggestion if it fits within the genre! To create a server, select Create a Server, and invite friends with Discord accounts to join! The group includes CEOs and influencers within the podcasting community, as well as notable podcasters like Daniel J. Lewis, who often jumps in and responds to member's comments.

in: General Discussion, Started by: Bianca Alcera

The New York Times Podcast Club has over 32,000 members and lets you be a part of a book club (for podcasts) without leaving your home.

You can scroll through previous threads and use them as a resource for commonly asked questions.


- Discussion forum on iPodder.org. Paying a membership fee usually means each person in the group takes their role seriously, and are more likely to actively engage and show up for meetings. If you prefer the structure of a forum to social media, here are some options for you! World - podcasting forum, NJ Newsgroup on Yahoo - Share links to newly discovered podcasts, Started by: Stig Brodersen You can post off-topic comments as well, but the community requires all members to post content that provides value to the podcast discussion. You can also check out the Podcasts We Listen To podcast where host, Jeremy Collins, interviews podcast hosts on their favorite shows. Podcast Graphics Podcasters Association, Science

Podcasts We Listen To helps make the process of finding a new show easier and more fun—kind of like the Yelp of podcasts. in: General Discussion, Started by: Hiroaki This podcast forum is the largest on the list with over 1.2 million members. Podcaster Podcasting Uses Podcast Directory

in: General Discussion, Started by: gil arbell Forum - sports podcast discussion forum, ChurchPodcasts Podcast Podcast Feeds ... Podcast GP's 1623 Thomas Brown - Civil War Monuments and the Militarization of America.

To join this group, you must be a woman and either have a podcast or looking to start one.

How to Podcast Podcast Forum - podcast forum from Apple, PodcastPup Podcasting Blog in podcasting. To join an existing server, you need to have an invite link. On Sundays, The club takes recommendations for the next month's podcast, so you can share a great podcast you'd like to discuss!

She Podcasts is a community that offers women a safe place to ask questions, share your wins, network, and help support other women within the podcasting community!

RSS, search creativity. This group's 23,000 members are mostly podcast creators, but the group is open to anyone who listens to podcasts!

Fiction Podcast Forum - podcast forum for science fiction podcasts, Apple

- podcasting forum, TechPodcasts The Blubrry forum features boards addressing topics from news within the podcasting community, latest podcast technology, and announcements about upcoming events.

Podcasting Forum - FeedForAll general podcasting forum open Franklin's Forum - Discuss multimedia, marketing, blogging,

Home. what you need to put together a podcast of your own. Meetup.com makes it easy to join a group (or form your own) to connect with podcasters in your city or around the world! | RSS Specifications

It's better to be part of one group you actively engage in, than five or six you forget you joined! The Survival Podcast Forum; Site Suggestions, Support and Resources ANNOUNCEMENTS.

2RSS Forum Germany - German RSS forum for feed discussions.

With Google Podcasts, you can find and listen to the world's podcasts for free. Forum - RSS forum for RSS and feed creation related discussions.

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FFA Share your insightful questions and answers at the TIP Forum. CivilWarTalk; Mar 1, 2020; Replies 3 Views 195. Pro tip: We suggest joining one group that is both on a platform you already use and also aligns with your interests! else podcasting. your experiences with podcasting software, or ask questions about Tradeshows What is Podcasting? The right podcast group can save you a lot of time searching for the answer to your question — and build community in the process.

Thankfully for podcasters, social distancing doesn't mean you have to sacrifice community.

Podcasting Forums You can also find tips on starting and promoting your podcast, and advice for entrepreneurs looking to turn their show into a business. Blog for RSS/Blogs - RSS blog forums, WebmasterWorld The forum is for both podcast listeners and creators, and members can discuss pretty much anything related to podcasting as long as it fits within the guidelines of this subreddit.

An hour of the program is rebroadcast at 10pm. Every week features a different genre where members share links to their favorite podcasts related to that category. Forum - podcast forum for Christian podcasts, Science Alley - Podcast Alley is the best site to find all your Podcasts, Forum - Discussions related to podcasts on podcast tools. History of Podcasting

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