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I'm self-conscious during the performance and various bits go wrong.

Ashton initially approached Sir William Walton to compose the score for Ondine. In other words, there's nowhere to hide. [8] The ballet is also a mixture of both the 19th and the 20th century, for the plot is quintessentially romantic while the music and choreography are more modern.

I think he missed out two whole pages."

The London ballet production was given as Ondine, but the score was titled Undine, and names the lead character as Undine. I apply for a frequent visitor card at A&E.

Palemon deserts Berta, whom he has been courting, and decides to marry Ondine. The ballet was adapted from a novella titled Undine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué and it tells the tale of a water nymph who is the object of desire of a young prince named Palemon. Although it was much lauded at the time, Ashton's Ondine disappeared from the repertory of The Royal Ballet for twenty years or so before Sir Anthony Dowell persuaded Ashton to let him revive it in 1988. [9] Therefore, the music was often seen as revolutionary and not suited to ballet.

Ah, the glamorous world of the concert pianist. It is the only full length ballet that Ashton choreographed to original music, and the score is regarded as a rarity by musicians, as it is a "20th century full-length ballet score that has the depth of a masterwork".[2]. 18 in C Minor: Bach - Italian Concerto - BWV 971 in F Major: Chopin - Polonaise - Op. At Southampton station, the train is already on the platform; sprinting for it I run into a bollard, which makes me do a complete somersault.

Following the original staging by The Royal Ballet, the Ashton/Henze production was later restaged in New York in 1960, and then again at the Teatro alla Scala, Milan on 21 April 2000, a performance conducted by Patrick Fournillier.

[11], Ondine is not a classical construction with great set pieces (except for the wedding divertissement in the third act) or grand formal pas de deux, but a continuous, flowing narrative. The finale of Act 1 has an uneven rhythm with sudden accents darting about in Stravinskian fashion, the music being punctuated here and there by astringent wind chords.[2]. I gave a talk on performance anxiety a couple of months previously; OK, here's a chance to put it into practice. Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto 2 - Op. Ashton originally produced Ondine for the Royal Ballet in 1958, with Henze commissioned to produce the original score, published as Undine, which has since been restaged by other choreographers. They had worked together before on a ballet called The Quest for the Sadler's Wells company in 1943,[3] and agreed to collaborate again for the 1955–56 season; they decided on Macbeth as their subject.

Ondine bears a resemblance to The Little Mermaid.

She is the perfect female contrast to Ondine.

The ballet was adapted from a novella titled Undine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué and it tells the tale of a water nymph who is the object of desire of a young prince named Palemon.

Eventually the work was completed, but when Ashton heard a recording of the orchestrated score he realised that he would have to revise his ideas; the sustained orchestral sounds were such a contrast to the piano score and made him think very differently.[2]. I start to work on Ondine.

This section finishes with a Largo solenne movement. The next movement, adagio, features a sweeter sound in the strings with a solo violin heard floating above the rest of the orchestral texture. Back to practicalities though.

Her love for Palemon is deep, which is what makes his unfaithfulness so devastating and dramatic.

20 July 2009Banchory, just outside Aberdeen, and my first performance of Gaspard. In between rehearsals and concerts, I'm making very slow progress on Gaspard. My big toe hurts. Part of the great difficulty of the piece is that none of its complications are gratuitous – every note is part of a precise effect, and the textures are generally very transparent.

Out of the three, it is probably most played, for Scarbo could be terrifyingly difficulty, and Le Gibet, overlooked. April 2009As I work on Ondine, I have a moment of revelation. Thankfully, the finger heals well in the following months.

How do you get your fingers - and brain - round one of the most difficult pieces in the piano repertoire?

He is the uncle of Ondine and also Lord of the Mediterranean Sea.

January 2010The first casualty of my injury is a recital tour with my wife, Jean Johnson, on clarinet.

Brass, prominent timpani and incisive pizzicato chords in the strings culminate in a sense of urgency in the music which prepares for the musical tension in the final act.

The second movement, Le Gibet, depicts a corpse hanging on the gallows, as a distant bell tolls. But there is also gratitude – for music, for this amazing job I have, for Andrew's help, and above all for being finished.

Also see the recording using a loop of Latin percussion by Mario Bauza.

The first movement is characterised by the constant change of tempo, while the second picks up influences from other musical styles in particular that of rhythmic impulse and swooning which characterised Ravel's work. The third is Scarbo. He suggested that his friend Henze be approached. I love the process of learning new pieces, the highs and lows, the physical, mental and emotional stimulation, the discovery of a whole new world of feeling. Fernau Hall thought Henze showed "little understanding of the needs of classical dancing", and that Ondine would establish itself firmly in the repertoire "if it were not for Henze's music".[7]. She meets the hero, Palemon, and is astonished when she feels his heartbeat as she doesn't possess a heart. As a result, Ondine offered few pyrotechnics, gained its effects instead through sinuous mass movements in which the undulation of arm and body suggested forests of sea plants stirring to unseen tides. [1] The first major revival of this Ashton/Henze production took place in 1988.

Ondine returns, however, and is heartbroken when she discovers Palemon's unfaithfulness. Ashton originally produced Ondine for the Royal Ballet in 1958, with Henze commissioned to produce the original score, published as Undine, which has since been restaged by other choreographers. [8] The work uses classical ballet vocabulary, but the form varies a great deal from the 19th century classics.

Unlike them, is through-composed: there are no breaks for bows to the audience built in and (at least until the third-act divertissement) no bravura variations to self-consciously elicit the audience's response.

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