okinawa typhoon 1969

While under enemy sniper fire, NMCB 11’s Seabees built a Marine cantonment camp deep in hostile territory for berthing and other support facilities.

Following commissioning and sea trials, Okinawa departed Philadelphia on 20 June 1962 for her homeport, Norfolk, Va., where she spent a month fitting out. The fear of my friend’s face made me feel protective of her, angry at our situation, and brought out my fearlessness. China Sea in Okinawa Before Typhoon Elsie in 1969. Finally, in what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes, I heard him at the front door. While off Vietnam, Okinawa was a mobile base from which a well-equipped force of marines could quickly strike via helicopters at the Communist insurgents. After a stop in France and a goodwill visit to Plymouth, England, Okinawa arrived back in Norfolk at the end of November. })(); In October of 2017, NMCB 11 earned its fourth consecutive Battle ‘E’ award and the fifth since the battalion’s recommissioning.

Kadena Air Base, perhaps more than any other base, needs to treat these natural storms as a part of the scheduled daily mission. First, we told them all about the snake, and then the obvious “Stealy Boys,” who had just jumped the fence between their house and mine. God Bless You, A typhoon is a tropical cyclone that occurs in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, and it is characterized by strong winds, large waves, and heavy rain. } LTJG Frank Peterlin and Equipment Operator Chief Johnny McCully received the Silver Star. document.getElementById("af-footer-902777539").className = "af-footer af-quirksMode"; USS Okinawa fires a RIM-7 Sea Sparrow Missile on 9 January 1970. During the Vietnam War, Seabee Technical Assistance Teams (STAT – later changed to Seabee Team) deployed to Vietnam and Thailand with U.S. Army Special Forces. While returning to his fighting position, machine gun fire struck Shields in his right leg nearly tearing it off. It was such a relief to see the snake, even though I DO NOT like snakes. Highest sustaining winds of 147.7 knots. Under heavy enemy fire the two men were able to knock out the gun on the third shot. NMCB 11 returned to Gulfport after a 10 ½ month deployment. Since Ralph was in the backyard on the side of our home without windows, I could not see him or why he was barking. We were both soaked from the rain as we crawled our way to the back door to get back inside the house, but once inside the house, we both could not stop laughing. She was the second Navy ship assigned the name "Okinawa", in honor of the World War II Battle of Okinawa. Frank and I survived the Typhoon Elsie. With its headquarters on Camp Krutke, FOB Leatherneck, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, NMCB 11 left a lasting mark and delivered excellence throughout the country primarily supporting Marine Corps and Special Operations Forces. [1] The season had no official bounds; it ran year-round in 1969, but most tropical cyclones tend to form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean between June and December. Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk prior being loaded into USS Okinawa at NAS Cube Point on 4 June 1992. Total damage incurred $378,000. In addition to the camp, NMCB 11 constructed permanent facilities for Fleet Logistic Support Unit (FLSU) One at Dong Ha and completed other projects including runway reconstruction and airfield lighting at Khe Sanh, helicopter revetments and parking pads, and more than twenty 50’ observation towers in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). After being wounded in the initial mortar attack Shields continued to supply ammunition to the firing line. } Super Typhoon May-Li roared across Okinawa packing winds of 56.3 meters per second Friday, overturning vehicles, knocking down trees, utility poles and traffic signs, and injuring 23. An informational website focused on Growing Your Business regardless of venue. Winds gusting to 84 knots. if (!IE) { return; } For more images of NMCB 11 please see our Facebook Photo Albums dating from December 2009 to present. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. if (document.getElementById("af-header-902777539")) { } Laughing, I told my girlfriend, “It is just a snake.”. Living in approved Military Off-Base housing, Frank was released to be at home with me until all threat of it hitting Okinawa had ended. })(); In the early morning hours of June 10, Shields volunteered to help First Lieutenant Charles Williams, the acting camp Commander, knock out a Viet Cong machine gun emplacement, located in a nearby school building. Earlier I had let Ralph outside the back door so he could to run around and do his business.
On 17 May 1970, Okinawa delivered ten A-4K Skyhawk single-seaters, and four TA-4K two-seaters to New Zealand, after their purchase for the Royal New Zealand Air Force. @*/false; if (!IE) { return; } if (document.compatMode && document.compatMode == 'BackCompat') { if (document.getElementById("af-form-902777539")) { document.getElementById("af-form-902777539").className = 'af-form af-quirksMode'; } if (document.getElementById("af-body-902777539")) { document.getElementById("af-body-902777539").className = "af-body inline af-quirksMode"; } if (document.getElementById("af-header-902777539")) { document.getElementById("af-header-902777539").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; } if (document.getElementById("af-footer-902777539")) { document.getElementById("af-footer-902777539").className = "af-footer af-quirksMode"; } } })(); -->, // Special handling for facebook iOS since it cannot open new windows The exact […]. Enjoy. Frank and I were originally from the Gulf Coast of Texas. The largest task was the Minimum Essential Requirements (MER) project to improve living conditions for combat units. document.getElementById("af-header-902777539").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; We decided it would be best to sleep in shifts so that one of us would be awake to plot the newest coordinates. @*/false; So we were educated as to what to do and how to prepare for a Hurricane. -->, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. } In the summer of 1967, NMCB 11 began construction of Camp Barnes at the Dong Ha Forward Combat Base, Vietnam. if (document.getElementById("af-form-902777539")) { Helicopters were launched as a diversion during the start of the ground phase of the war. Vera was the strongest typhoon to hit Okinawa since 1969. After a six-week shakedown cruise out of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and another month in Norfolk, the amphibious assault ship began participation in her first fleet exercise in the Caribbean, 15 October. Kompasu was the first typhoon to strike Okinawa since July 2007. The tasking includes an array of challenging projects and will provide the battalion and its members invaluable training and experiences.

} Caused the deaths of three local citizens and dropped a total of 8.1 inches of rain. Winds gusting to 84 knots. Damaged over 2,500 structures on Okinawa. Kuwaiti SA330 lands on USS Okinawa in 1992. Both First Lieutenant Williams and Petty Officer Shields received the Medal of Honor for the destruction of the machine gun emplacement. if (document.getElementById("af-footer-902777539")) { (function() { } We had been warned never to engage them, never try to stop them, and to act like we were asleep if they entered our homes. She returned to San Diego on 5 December. document.getElementById("af-header-902777539").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; We took some pictures, then we walked back to our home and settled in for the evening and night. We decided a Typhoon would not be much different, so we prepared accordingly. if (document.getElementById("af-footer-902777539")) { The sea was rough, and the power of the typhoon churning the water was threatening but beautiful. In May of 2010, NMCB 11 deployed to the PACOM AOR. She was transferred to MARAD and laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, in Suisun Bay, Benicia, Calif. Shortly after returning from Vietnam, Okinawa and Guam, NMCB 11 was decommissioned in Port Hueneme on 15 December 1969, leaving behind a legacy of contingency construction and support. We used the back door since he was working night shifts and had not fixed the front door yet. NSGA Hanza, Okinawa .. 1969-1970: Images from Jeff Johnston CWO3 USNR (Ret) Please scroll down - click on each photo to enlarge. The mission concluded on 29 May. [1] The ship survived a severe storm after leaving Hawaii and the captain considered dumping the aircraft into the sea to save his ship but the storm abated.[2]. The ship was sunk as a target in a COMSUBPAC ship sinking exercise (SINKEX) on 6 June 2002, off the coast of Southern California, in 2,020 fathoms (3,700 m) at 031°27′N 119°42′W / 31.450°N 119.700°W / 31.450; -119.700Coordinates: 031°27′N 119°42′W / 31.450°N 119.700°W / 31.450; -119.700.
(function() { A total of 41 inches of rain fell. From August 2013 to February 2014, NMCB 11 deployed to five COCOMS with a headquarters in Rota, Spain. NMCB 11 has received the Battle “E” award in 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. In the early morning hours of 07 August 1969, an Army mortar platoon was laying down supporting fire when sparks from a mortar tube ignited a nearby ammunition store. After I finished talking, he said, “Nancy, I love you with all of my heart, but sometimes your fearlessness scares me.

if (document.getElementById("af-body-902777539")) { Funding is put aside for the expected damage and plans are in place for the rapid evacuation of the weapon systems.

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