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we find out that he marries Numbuh 3 (shocker) and went to Harvard Med. HA! ( Log Out /  ... 62 Responses to “Numbuh 4: Wallabee “Wally” Beatles” wow Says: May 17, 2008 at 10:39 pm | Reply.

Ok….. just so you people no, I’m actually real I COMPLETLY look like him talk like him yada yada but i have no idea who the reel numbuh 3 is so dont think im all kissy kissy googoo oh and please stop with this lovey dovey crud. and if you have a problem with it, then you will have to face ME! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Wally: We’ll loose another 42 thirds with in eleventeen minutes, leaving only one dollar and seven operatives left in 68 quarters of the world! p.s. “Show your hands!

{puts head down} Now their singing the cruddy song!
But I love 3×4…Me and Kuki would be like, best friends in real life! BUTT. ), * Sleeps on the floor (while in the tree house) of a wrestling arena, * Eye’s are rarely seen because of his long blonde bangs. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. BUTT. ( Log Out /  IM GETTING MARRIED!! It also helps that I love the bad boys. Wally: How?!? My first attempt at drawing a picture of Stitch's true form, full-body (Edited version), My first attempt at drawing Bugs Bunny (Edited version), My first attempt at drawing Stitch (Edited version). LOL!!!! 1/5, and maybe 4/5 if I’m feeling, like totally drunk or whatever.

You’re so frickin hot, I swear to god…XD! Kuki: {constant laughter now goes on for rest of scene} That is NOT gonna fit in the year book! Awwwwww!!!! Outfit: Blonde hair, Orange sweatshirt, Jeans. ): Yah I know your real but Lily doesn’t!!! !…………………sorry people. But I luv Lenny! kndluva and the skin on numbuh 3? 3×4 FOREVER!!!! Just wondering: You know how in the last episode, it’s revealed he went to harvard? numbuh 4 gone all south park like. ), * Has HUGE crush on Numbuh 3 (who’s SUPER girly), * Is afraid of water (doesn’t know how to swim) until he learns to swim (Operation P.O.O.L.
I’ve edited all three of my previous drawings, and I must say, Bugs Bunny looks A LOT better without the neck. Kuki: I don’t smell Rainbow Monkeys with my nose! OMG i love my Wally!!! i’ve actually kinda started using it on a daily basis … ah, heck … it’s just fun, y’know?? This Codename: Kids Next Door icon might contain videocassette. HOW DARE THEY STOP MAKING MY FAVORITE SHOW??!!! HAHAHA!!! wallabe: [drops his weapon, his shield, with a horrified look on his face while the words “married” echos around him and he passes out. * Has two hand drawn pictures of Numbuh 3 in his room (seen in Operation M.O.O.N. taismo723 What's up with the hair? i love wally 2 but get this in ur head U CANT TAKE WALLY!!! Why did KND end?! SATURN. Sooooo CUTE!!!! ( Log Out / 

Don’t you get it? 5. “Him cute!” He is SO CUTE!

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