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8:30am to 5:00pm An inventory of retaining walls located on District of North Vancouver owned land. This table combines thematic information taken from the 20 and 100 percentile surveys and is categorized spatially by District of North Vancouver neighbourhoods. Conduits only., 355 West Queens Road or the Information, even if specifically advised of the possibility of such loss, injury or damage.

indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other loss, injury or damage caused by its use or otherwise arising in connection with this licence These lighthouses are located in the Burrard Inlet and include locations from North Vancouver to West Vancouver. General Information: Find out property assessment values and property taxes. Valves typically are used to control the flow of water or to vent off air. The School District defines catchment areas for students attending both elementary and secondary schools. Lift stations handle raw sewage fed from gravity pipelines which lift the sewage upward through a pressurized pipe (force main). Get info about municipal elections and the election process. An inventory of islands that occur in oceans, lakes and rivers throughout Metro Vancouver.

Multiple elementary catchments feed a single secondary school.
Point locations representing fire hydrants that are within District road allowances. A component of the District's OCP Bylaw 7900 which was adopted in 2011, these boundaries depict the general areas which are slated to undergo detailed planning studies in the future. These litter bins come in many varieties including bear secure bins and pole mounted garbage containers. DEFAULT. These linear features are short pipes that have been estimated for the purposes of connecting basin features to main features. Copy, modify, publish, translate, adapt, distribute or otherwise use the Information in any medium, mode or format for any lawful purpose. GEOweb provides public access to the District’s GIS. Referrals increase your chances of interviewing at City of North Vancouver by 2x, Geographic Information Systems Manager in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Get email updates for new Geographic Information Systems Manager jobs in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy public art throughout the City guided by an interactive smart phone public art map. Because there can be many owners and owner types for one property, this table has aggregated all owner types into one classification for quick reference. GEOweb is the North Vancouver District's GIS Website; Maps, Spatial Applications and Open Data GEOweb | North Vancouver District's GIS Website Toggle navigation GEO web Follow us. Meet your Mayor and Council, review bios and find contact info. The Information Provider is not liable for any errors or omissions in the Information, and will not under any circumstances be liable for any direct, An inventory of lakes that occur throughout Metro Vancouver. Flumes are (often elevated) box-like structures, used to divert drainage water. This website and its applications were designed and developed internally by the GIS and IT Departments at the District of North Vancouver, B.C.

Look no further than a career with the City of North Vancouver. Get information about purchasing a dog licence or renewing your licence online. Apply or renew a business licence and access a variety of related information to start or operate a business in the City. You are This licence is based on Version 2 of the Open Government License - British Columbia, New: CityMap has been given a makeover ! Where you can grow a rewarding career and make a difference in the community? Fire Department, RCMP and other emergency services in the City. All rights reserved. Top. Learn about the City's vision to be a vibrant, diverse + livable community. Storm Lift stations act as pumps and force storm water from gravity pipelines upward through to a pressurized pipe (force main). Find out about current roadwork and construction happening in the City.
355 West Queens Road North Vancouver, BC V7N 4N5. We share open datasets through publications such as the Open Data Catalogue/Portal and VanMap under the Open Government License - Vancouver. Find information about related regulations and policies.

Enjoy public art throughout the City guided by an interactive smart phone public art map. Point locations representing helicopter landing sites. Reception: 604-985-7761, Hours: Monday to Friday District’s GIS. The point is merely representative as the location of the specific lighting system is not available. The District of North Vancouver’s geographic information system (GIS) holds a wide variety of valuable information. Apply, renew & pay here. Provincial Electoral Districts depict the boundaries of the Provincial ridings which encompass portions of the District of North Vancouver. A component of the District's OCP Bylaw 7900 which was adopted in 2011, these areas depict approximate locations for potential future roadways. Linear features that depict the centerline of creeks and rivers.

The Workshops & Open Houses calendar features opportunities to provide input on significant new projects. Rip rap is rock, or similar material, used to protect shorelines, river banks, etc. If you are seeing this message, you pressed Ctrl-P or File -> Print/Print Preview. Representative points for each parcel of land. Included in this table is the bylaw number. Should you be selected for an interview, guidance about the interview experience and what is expected of you will be provided by our Recruiters. All subject developments or construction falling within a development permit area are subject to the guidelines of that area. Table of statistical information collected for the 2016 census by Statistics Canada. LEC is a district energy system that provides energy to buildings in Lower/Central Lonsdale. Find collection schedules and waste reduction programs. Linear features which represent the lateral pipe that runs from a property to the main and typically connects a structure, such as a house, to the main pipe of the sanitary sewer network. Find out how utility rates are calculated and view payment options. Information subject to other intellectual property rights, including patents, trade-marks and official marks. Find out about current roadwork and construction happening in the City with our interactive map. We’ve incorporated the latest Request a service related to streets, utilities, sidewalks or parks. If something isn't working as expected please contact GIS at Find information about community centres, sports fields, playgrounds and other recreational facilities. Table of statistical information collected for the 1996 census by Statistics Canada. V7N 4N5, © 2015 Corporation of the District of North Vancouver. All rights reserved. Use of any Information indicates your acceptance of the terms below. Maps.

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