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940, Rapidcharge* 750, Rapidcharge It’s a sturdy SUV option and the best hybrid car for families by miles. 660, Rapidcharge* There are plenty of options available, whether you want a small hatchback or a full-sized SUV – or anything in between. But what if like most people, you’re not a taxi driver? There are lots of new cars due to come in 2020 but some will be more significant to UK car buyers than others. 420 mph On sale: Autumn. While there isn’t a great deal of leg space in the rear, you do get a decent boot and premium interior, with the option of a vibrant red leather everywhere. Use our hybrid car reviews to filter models by price and test score. Are you as passionate about cars as we are? 930, Rapidcharge* If your budget allows, a PHEV makes a lot of sense as a zero-emissions, zero-fuel commuter, all the while offering the option for covering longer distances with acceptable fuel economy once the engine has kicked in. 460, Rapidcharge battery may lose some of its charge, but it shouldn’t deplete completely. But 36 miles of electric range and 335bhp means the V90 T6 offers usable zero-emission range and, when you need, more than enough performance. Hybrid cars include both a combustion engine and electric motor, so in principle there's twice as much that can go wrong. There’s a punchy 670Nm of torque available too. That’s no bad thing at all. It’s not hard to see the appeal. When people think of hybrid cars, the ubiquitous Toyota Prius often comes to mind, and rightly so, it’s the most popular hybrid car of all time. Which car fuel will work best for your next new car? 600 mph Learn more today. 710 mph The tech inside is as good as you’d expect from a Toyota: you’ll get an 8 inch touchscreen, reversing camera and cruise control. Toyota Yaris Hybrid. 230 mph claims that the T8 can travel up to 34 miles on electric power alone – more or less par for the course. When a plug-in car's battery is depleted, it works like a full hybrid as most models can also use the engine to charge up the battery. 410, Rapidcharge 240, Rapidcharge The boot is also small for a car this size, measuring in at just 377 litres. It is however, faster (when using the manual mode) and designed more like a regular family hatchback, that will appeal to some over the angular looking Prius. The BMW 3 Series is one of the UK’s most complete cars: a high-quality, well built and practical saloon that’s great to drive, comfortable, packed with top tech and – in 330e guise – doesn’t cost the earth to run, yet boasts great performance. Combined power from its 1.8-litre engine and ‘Dual Motor Drive’ system is 120bhp, so performance isn’t startling. 440, Rapidcharge When it comes to hybrid cars, Toyota has revolutionised and innovated the market for over 23 years. 350, Rapidcharge The Toyota Prius is an example of a standard hybrid. Basically buy this car if you want roominess and are willing to compromise a little on efficiency. The standard model comes with pretty much every feature you could want including a reversing camera, DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and even wireless charging for your phone. Fitting into the current trend of practical-yet-fast plug-in hybrids, the Polestar Engineered T8 Twin Engine sits at the top of the XC60 line-up. 450 mph To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our. And yet considering it has only four cylinders, its performance is impressively swift. These are based on typical driving habits – 70% driving in urban or near-urban areas, and 30% on motorways. Bonus. An Uber spokesman told The Tab in 2015 that: “around 40% of cars on the platform are a Prius”, things have changed little since then. The C-HR has a sporty feel for a small SUV, it handles well and feels light overall. 850, Rapidcharge The Kia Niro is a petrol / electric hybrid hatchback to rival the Toyota Prius and the Hyundai Ionic. 1390 mph You can have a charging point installed at your home so you can charge your car overnight, although you'll need to have off-street parking. In terms of the drive – it’s smooth and handles well, although the rear window is very small and you’ll sometimes struggle seeing out of the back, so opting for a reversing camera might be a good shout. Plugging in a Mini looks and feels right: this is a brand which has placed itself at the cutting edge of urban design and technology for years now. 520, Rapidcharge What is a hybrid car?How do hybrid cars work?Are all hybrids automatic?How long do hybrid batteries last?How far can I drive in a hybrid car?How far can I drive in a hybrid car on battery power?What happens if my hybrid car runs out of battery? miles per tank. Not bad for a hybrid. 240 mph 660 mph Dig deeper, for a quicker turn of speed, and the powertrain's slickness deteriorates a little, but outright acceleration is respectable enough, while selecting gears for yourself using the car's paddles helps calm down the occasionally hyperactive temperament of the hybrid system. It's quite an impressive short-range electric car. At the time of writing, Hyundai was even offering finance incentives worth £2000 on the car, the likes of which you rarely see on in-demand electrified models. 850 mph Despite the fact that the battery eats into boot space a little, there’s still 485 litres available in the hatchback version and more still in the estate. In the real world, our testing suggests that 22-25 miles is as far as the E300de will run without rousing its four-pot diesel engine. It’s little wonder that sales are booming. Our tests go further than those carried out by other organisations, and because Which? Most of the time, the 330e just feels like an agile, entertaining, first-rate 3 Series in its sporting driver appeal. A hybrid car combines a conventional engine (usually petrol, but diesel hybrids are also available) with electric power, ostensibly saving you on fuel costs and lowering exhaust emissions. Our rigorous tests find the facts, and our impartial reviews tell you the truth about how products perform. Audi e-tron GT. 430 mph We've uncovered hybrids that are exceptionally reliable. It shines in its role as a family SUV, giving a plush ride and plenty of refinement at higher speeds. guise – doesn’t cost the earth to run, yet boasts great performance. 1410 mph In electric mode, the Range Rover seems even more luxurious than before, if that’s possible for what is essentially a super limo with a raised ride height. It’s supremely quiet and refined and returned acceptable fuel economy in our tests, despite the hybrid system being mated to a very large petrol engine. * = estimated. 120 mph When people think of hybrid cars, the ubiquitous Toyota Prius often comes to mind, and rightly so, it’s. 0-62mph is dealt with in 5.6 seconds and it’ll reach a top speed of 146mph. The best hybrid cars make an excellent choice for drivers looking to save on fuel costs, but who don’t want to plunge into the deep end with a fully battery-powered electric car. EV range is a pretty spectacular 45 miles, which is great for such a small PHEV. Excellent infotainment and a range of (expensive) options help add even more appeal, and in keeping with Volvo’s reputation, it’s practical too. 380, Rapidcharge Next, read our list of the best small hybrid cars to buy, Get the latest electric car news, reviews and analysis on, New 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport turns up the wick to 296bhp, New Land Rover Discovery Sport PHEV 2020 review. The hybrid model will do 26 miles on electricity alone and it’s a plugin so you can charge on the go. Depending on how you drive, you can often harvest a substantial This is because once the electric battery runs out, you’re lugging around the extra weight of the heavy battery. Save money with new Ioniq deals from What Car? 190, Rapidcharge 400 mph But what about this Hybrid, T8 version? Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) need to be regularly plugged in to deliver their best but they can offer real electric-only range of 30 miles or more. More so if you’re a company-car driver, where this plug-in hybrid version appeals thanks to keen Benefit-in-Kind rates. Well its won awards too, read on…. The British-built hatch is offered in 1.8 and 2.0-litre models, , both of which automatically shuffle between their two power sources and use the car’s petrol engine to charge the battery.

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