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Strength can be emotional, which is a reminder that Audrey carries with it. Rebecca is a name representing beauty in the Bible, an Old Testament classic that reached the heights of revived popularity in the seventies but is still a well-used choice. It's such a pretty and unique name, and I'm not just saying that because one of my best friends named her daughter Alina!

It could also be descended from the Latin word "Avis," which means "bird." Oliver is a great name and if you choose it, your baby will grow into it. Rebecca is my name and I love it! This surname has been shared models, artists, and politicians alike. Dorothy has been used in Britain since the sixteenth century and was so common there that nickname Dolly led to the word "doll." Naming your new baby KVIIIlyn or Abcde (pronounced "Absydee") might seem witty and cute, but your child might disagree with you when they get older. I love how short it is, and think it has a playful sound. Share. So you're in love with the name Oscar, but your partner … Sometimes there is comfort in having a name that doesn't stick out, but child may share their name with multiple people in their playgroups... Take a look at the Top 100 Baby Names for 2017. means "weary" and "tired" in the Biblical sense. If you have Russian ancestry, consider Alexei before you decide on Alexander. Isla (pronounced EYE-la) is a lovely alternative to Ella. When not writing, he enjoys spending time with his four younger sisters, visiting art museums, and working towards his ultimate goal: publishing a YA novel. You may not want to hear the same name over and over, whether you're at home or away from home, and giving a unique name to your child might help you bond with the baby quicker. Really don't like this name...only can think of that darn blue fish and the yellow brick road.Very old lady. The same simplicity and heartfelt meaning that drove Ava to the top three makes Chava all the more appealing as a baby name. You need a random name generator? Mia feels a bit more modern and spunky than classic Ella, so it's a nice option if you're looking for something similar that doesn't have a vintage feel. Just sounds so plain and bleh to me. This name (which is currently seated at #10 in the most popular baby names list of 2017) is the "meat and potatoes" of baby boy names, a stalwart option that never goes out of style and ages like a fine wine (that is to say, very well). Aiden has been quite trendy for almost a decade, and it's had a spot in the top ten for years now. You could name your baby Mason or Ava, both of which are beautiful names, but if you'd prefer a name less traveled, see if any of these match your love of the more common name without the popularity. Right now, this name is #11 on the list of most popular boy's baby names, and it could easily enter the top ten. 20 Glenn. Once designated to the realm of surnames, Macklin is now an uncommon and playful boy's name. Clara has a vintage-chic feel to it and is a lovely classic name that has been around for a long time. I think Theodore nn Theo is cute for a boy though and could stretch it by saying it honored her in a way? Aemilia is just as feminine and classy as Emily but has even more history behind it. You want to make sure you pick something that suits your child (which is nearly impossible to do, considering they, um, don't have a personality just yet) and, obviously, you want to love that name. Elias is considerably less popular than Elijah (or their shared nickname-turned-full name "Eli") but it shares both the feeling and the meaning of Elias. Data from 742,000+ parents registered on BabyCenter.

So unfortunate, because I think I would love to have a little Dottie toddling around my house. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! Dorothie, Whenever I think of the name Clara, I think of a porcelain doll — it just feels like it fits. After all, sometimes you have your heart set on a name that just isn't going to work out. This is a graceful name with Medieval charm, and it is full of depth. My favorite girl's name of all time due to several great associations. Although Lila sounds really similar to Mila, it definitely seems a little more feminine and delicate, and brings to mind a flower or something equally pretty. My grandmother was Rebecca with the nickname Rea, which I think was forward thinking of her parents considering my grandmother was born in 1912. Yet at the same time, this one is unique enough that people aren't likely to forget it. Who better to honor in your child's christening than Chris Pratt? The name Alexei is versatile because it can be used with the nickname "Alex" instead, much like Alexander. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. I have yet to meet an un-spiteful Rebecca. We have an extensive list of names that match the baby name Dave in several ways. (Maybe it could even be a nickname?) Over the past few years, Isaac has dominated the top 100 list and remained in more or less the same place. By Type; Muslim Baby Names; Modern Muslim Baby Names; Short and Sweet Muslim Baby Names Easy to Pronounce Muslim Baby Names Top 100 Muslim Baby Names If you feel like your new child is as familiar as an old friend, Alden could be the name you want. By Julie Peck and Cat Bowen. Think about, for example, your child's self-esteem. Bonus: you may even end up liking them more. Dorothy was once one of the most popular names in the US; she was in the Top 10 from 1904 to 1939, and held the Number 2 spot for eight years. I love this name! Correct answer: nobody. Adelaide is a Germanic name that means "noble." Macklin is all Mason offers and then some, and if you're thinking of Mason, you might want to consider this alternative. There are numerous worthy Dorothy namesakes, including essayist and wit Dorothy Parker; writer Dorothy L. Sayers; journalist Dorothy Thomson; social activist Dorothy Day; actresses Dorothy Gish, Dandridge, McGuire, and Lamour; and figure skater/haircut icon Dorothy Hamill. Emily is another classic that feels like it has been around forever — you may associate it with old novels by authors like Emily Dickinson and Emily Brontë. Revekka I love the -thy ending, though ^_^ this is a sweet and classic name. If you need name finder, name creator, name generator, baby names for girls or baby names for boys and you want to generate names based on your interested name, this website is for you. If you love Alexander but don't necessarily want to name your child that, consider the Russian variation: Alexei. I could never use this because I grew up in Kansas and there it would be cruel to name a child Dorothy! Chelle is a great name if you love Charlotte but wished that everyone else didn't love it quite so much, too. Nothing in this world is better than a laughing baby, something that this name can represent. Beckey, Unlike Grayson, which currently is in the top 25 most common names for boys, Glenn sits at #1,710. To me it just looks really plain and visually unappealing. Dorothi, After all, Aemilia is the root name Emily comes from. Odds are you've never met a Lethe, either: it was never a common name in Ancient Greece or contemporary society. Elias was the middle name of none other than Walt Disney, an utterly phenomenal artist who once said, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.". Here's a list of BabyCenter's 10 most popular names for boys and girls in 2018, each paired with less popular names that sound similar or have the same spirit. It's a short form of Eleanor and Ellen, but it has a more youthful, magical feel to it. If New York City is special to your personal life or you are attached to the name, Brooklyn is a good choice. Such a lovely character behind it but it's just too old ladyish. It has a slightly less magical feel than Ella, but if you're looking for something short and feminine, it's a lovely choice.

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