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The ability to access the Irish 1901 and 1911 Census archives and other research sites. The name may also have been an abbreviation of Morrissey (Ó Muireasa), a branch of the Uí Fiachrach clan. The ability to search for and link to common relatives in other Clan family trees. Geni requires JavaScript!

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The first Morrises in the British Isles were recorded as living in the bordering counties of Monmouthshire, Wales and Herefordshire, England by the Norman Conquest of 1066 AD.[3]. Settlements 1760-1776. By becoming a member of the Morris Clan, you can view and post articles relating to the Clan's origins and history and also connect to other members of the Clan. Privacy Policy | Another 68 words (5 lines of text) ... 31 C.C. Morris Name Meaning English and Scottish: from Maurice, an Old French personal name introduced to Britain by the Normans, Latin Mauritius, a derivative of Maurus (see Moore). Join Geni to explore your genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. The ability to create your own, unique family profile within the Clan. Because Morris was a celtic saint (the place name St. Moritz also has the same origin) the name became very popular in Wales, and there is a Welsh Morris tartan. Some of the Morris family moved to Ireland, but this topic is not covered in this excerpt. Motto. Richard Morris U.E. The ability to access our historical Irish Townlands database with over 60,000 entries and links to interactive maps. a fess dauncettie, a lion rampant, in base, sable. Your own online Family Tree builder with the possibility to enter extremely detailed biographical & genealogical information for each family member. The Domnaill name is also found in Brittany, France according to research from the Centre de … One branch eventually settled in Aberdeenshire where they came under the protection of the powerful Gordon clan, hence them being regarded as a sept of this clan. German: variant of Moritz. The ability to view and post Clan historical research articles. Dozens of authentic Morris tartan garments, & homewares with expert service from CLAN, Scotland's original online heritage store Welsh: Anglicized form of the Welsh personal name Meurig (from Latin Mauritius), which was gradually superseded in Wales by Morus, Morys, a derivative of the Anglo-Norman French form of the name (see 1). The name may also stand for Ó Muirgheasa, usually Morrissy. Click here to register and to start enjoying these FREE benefits now. Ireland Irish de Moiréis - Morris, incorrectly Morrison; Norman 'de Mareys', 'de Marreis', Latin 'de Marisco', i.e., 'of the marsh'; a common surname in many parts of the south of Ireland, especially in Kilkenny, Tipperary, Offaly, Laois, Cork and Limerick, where it is now anglicised as Morris. In some cases it may be a nickname of the same derivation for someone with a swarthy complexion. Contact Us. Migration of the Morris family to Ireland.

Special discounts for a range of products and services. A family of the name settled, in 1485, at Galway and became one of the tribes of that city. 's Clan: Morris, Arms, Mitchell and Related Families by Eula Eunice Park Mitchell, The Morris, Arnold and Related Families by Louis Arnold Morris… Events - Click Here To Go To The X Marks Interactive Map. 1750) born in Ireland who settled in Nova Scotia c. 1784 he served in the New York Volunteers and 3rd Regiment of Foot, married twice having 8 children, he died in 1834 (More are available in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.) Terms & Conditions | In Wales, Morris is an Anglicisation of the Welsh personal name Meurig (ultimately derived from Latin Mauritius). Ireland. The Moors were a Muslim people of mixed Arab and Berber descent; thus the name came to mean "dark" or "swarthy" in reference to their coloring. Irish Ó Muiris - O'Morris, Morris - 'descendant of Muiris' (sea-choice); a variant of Ó Muireasa - O'Morrissy, Morrissy, O'Morissy, Morissy, O'Morrissey, Morrissey, O'Morrissy, Morrissy (Morris, Morrison); the name of a branch of the Uí Fiachrach who were formerly chiefs of a district on the southern shore of Sligo Bay, in the barony of Tireragh. Ir. Copyright © 2010 Gathering the Irish Diaspora Limited T/A The Irish Gathering. All rights reserved. DAR Ancestor # A081012

Morris (Ó Muiris in Irish) was introduced to Ireland by the Normans, along with the variant Fitzmaurice (Mac Muiris).

Gen Web Si Deus nobiscum quis contra nos. Now for a time the Indian wars were ended, and what is known as "the halcyon decade of the Eighteenth century' -1763-1773-was ushered in. This was the name of several early Christian saints. Normans, first appearing as de Marisco, they became one of the "Tribes of Galway". Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Muirghis, a variant of Ó Muirgheasa (see Morrissey). [1] Additionally the name Morris is of Anglo-Norman origin deriving from the 'De Marisco' line. Highland Games and Celtic Event Discussion, Members inducted to the X Marks Honour Roll on merit, Craig's Corner: The Humorous side of Kilts and XMTS, X Marks Pays Tribute to The Kilted Legend.

Right now, your FREE membership of the Morris Clan gives you access to: Over the coming weeks and months, we will be rolling out a wide range of other features, including: Your Family Milestones, Time Capsule and Bequests, Travel Services and Irishgathering Chieftain Nominations. Americanized form of any of various like-sounding Jewish surnames (see Morse). Genealogy. Sgt. Crest. The name is English and Scottish from first name Maurice "like a Moor". Ó Muiris (ASC), Ó Muirghis . A branch of these Morrises moved to Galway in 1485 CE and later became one of the Tribes of Galway. (b. Advertising |

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This name was used by several early Christian saints. If you can see this forum your registration is not complete. The name in some cases can be of German origin and even an Americanisation of several Jewish surnames. A lion's head, erased, argent, guttee de sang. It is highly probable that there were several other distinct families so called, as the name, both in the present form and as Ó Muiris, is common in most parts of Ireland. Origin of the name Morris: Variant of Maurice, a borrowing from the French which is derived from the Late Latin Mauritius (Moorish), a derivative of Maurus (a Moor). [1] The surname ranked 53 out of 88,799 in the United States and 32 out of 500 in England and Wales.[2]. Morris Family - Tribes of Galway : Morris Family Arms. By Rex_Tremende in forum Show us your pics, Morris: Very numerous: all areas, especially South East, Midlands, Connacht.

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