modern french slang

The pronunciation will be more articulated, a bit slower, and featuring all the proper liaisons. The young crowd sprinkle their sentences with words that are uber cool, too.

“Le bouffon” is a very ancient word for the king’s jester (or the one that makes everyone laugh by doing silly things). Origin: Possibly derived from the French word “beau” (pronounced “bo”, not “boo”), meaning beautiful (see above).

Obviously “amener” is ‘to bring’ and “ramener” is to bring back and both can be used in this context. : hexagon, so named because of France's shape), histoire You may know some French slang, but do you know really current French slang, millennium French slang? More importantly, as far as the French language is concerned, the register affects not only the vocabulary used but also the language structure and pronunciation!

What is really new about it is the reflexive use: “se louper”. That is your choice but it is still absolutely essential you train with it or else you will not understand the average French person when they speak. The French slang verb “louper” is not particularly modern.

Some French slang word…

Chinese | The French put a great deal of emphasis on politeness in their social interactions.

Get your answers by asking now. We call this “le français soutenu”. You can also say “c’est grillé”, or “c’est foutu”, both slang for it’s over. We also use: “se planter”. use only “mild” slang words: colloquial, time proven, everyday slang, know the real difference between everyday and vulgar, offensive slang (and also be extra careful that what you might see as ‘acceptable’ on TV or YouTube in one context, could be much worst in another), only use slang in the right context, with the right people. Note the common use of “on” instead of “nous” as it is featured in our French audiobooks. You need to understand them, because you’ll hear them in French movies, songs… and maybe in the streets of France.

Ça marche / Ça roule (slang-ish French) In another flavour of modern French, you can also use those two to mean ok in French. It means to be very motivated, and can be spelled lots of ways: “niaque”, “gnaque”….

But saying “une pépé” will make you sound like an 80 years-old.

blé Nous dépensons beaucoup de blé pour nos vacances. Because of my upbringing, also my age (I’m 47 as I write this article), I tend to use a bit of formal French too.

How to Learn French Slang Effectively. When using slang or an informal French register, you can get away with grammar mistakes because the rules are more relaxed. It’s been around for some time now, and is slang for “rater”, “échouer”, “manquer””. Experience how different and efficient our method is. The answer will vary on your age, the reason you are studying French (to communicate or to pass exams) and your personal preference. If you spoke ‘regular’ French, to say it’s so embarrassing, you’d say something like “c’est honteux” or “j’ai honte de…”. Or at least, we try to.

Ça marche : literally means ‘it walks’/ ‘it works’ Ça roule: translates into ‘it rolls’.

And that’s when you use this expression. I may know a couple of words but I’m not fluent! I know a lot of regular slang words.

This French slang expression has exactly the same meaning as in English: “je suis grillé” means “I’m toast”, done, finished. I'm Camille's husband. Verlan is a form of French slang that makes use of inverting syllables. So now let’s see some modern French slang examples. A bit of colloquial slang here and there to show you’re “in”, a few fancy words when you want to impress.

Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Believe it or not, this expression comes from an old French patois called Gascon. So, French students learning slang need to play it smart: 20 Questions to REALLY test your modern French comprehension. Modern French? Yup. But when you use the reflexive “se bouger”, the meaning is different. Unfortunately, this modern French is almost never introduced to French students. I don't have the money to buy a car. overtime (abbr.

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Modern French slang is constantly evolving. So it means it’s the only thing you have to do, no need to comment or say more about it, end of conversation.

Interrogative expressions move to the end. Formal French? And I sure don’t know the intonation or glidings.

We spend a lot of money on our holidays. An example would be: Range ta chambre. Used for several people, it means to miss each other as in to fail to meet up.

That’s how I’ll speak during a job interview, or if I meet people I’m trying to impress. Besides, French slang evolves. Once again, we are talking slang French here, not proper French….

Now here are some popular modern slang words used by French youngsters. “Flipper” is a perfect example of a borrowed English verb “to flip” being conjugated in French. So let’s see what the different French language registers are, how they affect the language, and then I’ll tell you what register I believe a French student should use. Phone: + 33 782 171 213 This rings true here with chanmé, which came from méchant, meaning badly behaved or ‘wicked’ and ordinarily used to describe a child.You will hear Parisians using it to mean ‘wicked’ in the modernised, positive sense of the word.

So now let’s see some modern French slang examples. The most commonly used abbreviations that I see are "c" in the place of "c'est" or "ses," and "g" in the place of "j'ai." Includes dialog, study guide and full transcript + translations. C’est la fin des haricots – it’s the end of the beans. •There are uses of normal words like the word chaud (hot) : - C'est chaud [It's hot] = it's hard/problematic/unjust. Slang words that the French youth use nowadays have evolved from different sources including, Six Popular French Sayings and Their Origins, Free Resources – Talk in French Free Library, really / totally (depending on the context), Kif” is the the arabic word for “a sense of well being/happiness”/ now used by youngsters to say "like" or "love", girls / ladies (meuf is verlan which means woman - une femme. It’s also the French pronunciation still featured in the large majority of audio methods. mdr - Mort de rire (dying of laughter; LOL), oue (weh) is the equivalent of "yeah" in America.

There are several registers to French slang. Luckily, you can get those French slang expressions right here.

So a cool slang word a few months ago might suddenly sound outdated now. Clean your room. Here again, we find a word that is the inversion of an existing older slang word… “péta” is the verlan of “tapé” which in itself is argot (slang) for stealing like “il m’a tapé ma clop” (‘he stole my cigarette’). I use mostly everyday modern French.

It’s the inversion of the word “femme” -> me fem -> meuf (dropping the last vowel is common in verlan – whatever is easier to say will remain). Why is spoken English often spoken so slow by native speakers compared to many other languages?

[Who's hot for a card game] = Who's up for a card game? Some French slang words nowadays have an Arabic or African origin, such as “kiffer” (to enjoy) – as featured in the image above : “quel kiffe ce bouquin” – this book is such a great trip / I love that book. It follows the standard ER verb form so it works in every tense: “Il a flippé” or “est-ce qu’il flippait?” (although I have yet to hear the subjonctif plus-que-parfait version: “que j’eusse flippé” ;-). This is exactly why I developed my À Moi Paris French learning method. If you like modern French films, rap, or other forms of entertainment, you'll find many of the words and phrases used in here. French Slang Words. Does anyone know/recognize these symbols?

German Thank you! The word “Craignos” comes from the argot expression “ça craint” meaning that the situation is dodgy, dangerous or really bad depending on the concept.

In French slang speak, to emphasise a particular concept, we’ll use the phrase structure “c’est [adjective] de chez [adjective], for example “C’est bon de chez bon” meaning it’s REALLY good or “c’est chaud de chez chaud” meaning that it’s really hot…. Is Germanic easier to learn than Chinese?

Some of these expressions may be OK for you to use: it really depends on how you speak in English. a matter of.

So, there is a fine line.

n.m. France (lit. Spanish | HALLOWEEN SALE – 20% OFF ALL AUDIOBOOKS ENDS NOV 4th.

I cannot speak “hood” French. For French class, I was asked to research French slang. The ability to switch between language registers will vary from people to people. Origin: French word for beautiful. It, of course, varies on the speakers’ age, level of education, personal vocabulary choice and above all, the context.

And above all, a correct French pronunciation.

J’te kiffe is modern slang for “I love you” in French.

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