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However, this was lost with the sale of its estates and a severe lack of male heirs; by the early 18th century the families of Balmaghie, Airie and Airds, and Castlehill were practically extinct.
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Major-General John McGhie CB was an Honorary Physician to Queen Elizabeth II. Crest: a leopard's head, erased guardant Or, ducally gorged Gules. He was a merchant in Edinburgh and sold all the estate in 1786 to the Gordon family, to which he was closely related. Shea Mcgee Teeth. In no instance shall any

The family Magee were medieval lords in ancient times.

biographical & genealogical information for each Right now, your FREE membership of the McGee Clan gives you access to: The ability to create your own, unique family … In 1709 John Macghie was appointed Physician to the King by King George I in return for his loyalty to the Hanoverian succession. Click done if you're happy with the way it looks. It is uncommon as a given name.People with the name Magee include: Adrian Magee (born 1996), American football player; Andrew Magee (1962) American Professional Golfer, only player in PGA history to have a hole in 1 on a par 4.; Audrey Magee, Irish novelist The ability to create your own, unique Knights with this name include Sir John McGhie of Balmaghie (knighted by Charles II), and Sir Ian Magee (knighted by Elizabeth II).

possibility to enter extremely detailed Copyright © 2010 Its property in Kirkcudbrightshire was extended during the reign of the Stuarts. Lord McGhie, Chairman of the Scottish Land Court and President of the Lands Tribunal for Scotland. Having won favour with and then spurned the Stuarts at the right times, the family was prominent in Scottish and London society by the eighteenth century. Both the Clan Donald and the Clan Mackay claim it as a sept.

The variation McGee was brought to Ireland by Scottish settlers. The other prominent Galloway branches of the family were those of Airds and Castlehill. The only peer with the surname is The Hon. McGee Clan Coat of Arms: McGee Clan News and Events: Now is the time to start creating a unique, global community for the McGee Clan and to become one of it's first members. The coat of arms of the Balmaghie McGhees is given as "sable, three leopards' heads erased argent." All graphics design on this web site are the property of and Their arms and crest were identical to the English family's, but with the motto "Fac et Spera" (Do and Hope).

copyrighted to Irish Country© and are protected by International Copyright laws. McGee, McGie, McGhie, Magee, M'Gie etc.) The ability to access the Irish 1901 and 1911 Census The undisputed head of those bearing the surname, however, was the head of the family at Balmaghie (given below), who bore the undifferenced arms of McGhie. The arms of McGhie, one of the ninety-three Scottish families included in the Armorial de Berry, compiled in the 1440s.[1].

is also a common surname in Ireland. Both the Clan Donald and the Clan Mackay claim it as a sept. This surname has yet to be researched, but by becoming a member of the McGee Clan, you can post your own articles relating to the origins and history.

), m. Hon Eleonora McDouall (sister of the. John McGhie, last of Castlehill, had six daughters, the eldest of whom had six sons who all died childless. Its motto is "Quae Sursum Volo" ("I desire heavenly things"). Origin of the Name Magee The Magee family history was found in the archives. The McGhee family (Scottish Gaelic: Clann Aoidh) is an ancient lowland family of Scotland, established as Lords of Balmaghie in Galloway since the 10th century. Boswell described him as "a good-natured man, who has no aversion to be a butt, although he takes care to have a good premium for every arrow that he receives.". Robert McGhee had possession of the vast and controversial Greenside sugar estate in Jamaica in the late eighteenth century. ~ Robson's, MacGie - Azure, three leopards' heads erased, Argent. While both Catholic and Protestant McGhees can be found, the Balmaghie family were Presbyterian and the family's most notable churchmen were low Anglicans, as in the case of Archbishop Magee of Dublin and Archbishop Magee of York. Robert Makgye was Court Jester to James II from 1441-50. Persons bearing this name are almost certainly inter-related, given the volume of migration across the Irish Sea, in both directions, particularly during the Galloglass and Plantation years. or reproduction in any manner is a violation of these laws. ~, Mcgie - Sable, three Leopard heads erased Argent.

~ Nisbet's, MacGie of Balmaghie - Sable, three leopards' heads Or. Motto, "Fac et Spera". ~ Robson's, Macgee - Gules, three martlets Or. ~ Robson's, Gilbert M'Ghie, 1st Lord of Balmage (13? A prominent exception is the current Bishop of Cloyne, a Traditionalist Catholic who was falsely accused of murdering Pope John Paul I. Odo MacIdh was Canon of Argyll in 1433. Early records of the arms show some variation, however: 'Mcgie', in Sir George Mackenzie's The Science of Herauldrie, 1680.

Irish Country 2: McGee Clan Motto T: Your clan motto badge with your surname features the famous Irish claddagh symbol, St. Patrick and traditional shamrocks with your historical ancient family motto in glorious and vibrant color. McGhees may therefore choose to show allegiance to either the MacDonalds or the Mackays in their choice of tartan.

The names Magee and McGee originated in Ulster Province in Ireland .It has been proposed that some of the Ulster Magees are of Scottish extraction, having come to Ireland during the Plantation of Ulster in the early seventeenth century. Register. All rights reserved. Historically, however, the Mackays are in fact an offshoot of this family rather than vice versa. Incidentally, it was a Church of Scotland missionary named the Revd William R F McGhie who designed the flag of Jamaica in 1962. A man bearing the name McGie matriculated the following arms in the early 19th century: "sable a mullet arranged between three leopards' heads erased guardant or."

In 1304, however, Michael Macgethe is listed as a juror at an 'Inquisition' in Dumfries which asserted the rights of 'Robert de Brus earl of Carrick' (later Robert the Bruce) against those of Edward I in Annandale. Drag the square at the left to choose the part of your image you want to use. The Irish surname "Magee", while sharing ancient origins with the Scottish variants, is considered a separate family. Milestones, Time Capsule and Bequests, Travel family member. ~, Maogee of Balmagy - Sable, three human faces Argent tongues extended Gules. Scotland: The first known instance of the surname Magee was in Dumfriesshire, a southern area of Scotland that borders England. Shea Mcgee’s net worth is unclear. He was also a friend of James Boswell. Contact Us.

Because this decline occurred before the romantic revival of interest in the clans, the family never acquired its own tartan. He was also a poet and friend of Tobias Smollett. Copyright © 1999-var d = new Date();document.write(d.getFullYear()); See, Pages containing cite templates with deprecated parameters,,,,, Ceulx de Maligny - Azure, three lions' faces or.

(Another, Argent).

archives and other research sites.

and services. portion or content of this web site be duplicated or redistributed through any medium, including and not limited to, any and all collections, graphic archives, email groups or removable media such as CD's, whether private or for profit. Services and Irishgathering Chieftain Nominations. Other distinguished officers include Lt-Col John Macghie of the Scots brigade who was killed fighting for the Dutch in 179 and Captain James Maghie. The family has always been self-consciously lowland and, almost uniquely among prominent Scottish families, remained entirely indifferent to the Clan system, as historians have noted: Gilmighel Mac Ethe is first mentioned subscribing allegiance to King Edward I of England in the Ragman Rolls of 1296.
She said, “A few months ago my front tooth chipped slightly so my dentist just shortened everything up for me and my teeth kept getting filed shorter and shorter.” Shea Mcgee Net Worth. these FREE benefits now. Privacy Policy | ), m. Elizabeth Maxwell, Robert M'Ghie (1611–1637), m. Grissel Charteris, Sir John M'Ghie (1637–1658), m. 1stly Barbara Anderson, 2ndly Elizabeth Levingstoune, Alexander M'Ghie (1658–1690), m. 1stly Margaret M'Kee, 2ndly Elizabeth Stewart, William M'Ghie (1690–1704), m. Anna Ballantyne or Fullerton, John M'Ghie (1704–1732), m. Hon Isabel Gordon (daughter of, Alexander M'Ghie (1732–1739), m. Grizzell Gordon (his cousin, granddaughter of the same, William M'Ghie (1761-17?? Conditions | He was Secretary of the fashionable Honourable Society of Hunters (a racing club composed of the principle nobles and gentry of Scotland). Shea McGee is the founder and CCO of Studio McGee and McGee & Co. Shea and her husband Syd launched their interior design firm in 2014.

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