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The following week saw the contestants do sprints, then ingest tons of pasta and milk, then do even more sprints in an apparent attempt to induce vomiting.

This might have been more powerful a message coming from somebody who hadn’t been booked over Hulk Hogan in a pay-per-view main event for the world title in his very first match. Miku Izayoi (誘いざ宵よい 美み九く, Izayoi Miku?) This is exactly what happened when The Rock made a surprise return to Monday Night Raw back in early 2016. Also, it wouldn’t be a TV show. They’ll always have your back no matter what. WWE in 2004 had something of a dearth of new talent, to say the least. It dropped a lot of jaws at the time and probably still does whenever it surfaces. 22 Funny Gay Memes You Shouldn’t Miss. Rain dove dubilewski born september 27 1989 is an american model actor and activist best known for their work in subversive fashion as a gender nonconforming model posing alternately as male and female in photoshoots productions and runway shows. By continuing to use the site, you accept our. By purchasing a downloadable design it is assumed that you are knowledgeable about which file formats work with your plotter/vinyl cutter, as well as how to operate your equipment. This meme is poking fun at several of the women of the WWE that have experienced run-ins with the law.

#KitKatLounge #Boystown #Chicago #KateMoss #Vogue., © 2013. The key difference between the first three seasons and the fourth season, though, was that in the early seasons, it was the trainers and not the audience who made the call as to who should continue and who should be cut. Amazingly, Puder managed to put Angle in a kimura lock during the 40-second encounter, allegedly nearly breaking Kurt’s arm, depending on what dirt sheet you’re reading (WWE later paid tribute to this incident by making Triple H and Brock Lesnar’s Summerslam 2012 match nothing but kimura locks). In all fairness to the girls, they have worked very hard, that reality television thing has to be tiring after awhile. 20458.

This meme shows the brutal way that women are often viewed in the business, despite their ability.

He stirred up a lot of controversy over the sexist nature of his interaction with her, but despite that she was clearly enchanted by his presence. Trending The Bella Twins have had an interesting journey in the WWE. At least he got a developmental deal in OVW for his troubles (and was cut the next year). Puder allegedly had attitude problems and was resented backstage for the Kurt Angle incident. She is an actress, known for Talking Smack (2016), Unfiltered with Renee Young (2015) and Total Divas (2013). No one does.

That said, this isn't the way anyone wants to be seen, mugshots are notoriously unflattering images.

Tough Enough 4 was shite, no question about it, but it did at least eventually lead to a few genuine talents making it to TV and one of them (Miz) to a WWE Championship reign – with a second one (Ryback) surely about to join him. Well, “took a backseat” is being rather generous; wrestling got left at a gas station a hundred miles back while the other nonsense drove the competition from city to city. Very well done! Most cut promos, but one guy streaked his way into the ocean to impress the judges (none of whom, incidentally, were Pat Patterson).

There were so many fantastic WWE Superstars created during that time and one of the most memorable ones was Chyna.

(Hey, that’s two mentions of Myspace in one induction!


The hack of Paige's iCloud and leak of the videos caused quite a scandal for Paige, who was already on suspension from the WWE for violating their Wellness policy and has clearly created a speedbump for Woods, who hasn't been seen live on television since. Her email address is It also gets its contestants from the indies, some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to watch on the circuit in Southern California.

”, In contrast, of course, Rick Perry showed up early, stayed late, shook hands and posed, yadayadayada.

… It was not until a second staffer assured her that the lighting had been changed and a second introduction piped over the loudspeakers that she entered the former dance hall here. Okay, so normally we wouldn't throw poor Chyna under the bus with a second meme, but it's in the nature of this list to cover the brutal insults, so here we go anyway. Of all the things I’ve seen in professional wrestling, The Miz in drag goes right up there with Mae Young’s “boobs” as one of the most disturbing.

No, seriously go search for "WWE mugshots" sometimes, its staggering.

This meme has some brutal words about AJ Lee and her sex life, but in fairness they refer to her on-screen persona, not real life. They have a lot less drama than you and they know exactly how to have fun. She gave a unique presence to the stable at the time and went on to have a great run in the WWE. Remember to share these funny gay memes with all your friends! Its a low blow and uncalled for, you don't any memes about how ugly any of the males on the roster are. AJ would deliver a wicked pipe bomb on the Total Divas cast before she left the WWE, which was the thing of legend. Unlike the first three seasons of the Continue Reading TikTokers Using Profile Pictures In A Fun New Way As #MyPFP Trends. Its not that he is completely devoid of talent, because she has done some decent work in the ring from time to time.

I remember him on TE4 and just wanting to slap him – he was like the worlds ugliest pretty boy…. I also recently re-watched the “Dixie Dog Fight” from Armageddon 2004. Apr 17, 2016 - Explore Sherry Bledsoe's board "African American Birthday Greetings" on Pinterest. That’s probably why the refs selected him as the winner, as his “prize” was. Charlotte Flair has been working hard to live-up to the name of her legendary father, Ric Flair. The Gut Check is much more compelling. Like Obama, Bachmann may well be a celebrity, but if she is, it’s because the crowd made her one. });

This was back in their NXT days, when this picture of Paige and Woods was taken. Before long the word would be out: She can’t take the heat.

March 14, 2018. Join Facebook to connect with Male'diva Zekky'Cao Junior and others you may know. For all the fans knew, Daniel Puder couldn’t take a basic bump, Justice Smith couldn’t run the ropes, and Mike Mizanin couldn’t execute a simple figure-four leg lock…. (Harsh secret: Most women on television are wearing a few false eyelashes, and some of the men are wearing eyeliner and mascara.

The download is automatically sent once payment is made. The Total Divas reality series has gotten mixed reviews from the WWE Universe. This meme, featuring Dean Ambrose, is of course mocking Brie's size compared to her sister. To fill the depleted roster, WWE held its fourth season of Tough Enough. We already covered Emma in another entry on this list (man, that one is still funny), but here we see some more sketchy behavior from now former WWE Superstars like Kaitlyn, Lita, Cameron, Jillian Hall and Awesome Kong. Well, there isn’t a whole lot on after post-Tough Enough IV, but it looks like this might be him…,

He also runs the, WWE, 2010 Ever since “The Wrestler” hit theaters in 2009, a lot of past-their prime …. By continuing to use the site, you accept our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. We reserve the right to remove any comment we deem to be defamatory, rude, insulting to others, hateful, off-topic or reckless to the community. Lv 5.

Eva Marie was one of the final batch of women brought into the WWE on their looks, rather than their athletic ability. #KitKatLounge #Boystown #Chicago #kisses. The most impressive of the new recruits in terms of conditioning and intensity was Marty Wright, before he was the Boogeyman and while he still had teeth. INCLUDED: (1) 4x6 Premium Matte Sticker Sheet (number of stickers vary per listing, please refer to thumbnail in posting for exact layout) (2) Doll Sticker measures approximately 1.3 (w) x 5 (h) : ♡ Printed colors may slightly differ from the colors. I’ve wondered for years what happened to him.

She was initially paired with Santino Marella in a bit where the two would do a goofy dance to the ring.

No points, no immunity, no nothing. She was arrested and sentenced to one day of community service. So… stupid weekly competitions, zero wrestling, a show-within-a-show, a cash prize, and did I mention that the fans got to vote on the winner? Our contestants were then subject to rigorous physical challenges like an obstacle course and 40 meter dash, all in the sand. This meme has some brutal words about AJ Lee and her sex life, but in fairness they refer to her on-screen persona, not real life. You know, the trainers who were observing the contestants all throughout their in-ring training? And who could forget John Meyer?

Not only is politics at this level an old boys club – and don’t ever doubt it – but women do face harsher scrutiny and, let’s face it, their appearance is part of the package. To quote the fat naked guy on the subway from Seinfeld, The “winner” of the interminable squat thrust contest, the visibly winded Chris Nawrocki, looked to be in the worst shape of all the trainees. Hard to believe Miz & Ryback came from it. Glorious, smarty pants gold. In real life, Stephanie is a mother, businesswoman an philanthropist. Photo Credit: Caption Credit: Justin Henry.

This meme is both derogatory and a bit racist, as the term "Rachet" is a slang term for someone from the "ghetto" or an urban setting that thinks they're hot stuff, but is really anything from a complete mess to a degenerate crackhead.

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