legends of tomorrow swan thong recap

It was pretty much too late by the time we asked him to come do it. Ten out of 10. The most memorable shipper moments of 2019, See exclusive portraits of the Arrowverse stars from EW's cover shoot. We've been talking to her for years now about what her sort of five-year plan was, and she has more direction and ambition as a twentysomething than certainly I do as a fortysomething. Man, when she takes the mic at the punk club, it's really wonderful!

Sisqo really saved our butts. The team hides out as their wax museum counterparts to confront the Fate, though she brings a few of those Encores back for a final battle to try and stop them.

Man, dynamite. That was a real epiphany to us. Charlie departs from the Waverider in this episode. And just like for the morale on set. She gifts Constantine his soul coin back and plans to try out a human life — though she jokes she'll be setting up shop in Constantine's manor. In the beginning, it was a little contentious and then Zari 2.0 kind of worked her way into the Legends' hearts, but then Behrad died. Yeah, geez, he's certainly going to be attracted to Zari 2.0, but she's a completely different person based on her different experiences. So it does become a real math equation, making sure all the stories get their due.

You've had several original songs on the show.

I'm sure, guaranteed, that we'll find a way to humanize and find the emotional complexity of Marvin the Martian [laughs], and by the time we get to the finale, we'll have to spend like half our time realizing they weren't so bad, they were just misunderstood. But with her Loom adventure complete, Charlie decides to retire from the Legends and stick around — meaning the team will now be down two Legends heading into next season (counting the extra Zari who exited). Credit: Having Zari 1.0 make her appearance and having that connection with Nate is proof: Yes, the other version of you was kind of like a mirage, and now that I've got the real you back there's no substitution. Sara talks about where the Legends were before becoming part of the team: The song Charlie and The Smell perform at the end is a punk rock cover of the, Played for laughs when the Legends arm themselves with the displays in the Loom temple, which are, Played more seriously with the collection of Hell-forged weapons that the Legends gathered in ".

No hair or makeup needed. Led by White Canary, a band of superhero misfits defend the time stream with an assortment of wacky threats in the fourth Arrowverse series. We had those moments where they would be intrigued by one another, but we're like, "That's not how love works." It is such a shame that technically that's such a difficult thing to pull off because if not for that, I'd have 'em both on the show.

I'm totally blanking on whose idea it was, but it was clearly the right choice. With one parent gone, I like the idea that Nate is a bit of a goofball and a bit of bro sometimes, but that he's really gained some real wisdom and he would be able to support what's missing. At this moment, we want to keep it real simple so that we can find the complexity with our characters. Behrad is suffering from memories and physical manifestations of his death from the original timeline — the one that spawned the OG Zari before she was replaced this season. It featured shake weights, a pogo stick, and was set to a live rendition of "The Thong Song." They haven't really existed in that bro-sis [place]; like, I want some bickering siblings on this show. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Each year you guys deliver these wild finales. With this sacrifice, she finally did just that. I don't know, it makes me hope that next year we can make a finale just totally simple and small-scale, because they are really hard to do. Sisqo was the first guy. It wasn't until we had seen Tala performing against herself in the totem that we realized how different the two characters were. Legends Boss on Finale's Zari Dilemma, [Spoiler]'s Abduction and That Cameo 2 on the list, while the "Loom Breaker" Charlie is imprisoned as Public Enemy No. I just want to get them to that neutral space and see how they deal with sharing a totem. We would love to have her back at any occasion, but at the same time we're just thrilled to see what she has planned for herself as a filmmaker.

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