legends of tomorrow season 5 episode 11 recap

List of episodes appearing in Legends of Tomorrow. Sara. Their bro time, though, is interrupted by Ava, who shoots Rasputin. Proceed at your own risk! This is the last thing she wants to deal with after what happened in the crossover (Ava tells the Legends not to bring up the crossover because she doesn’t want to upset her). Ray, Nate, and Behrad have a really cute secret handshake. Below, Ashe discusses the duo’s “inconvenient attraction” and what it means for Zari and Nate. The season 5 premiere confirmed that the Legends do indeed like to get high on occasion. Grade it below, then hit the comments! Mona starts writing the script and makes the Legends remember who they are. Unfortunately, not everyone is enthusiastic about them — specifically Senator Wellington, who doesn’t trust these screw-ups with time travel. Did you remember the gray mush like I asked?Behrad: I got the green mush, the purple mush, the sticky mush, the slimy mush, and I forgot the gray mush.Zari: You forgot the gray mush?Behrad: I forgot the gray mush! Legends fans, what did you think of Zari and Constantine’s surprising almost-kiss? During their chat, though, Rasputin senses that Nate lost someone he loved around the time of his resurrection, which is the first step toward Nate realizing Zari’s absence. All rights So we talked a lot about what’s really going on between these two. Zari, Nate, and Behrad rebel against the Fates in their show and inspire the masses to do the same. Yeah, I think there was a moment where the room was split completely… There was a moment where we were basically bargaining with ourselves: “Let’s just keep them both. Anyway, Rasputin, who loves the camera, ends up kidnapping Kevin Harris, the documentary’s director, and declaring that he plans on killing the royal family. [Laughs] I was out of the room when we were talking about the Museum of Bad Ideas and what we could find there, and all of a sudden, the name Sisqó was up on the board… Then you’re like, “Oh my God, the thing that was a joke on the board is now completely integral to the finale of the season, and we haven’t even called Sisqó.” We were totally back-against-the-wall, and we’re like, “This is not a joke anymore. Constantine underestimated Zari as nothing more than a social media influencer, while she grew impatient with the sorcerer as he failed to locate the ring. This season got very, very emotional, and we want to counter-balance that with something that feels like a little bit frothy and trashy, I guess. We both come from the theater world. Is it love? You kind of have to build the connection and the relationship and the arc of the story in order to… hopefully earn that. But if we're only living part of it, then we're not living at all. TVLINE | Watching this episode, it seemed inevitable that Zari 1.0 would have to go back into the totem. Just when we thought Legends of Tomorrow was … Because when you conceive of a character, in the beginning, it’s always a little two-dimensional, and then the performer plays the part, and you learn and they learn, and it’s back and forth, and all of a sudden… We thought it was funny to make Tala dress up as an influencer, but then it is a humbling experience where you realize, “Oh man, this is a real person, and we better take her seriously. All rights TVLINE | The almost-kiss took me by surprise, even though I spent the entire episode wondering if I was imagining a vibe between the two of them. They find Constantine who is playing a butler and Astra who is a lady. Constantine is not looking for a relationship, not that that’s what this is. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. Legends' Tala Ashe Reveals How Queer Eye Inspired Zari 2.0 Once back on the Waverider, Nate and Behrad get to work fixing Gideon, who is having trouble processing data from two different timelines. In fact, it’s moments like this that really remind me of Community, another meta show that took stylistic leaps without ever losing track of the characters’ emotional story. | Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. (The documentary is called Meet the Legends. Our final action sequence requires a soundtrack and an animatronic Sisqó.” It was the most terrifying call I’ve ever made in my life, because I had to try to explain Sisqó what our show was and, you know, our show’s bats–t. Once again, Sara is pissed off with her friends. At the end of the episode, Constantine traveled to Hell to figure out why Astra released all of these historical baddies. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 5 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which airs Tuesdays on The CW.. DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns this week after an unexpected hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as fans prepare to continue this season with tonight's episode, "Zari, Not Zari," it might help to have a brief refresher of the season so far. It’s mostly played for humor, but then there are moments like this one where there’s some real emotion to it because what happened was traumatic in a way. Just when we thought Legends of Tomorrow was … I really love working with Matt, and we sort of have a similar vocabulary. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/LegendsOfTomorrow. Legends fans, what did you think of Zari and Constantine’s surprising almost-kiss? © 2020 TV Fanatic These are totally, totally different. Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s Legends of Tomorrow. Sara is traumatized from the Crisis and Oliver’s death, and she would love nothing more than to talk about it with her friends, but she can’t because they’re too busy mugging for the camera.

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