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Unlike Courage's Other Enemies, Katz has no motives except doing evil deeds for the fun of it. He has yellow eyes with small pupils and purple highlights on the lower lids, as well as purple-tipped ears, a purple-tipped nose and three purple stripes across his back. Katz is quite the con artist, as well, specializing in scam businesses such as a vacation resort, a confectionary shop, a motel, and a submarine cruise line. It's the villains against Courage, with Muriel and Eustace as spectators and Le Quack as the referee in Courage's last big show down with his enemies. This one is the only scary one because I understood very well what he was doing and that was probably abusing bunny and kitty sexually, mentally, and physically. There are many reasons this guy is scary. Although I still like the "stupid dog you make me look bad". He is a master of disguise and even dresses up to match the scam he's planning. Katz Is a Main Villain In Courage the Cowardly Dog. Also when Eustace said would you look at that and Muriel thought he was talking abot the spirit even though it was the leaking pipe. It's 2002 CGI just looks cruddy. First, he turned Eustace into a psychopathic chicken in the pilot episode.

Courage comes along for the ride, of course, with Eustace not far behind following (and eating) a jam trail left by the monster.

Katz learn about Discord's treachery and join BlackGarurumon to get revenge in him for betray him.

This actually scared me more than the blue guy the first time I saw this episode. Katz escapes into the ocean, but then finds himself swallowed by a shark. This guy is so scary and creepy, he wants to cut Courage's hair that is so terrifying. Sad, isn't it? Looking at it I think it looks like some blue deformed fetus. So once again, he is crushing his competition. Katz is a red cat with thin limbs and a long body. How are they scary? While Courage manages to save everyone, Katz is left in the belly of the shark demanding to not be eaten.

(to Courage, who was thrown into a candy machine) Now aren't you sweet? ◢, on 11-06-2014 I find this thing even scarier than King Ramses. And in his lab rooms we can see some scary stuff, holy god he's crazy scientist. Top 10 Worst Things That Happened to Courage the Cowardly Dog, Top 10 Scariest Courage the Cowardly Dog Episodes, Top 10 Cartoon Network Series of the 1990s, Top 10 Most Delicious Ways to Eat Chicken, Top 10 Most Powerful Martin Luther King Jr. His next appearance was in klub katz. She is just creepy.

Shaving is actually a shaving fetish. Courage rolls to the lever and the candy cane Katz is on goes down into the machine and Katz is pulled among the green taffy, still asking for the secret ingredient. First off, he started the different animation era. Katz is a lanky, anthropomorphic red cat with yellow eyes, purple tipped ears, and 3 purple stripes across his back whose ends show on each side of his waist. 2?! ... Muriel Bagge; Eustace Bagge; Courage's Parents; Katz; Benton Tarantella; Goose God; Alien Brain Vistor; Characters. I hope he isn't standing 70 feet away from your window standing out on your property saying those three words "Return the slab...or suffer my curse...". Courage goes into the spa to turn himself into a helicopter and rescues Muriel from the coliseum.

◢, on 25-10-2016 Courage masquerades as a ventriloquist doll, which fools Katz for enough time for Courage to figure out that Katz is planning to have the submarine blow up once they reach the bottom of the sea. I'm kind of glad that he get brutally mauled by dogs he spent to another space.

Katz gets the upper hand in their bought though, and challenges Courage to a starring match when it becomes too easy for him to win. He is making experiments at animals, and his passion is sending doggies to another planet (he send even courage's parents). *shudder*. It was really the ending of the episode that I found extremely dark.

Katz appears as one of Discord's allies in the organization. Pretty much all the other villains in Courage's past has called our protagonist "dog" or "stupid dog" considering that's what he was in their eyes. He's so freaky... wow I didn't mean to make it that long... but I still think that Fred is the scariest of them all. felt so dark. Katz is a cat, Courage's main nemesis and the show's recurring antagonist. Also when they were arguing for the 10 minutes they had to grow something. Really wish they didn't put it in cgi, that made it worse. Rather strange but realistic, he just wants to get his kicks off Courage and unlike some other villians he don't want to kill him.

Although he doesn't appear to have eyebrows, sometimes he does such as in his debut. Why isn't he at least no. It used to just confuse me, then interest me so I'd see it again and again, now I think about it and it terrifies me. Le Quack is so the best, such a funny character, so sly and smart! When I first saw this episode when I was really little, I already had a fear of bathrooms/bathtubs. 1 History 2 What Makes Him Pure Evil? I'd never seen Courage but I just babysat kids for two days who watch it nonstop. D&D Beyond Top Ten Courage the Cowardly Dog Villains (suggested 7 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below. He is just insane, which is what makes him so much creepier! Katz returns once more as an ally to BlackGarurumon as opposed to Discord.

That is disturbing. The only things he shows much compassion for outside of his own interest are his "loves" (aka his spiders).

Katz tosses Courage into a different machine that makes Courage into a candy cube. I don't know what it was about her, perhaps the fact that she was portrayed perfectly outward, but pure evil on the inside. Courage was simply a dog that gets in the way of their plans. She always made me uneasy. 3) Letting locusts eat people when they are herbivores. Katz enjoys a few things, such as making confectionary treats, or managing his collection of spiders. This was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. Katz 'cheers' that it's vinegar. The third time one sees Katz is in the episode katz kandy. This morning, me and my brother watched King Ramses Curse and clutching foot. "Listen here dog. 1. What the hell.

Make a list of groceries that we need and be ready to go to the supermart. Once they capture Muriel, she resists screaming (which is the bait to get Courage to come to her rescue). More of a mixed bag, the plot here is scary and demonic but the demon that uses Muriel has some funny lines. Schwick however, doesn't call Courage any downgrading names. In most of his appearances, Katz usually runs a business and uses said businesses to commit crimes and murder people. Also one of the scariest episodes in general. Katz throws a ball with spikes at Courage, who evades getting hurt by it. And I am not lying. God this guy scares me. On a YouTube video a guy typed in "it's satan's uterus"?! But there's something about him that makes him seem kidlike, he knows what he is doing has messed up his life yet he don't feel remorse, yet he acts happy and childish in it like he doesn't know it's actually wrong. Katz apparently managed to get out of the shark no worse for wear, as he last appears in ball off revenge, along with all of the other villains whose various plans were foiled by Courage. The villain didn't really scare me. From where do you see yourself?! The 43rd Annual Nowhere Sweet Stuff Contest is coming up, and he has won second place every year to Muriel, a fact that saddens and frustrates him. The alligator was funny and was fooled real easily, I thought that was silly. D&D Beyond

It's gave me nightmares too, and I rarely get them. It is common in some of these games that Katz will egg his opponent on into losing. King Ramses, even after I watched the other episodes in later years, still gives me chills to this day. he continues to chase Katz around trying to hit him, while Katz tries to suggest therapy and reason in vain. Because of the "No Dogs Allowed" policy, Courage is forced to be outside on the porch. It's strongly implied that he's use to killing people and breaking the minds of women.

I thought the words for the exorcism were quite funny, Why would they do an exorcist show on courage, Really Guys, the queen of the black puddle is obviously the best answer choice and let me tell you why first she comes from a very darkened creepy puddle and second she tricks people luring them into the puddle with her hard to resist whispers and not only that she then kid naps that person and lock them up in her under water ocean castle and then eats them then and there that is really scary if you ask me. Oh man, he is sociopath. The thing is, he doesn't intend to be evil. If I had seen it when I was younger it probably would have been okay. Katz foils his attempts and challenges him to a dynamic game of racketball. He Also Did His Cruel And Dark Side To The P Team Long Time Ago, Except Knuckles and Shadowness, Both Brave to Fight Him. A Mysterious Ruler wants Katz on his Side, since he knows about P Team's fears. After appointing Muriel as his first mate for making tea, Katz says "No Dogs Allowed" and tosses Courage to the side (Courage, of course, stows away in another passenger's luggage). It looks like some deformed blue fetus. (while coming up with a plan to get revenge on Courage with the other villains) Yes, set a plan; Cunning, elaborate, over the top! My favourite band is, by far, Dark Tranquillity, therefore I will say that King Ramses is the scariest villain in all of Coward the Courageous Dow. He really was the single most scariest villain in the show. Also she can appear in any from of a liquid she is obviously the best I love her so much so now tell me, why is she #9 anyway? I'm quite tired of second place. Quotes, HORROR, THRILLERS, SUSPENSE - Try SHUDDER Free for 7 days, on 01-07-2015 Not just that, but in the scenes when he is giving Courage the haircut from hell, the music, man... and another thing that creeps me out, is that if you look at the scenes when he is giving Courage the haircut from hell, take away the shaver, look at his hand movements, the way he says "Naughty" over and over again, and how Courage doesn't let him shave his backside... memo to Fred: were you trying to molest Courage via shaving him? The main humor in his role is that Katz appears so much more the hero than Courage; he is athletic, intelligent, "handsome", and more sly than Courage, however, Katz is cruel and rude.

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