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“We are not asking for permission anymore,” Mariam Khan resolves, “We are taking up space. The rock, “an Islamophobic and racist right wing that is eager to demonise Muslim men, and to that end misuses our words with the way we resist misogyny within our own Muslim communities,” and a hard place, “Muslim communities that are eager to defend Muslim men, and…try to silence us and shut down the ways we resist misogyny.” Both sides are more focused upon each other than with Muslim women. Culture and not religion. ‘IT’S NOT ABOUT THE BURQA‘ is a book that I could personally relate to. Right Now is free, ad-free and is produced by a team of passionate volunteers. “If you want to make us feel included,” Afia Ahmed writes, “stop singling us out. Support for Right Now is support for essential storytelling about human rights and social justice issues in Australia. These testimonies and tales from behind the burqa will challenge many prevailing notions of Muslim women. Sexuality, misogyny, mental health, clothing, and the burqa are some of the topics covered in this eye-opening collection. These stories are nuanced and passionate and compelling. And now, it’s your turn to listen.”. We hear from journalists, lawyers, authors, women’s advocates, engineers, business women and unionists. “If we match up to agency briefs, if we fit into the existing set-up, then perhaps we can have equality – but an equality that feels increasingly superficial and lacking in authenticity.”. It’s Not About the Burqa, edited by British Islamic writer and activist Mariam Khan, features the stories of 20 women, all with vastly different experiences and relationships with their identity. Khadija was a successful businesswoman and the wealthiest merchant in Mecca, and taught Ahmed that “the foundations of my faith were fairness and justice, and that God does not promote gender inequality.”, “For those who have little knowledge of Islam,” Ahmed describes, “there is the assumption that Muslim women’s oppression stems from Islamic teachings. Bakkar looked for every titbit of information that could reinforce the idea that women like her could be successful. /* ----------------------------------------- */ “There is no contradiction in this.”, Amna Saleem, a Scottish Pakistani writer based in London, argues that though she doesn’t hate her community, it can do better, and change will not come from “mollycoddling Muslim men.”, “Muslim men will often insist we brush any wrongdoings…under the carpet for the sake of the Muslim community,” she writes, “and both the Muslim and the feminist in me is outraged when that happens.” She continues, “But I’m also not willing to see my community assaulted by a barrage of racism…Being a Muslim feminist too often means taking the blame for Muslim men’s weakness. I had already started reading this book on my kindle at the start of Ramadhan. On the 45th anniversary of the Balibo 5 murders, Australia’s secret intelligence service still refuses to publicly reveal what it knows, writes Clinton Fernandes. /* View slug: latest-news-ticker - start */ And of hope. Raifa Rafiq, a black Muslim British woman, argues that Muslim women living in the Western world are vulnerable in the public eye from the get go. Bakkar recounts the time she discovered the CEO of PepsiCo was a woman of Indian heritage. “Belonging is like a trampoline” she writes, “It is having the awareness that no matter how high you jump, how many risks you take, there is a place down there that that will absorb the force of your fall should you ever come crashing down.”, The essays in this book carve space for Muslim women to belong on their own terms – and make a crucial point. Mr Johnson was not interested in a discussion about the burqa. Posted in Books. It’s Not About the Burqa is a beautiful and insightful collection of essays by editor Mariam Khan as a direct response to David Cameron’s statement that Muslim women are traditionally submissive. So now, we are speaking. All donations over $2 are tax deductable. The binding commonality is that they are all Muslim women who have made a life in the West, and they are all sick of politicians, the media or Eurocentric feminists speaking on behalf of them. It’s Not About the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race is a riveting set of essays by multiple voices, each unique. It’s Not About the Burqa, edited by British Islamic writer and activist Mariam Khan, features the stories of 20 women, all with vastly different experiences and relationships with their identity. Non-fiction review: It's Not About the Burqa. Tags: essays, feminism, intersectionality, Mariam Khan, Muslim Women, race, Copyright © Editor Miriam Khan, in a punchy essay titled Feminism Needs to Die, attacks what she sees as culturally privileged White feminism, saying she's fed up with feminists challenging her for wearing a burqa when it's her choice. Growing up, I never learned about the difference in these cultures and … Feminism, she insists, has to change, not her. ‘You do not need to contribute to the dichotomy’ is a particularly powerful statement, at once asserting responsibility to support one’s own convictions as well as the power to break binary modes of thinking. Abdel-Magied faced a public lynching from the press for speaking out on social media on Anzac Day. I found Salma el-Wardany’s A Gender Denied: Islam, Sex and the Struggle to Get Some an interesting read as gender segregation is not something I face much of. It does its best to discuss a wide range of experiences and […] Sowing the Moon speaks to the slowness of suburban life and trying to live life under duress in Louisville, where the atmosphere of unrest is particularly pertinent in the central city during this time of protest. But these are also stories of joy and pride. In Britain, Boris Johnson was slammed last year for suggesting women wearing the burqa looked like “letter boxes” or “bank robbers.”. We’ve listened to a lot of people talking about who Muslim women are without actually hearing Muslim women. It’s not about the Burqa is a timely collection; each essay is equally necessary in beginning to understand how Muslim women, across the intersections of race, nationality, ethnicity and sexuality, navigate their identity. Her essay centres around the idea that the repression of conversations about sex results in Muslim women being woefully underprepared for healthy relationships. Sufiya Ahmed, women’s rights activist and author of Secrets of the Henna Girl was brought up with the story of Khadija, the Mother of Believers and the Prophets first wife. It’s Not About the Burqa Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5) I LOVED this. It's Not About The Burqua by Mariam Khan. She interrogates interactions between the sexes especially when it comes to marriage and sexual fulfilment. And yet the voices given traction in these debates are very infrequently those of Muslim women themselves. Reading this collection, I found many women like me, all of whom have found success in some way. Rafiq writes earnestly about the intersection between race and religion: she says she feels more uncomfortable around non-black Muslims than non-Muslims because colonial ideas of beauty are more closely aligned to the make-up of South Asians with anti-blackness still rampant in many communities today. Ahmed remarks that this piece of clothing has become a politicised, fashionable contradiction far removed from what she believes are its theological roots: a statement of faith and Islamic identity. /* ----------------------------------------- */, Review: ‘It’s Not About the Burqa’, edited by Mariam Khan, ‘I’m receiving no support’: DASS student speaks out about transition to online learning, US Election 2020: Millions head to the polls amid ‘biggest turnout in 100 years’. The contributors, largely from the UK and the US, range in age and the subjects and the tone of … .ticker-item {margin:0px 10px;} It’s Not About the Burqa is at times funny, sometimes sad, often angry and always passionate. /* ----------------------------------------- */ While reading the quoted words above, I found myself thinking of my own personal experiences and conversations I’ve had with family members and friends. There is a difference, she argues, between “seeing” Muslims and a real presence and visibility in the workplace, and between authentic Muslim women and palatable Muslim women. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. It's Not About The Burqa is an anthology of poignant, thought-provoking essays by Muslim women who have fallen prey to racism, misogyny and homophobia. They do not have the comfort of automatically belonging. The burqa has been labelled a security risk or a signifier of Muslim women’s submissiveness in far-right debates across the Western world. It shows how every day Muslim women have to liberate themselves from identities that are thrust upon them. A much-needed collection of essays from Muslim women on faith, feminism and sexuality as a Muslim woman. My grandfather (father’s father) was Indian and the rest of my grandparents were Malay. The collection, edited by Mariam Khan, follows a trend (I’m thinking of The Good Immigrant) in which peripheral voices are finally given centre stage. There are passionate frustrations over the misinterpretations that Muslim women face, and there is anger and pain. • It’s Not About the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race, edited by Mariam Khan, is published by Picador (£14.99). Bill Mitchell OAM writes on the changes, challenges and victories of a welfare righter on the 30-year anniversary of Economic Justice Australia, the peak body for community legal centres. Though Muslim faces have become more common in the last few years, she believes in the importance of meaningful representation of Muslim women outside of corporate profit. Each piece was distinct and worked towards dismantling a very stereotypical narrative around Muslim women. 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