how to transport large plants in a car

Taking the time to move your houseplants properly from one location to another will save time and money. Just add water Two to three days before hitting the road, water all plants. Or head to Plant Swap, a new online community dedicated solely to rehoming plants. Talk to a local nursery expert to find out which type your plant needs. Take stock of your packing materials, size up your plants, and determine which ones can safely make the trip. Here are some tips to keep you proud of your role as a plant parent. Also make sure that nothing is stacked on top of them, and that they’re completely upright without fear of imminently tipping over. Ivan Martinez, plant expert at New York-based Tula Plants & Design, calls this technique "sleeving": "Take a piece of craft paper—you'll want the width to be about the same as the height of the plant—and wrap the paper to make a cone shape, slightly wider at the top. Consider your moving vehicle and space at your new destination when choosing which plants to relocate. Good solid information there. Even a little exposure to cold weather can leave your houseplants burned by the low temperatures. Currently providing insights and analysis as one of The Zebra’s resident property insurance experts, Ava has been featured in publications such as U.S. News & World Report, GasBuddy, and Yahoo! Even a brief moment walking them to the car in the cold can severely damage your plants so much that you will not be able to revive them. Boxes, trash bags, and tree netting are other supplies to consider buying for the trip. You also must take care not to keep them in a stationary car, van, or truck on a warm day as the temperatures can rise to excessive levels in just a few short minutes. Transporting your favorite plants takes patience and planning — and a bit of. You can also call up local retirement or nursing homes, hospitals, or community gardens to see if they’re interested, or list them for free on a site like Craigslist or Freecycle. Use protection A light sheet (for larger plants) and newspaper (for smaller plants) protect foliage from winds and freezing temps. This will help ensure that they have the maximum amount of energy and that that energy is going to the right places. When transplanting, don't dig right next to the plant — dig further out to include more roots. Like your kids, plants should be one of the first things you take out of the car upon arrival at your new destination. There's no need to make like a tree and never move if you just can’t leave your flowers behind. Transport your plants right before they are due to be watered. Question: My question is whether or not to use the air conditioner in my car to help the plants while I transport them to another place. Try to keep the temperature as comfortable as possible without putting your heat or air conditioning on full blast. Make their new home like their old one, so your plants have the best chance to survive in their new surroundings. Warm the car up before you put the plants in it, and don’t let their leaves touch the windows or the cold will burn them. Load plants last Make your plants the last items to load into the car. Wrap wet paper towels at the ends of clippings and secure with rubber bands. By creating an atmosphere as close as possible to the plants' current environments, your plants are more likely to survive. Use these during transport to save plants from frostbite. At this point, I was barely sure how to keep a plant blooming in the first place, let alone knowledgeable on how to transport plants in a car. A brown paper bag provides the best insulation, but a plastic bag will do in a pinch. (For what it’s worth, the orchid survived the trip… but died within about a month of being in my Miami apartment.). Cover with a cloth or tarp and secure them to keep them from rolling around in the truck bed. Smaller plants can be cooked in automobiles or SUV's, even with the air conditioner running. Your houseplants should always ride with you in a climate-controlled vehicle. I’ve moved quite a few times since that car trip with my orchid, and I’ve moved a lot of plants, too. Plants can tag along, too, but it takes some prep work. Gradually increase or decrease the light according to the typical habits of your plants. Fill the trench halfway with soil, water again, fill them with soil up to the top, and water one last time. Gather your supplies Boxes are the best way to transport plants in a car since you don’t want dirt spilling everywhere. Once you purchase your new plants, you need to go straight home and get your new plants in a safe environment. Gather clippings the same morning you plan to hit the road. In addition to boxes, you’ll also want to make sure you have some extra packing peanuts or paper to fill in the gaps around each pot so that they don’t shift around. Prune away any dead branches and leaves a few weeks ahead of time. Here are some steps to ensure that your plants are transported safely and thrive once they arrive at their new home. Depending on the size and model you choose, the caddy may carry as much as 200 pounds. The key is to be patient and allow your plants plenty of room. Load plants last Make your plants the last items to load into the car. Keep plants out of direct sunlight, if possible. Medium and larger plants should be … I agree. Interstate laws apply to shipped plants too though, so don’t ship any plants that you wouldn’t be allowed to bring in by car. Transporting plants in a car is not an easy task if the time in the car is more than 20 minutes. At the end of the article is a link to California rules for bringing in houseplants from another state. The hot sun can burn your plants even in a moving vehicle that has the air conditioning on if you do not provide adequate shade. Easy tip: Add packing peanuts to the bottom of a pot lightens the weight of your planter and reduces the amount of soil required. Get the trench nice and wet before putting your plants in there—think mud, not dirt—and then place them in. 5401 N Pima Rd, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ, 85250 |, our guide to what you need to know to do it right, Wither or Not: 4 Tips for Moving House Plants, How to Prepare for the First Night in Your New Home, The Moving Essentials Bag: Why You Need It and What to Pack, The Minimalist Move: How to Lighten Your Load Before You Pack, 8 Things to Buy After Moving (and Not Before), Moving in the Rain: 10 Tips for Staying Dry and Protecting Your Stuff. Your plants should be the last thing that you pack in your car. If you’re embarking on an interstate move, you may face some restrictions on what plants you can bring, particularly if you’re moving to a state with certain local plant bans or pest control efforts. Kenna McHugh (author) from Northern California on November 26, 2018: Zia, Thank you! Plants are sensitive to hot and cold weather, so avoid placing them in a big moving truck. However, if you have some large bushy plants like Schefflera or a Ficus, it will require more than one trip. Distance to travel How far will you travel? Prep your plants Try not to move plants when in bloom, if possible. Hot weather can quickly wilt and kill your houseplants, too. A good tip: If you’re moving plants in the summer, water them on moving day, being sure not to over water since you don’t want any moisture to escape the planter and get into the box. If you’re moving in the middle of winter, try loading plants through the garage to minimize exposure to cold. Remember to be mindful of their sunlight preferences, and if they’re due to be watered, do that before getting distracted with all of your other move-in tasks. States that have a high crop revenue such as Idaho, California, Florida and Minnesota shield their regions, including plant controls. Begin by taking inventory of the plants that you’ll be taking along with you. Keep an eye on your plants, and make some adjustments if they’re starting to look sad or are getting too much or too little sunlight. Always provide them with shade in the car so the sun cannot beat down on them. And while you certainly have a long to do list already, get your outdoor plants re-planted as soon as you possibly can. Digging and transplanting Plan ahead for removing garden-based plants. If it is only two to three small plants, I would not worry. To see if you’re up against any plant restrictions, check out the National Plant Board and click on the details for the state that you’re moving to. Collect proper materialsOld bed sheets protect leaves from the elements. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. It seems like no big deal to you, but to government officials who regulate disease outbreaks and insect infestations, see it as a problem. This makes moving plants on level surfaces a lot easier in the long run. © 2020 Insurance Zebra. And here’s what I’ve learned about transporting our green and leafy friends by car. If you’re planning to uproot and move outdoor plants, head to our guide to what you need to know to do it right. I rather transport my plants myself to another location, it will save me money. Give them the right amount of water. A spray bottle makes it easy to mist delicate plants without soaking the soil. Never transport your houseplants in the back of a moving van or pickup truck. Take cuttingsIf you can’t take your whole garden, take some clippings for transplant. Perhaps, you are moving to a new home or office. But unless you’re planning on uprooting yourself but leaving your plants behind, you’re going to have to figure out a way to transport plants in a car that gets them from point A to point B as safely and efficiently as possible.

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