how big is stanley park in acres

Best Park in Vancouver Donated by Lord Stanley! Canada Geese Canada Goose in Stanley Park. Franklin Mountains Park in El Paso, TX, while technically a state park, lies entirely within city limits and covers over 24000 acres.

Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg comes out slightly bigger at 1,100 acres, and though it is not in the centre of the city, it is definitely an ‘urban’ park (of which about 2/3 is natural forest). Squamish Nation had a large village in the park and the Musqueam Nation gathered natural resources from the lower Fraser River area of the land.

At 18 000 acres and growing, it’s larger than anything on your list and is actually North America’s largest urban park.

and your blogs suddenly became searchable? I can’t believe what a can of worms I opened by bragging about Vancouver’s most beautiful tourist attraction.”

Clear cut logging was a safety measure that was brought in by the WCB (Workers Compensation Board). “I am confused at your hostility towards Stanley Park and Vancouver in general.”, “I am going to go out on a limb here and assume the website you have retrieved your inaccurate information that has erked you so much was not a city of Vancouver website or a government of Canada website or any legitimate source.”.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park near UBC at 1885 acres isn’t technically part of Vancouver (located on the University endowment lands) but it’s administered by the GVRD and it’s completely surrounded by urban areas or water (UBC, Vancouver, Richmond).

Maybe Stanley Park is “the largest park that will never grow and is surrounded by urban area”.

Someone noted that Stanley is city owned. I did hop on hop off and tours to Capilano and Grouse Mountain.

in Dawson Cr. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? While the province may own some land in the river valley in edmonton, most of the 7400 hectares are owned by the city.

You seem to have been the only one wounded by the claim though I’m sure they have healed since then. Who cares if it’s the biggest?

Served in the Utah Provo Mission. The original post makes it sound like people were spreading malicious rumors. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? You’re comparing apples & oranges.

Some sections were clear cut yes, but come on Kim if it had been clear cut 100% then how would you explain cedar trees there that are 500+ years old? My Bad.

Thought-provoking commentary on life, politics, religion and social issues.

Amazing how people love to spread falsehoods without verifying their accuracy. Dry Tortugas National Park is 64,701 acres and just the fort covers 11 of the islands 16 acres

Are you saying the park sizes I have listed are incorrect?

therefore i really don’t feel bad making this kind of comment.
Elders quorum communications coordinator. This neighborhood park consists of 33 acres.

I thought Edmonton had the largest urban park at over 18,000 acres? I just spent July 27-29, 2016, visiting Vancouver and had a wonderful time. Is that when Google took off?

It levelled about 100 acres of the park’s forested area, or 10% of the total area of the 1,000-acre park. BTW, Lethbridge is only slightly better than Calgary. Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC comprises 1,000 acres.

i have never been here but it sounds wonderful… still not as big as Edmonton’s river valley parkland but i love stanley park and love forests so this might require a stop next time i am in Winnipeg. Regardless of when the orignal post was made, poster should do your own research and not rely on others claims, I agree that Stanley is not largest even in BC, Someone mentioned Pacicific Spirit Park.

My vote – Stanley Park. The park became "official" in 1886.

[CDATA[ // ]]> Mormon poet with radical political views. I would think the rain forest in Alaska’s Prince William Sound would be further north than Stanley Park, I believe it’s considered part of the same ecoregion. Just to note, British Columbia is about 26,000 square miles larger than Texas…… Just saying…. It’s easy to quote ‘largest urban parks in the world’ but some of these are not accessible except by first driving there!


I have never seen someone get upset and be emotionally affected by false information about park sizes. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic email to Pasco County. How did “a system of parks” count as “a park’? Texas 268,000 square miles and BC 366,000 square miles. Burns Park in North Little Rock, is 1600 Acres. Either way I am damn proud to be able to walk along city streets in NW Portland, head up a handful of blocks and be at one of many entrances to the HUGE, natural and beautiful Forest Park.

This is false, and I will prove it. Perhaps you should’ve amended your origninal post.

Each having their own unique attributes. So yeah not the largest, but still something to be very proud of. Actually, Stanley Park isn’t even the largest urban park In Greater Vancouver. That is almost twice as large as the park and gives the park much room to expand. !, not PARKS or URBAN PARKS. I guess it might be something to be proud of. and i’m sure the response (if this even gets posted) will be an angry and sarcastic freak-out.

It also includes 11 lakes.

Does Portland, Oregon still take the gold on that one with Mill Ends Park? I apologize.”, “I am referring to where or who informed you that Stanley Park is the largest urban park in North America.”.

I live here in Vancouver, and I’ve seen some of the others you mention.

When did organ music become associated with baseball?

Many if not most are NOT contained within the core of the cities. Edmonton river valley is larger than all these. Also, Assiniboine Park stands aside Assiniboine Forest, which I believe is also the largest Urban forest in Canada. View all posts by Kim Siever.

Is this called Park envy? Central Park in New York covers 843 acres. you said that it’s not surrounded by development, implying that it wouldn’t be considered an urban park.

But, every single bus driver/guide we had promoted Stanley Park as the largest urban park in Canada. How we frame the Proclamation is homophobic,, An L.A. Sunset: The Griffith Observatory | Transplanted Tatar, An L.A. Sunset: Griffith Observatory | Transplanted Tatar, South Mountain Preserve (Phoenix AZ) – 16,283, Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge (New York City NY) 9,155, Nose Hill Park (Calgary AB) – 2,785 acres, Rockwood Park (Saint John, NB) – 2,200 acres, Oldman River parks system (Lethbridge AB) – 1,865, Canyon Lakes Project (Lubbock TX) – 1,450, Wilderness Park in (Lincoln NE) – 1,450 acres, Bays Mountain Park (Kingsport TN) – 1,300, Van Cortlandt Park (New York City NY) 1,146, Golden Gate Park (San Francisco CA) 1,013.

Incorrect. Is this called Park envy?”. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik?

It has an area of 1200 hectares or close to 3000 acres. Buying the park's 843 acres cost New York State legislature about 7.4 million dollars, total, says Kamil. Vancouver was not settled 500 years ago.

God Bless. Hours of Operation.

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