great tide rising kathleen dean moore

Barry Moser, by The clever minds of the hominid will have to re-invent not just light bulbs and electric cars. Retrieve credentials. Environmentalist Kathleen Dean Moore, PhD - Great Tide Rising. Expand your heart, read this author to sustain your own voice for compassionate ecologic Presence. I think so too. "I have read this eloquent and deeply moving book slowly, savoring the prose and absorbing the insights. As Moore points out, by 2060, it’s likely that “half of the Earth’s species will have gone extinct.” Speaking out about patterns of acceptance and denial that exist in personal and collective attitudes toward the reality of climate change is also imperative. Categories: Climate change is a violation of human rights on an unimaginable scale. Gooey and heavy, sometimes a meter across, stubbled with spines like the grey chin of an old man, the sunflower seastars creep after prey on 128,000 tube feet, slithering maybe a meter every minute. Wow, this sounds like such an important book. I just don't know. I have not had time to read much of this. "This one is soft. Even as seas rise against the shores, another great tide is beginning to rise – a tide of outrage against the pillage of the planet, a tide of commitment to justice and human rights, a swelling affirmation of moral responsibility to the future and to Earth’s fullness of life. Kathleen Dean Moore Come close and look." It's a catastrophe, among many on a planet growing sour and hot, and I am afraid for this small child. It is a failure of reverence for all the lives, the creatures of land and sea that are striving to continue. Each of us is both impossible and inevitable. This is the scary, provocative, grieving, truthful, and energizing book to read if you want to come to grips with climate change and decide what, if anything, you are going to do about it. It can be difficult reading, leaving the reader to alternately despair, become angry, and finally, maybe, to feel empowered. It is happening now.”. Moore (Philosophy/Oregon State Univ. To take what we need to support our profligate lives, and leave a ransacked and destabilized world for our grandchildren is not worthy of us as moral beings. Yesterday, on a beach only two miles from this one, sea cucumbers by the hundreds washed up, dead. Somewhere, a man is deciding to trade the prospects of the next generations for the chance to increase the power and profits of his industry. It is at once heartbreaking and motivating, terrifying and empowering, managing to hold these and many other such tensions with a dogged and yet gentle refusal to look away."

The tide has rolled a many-stranded rope from kelp stipes, eelgrass, gulls' wings, clam shells--whatever the sea has carried. Times Square and a mantra for our time, maybe one that needs to change. I've been reading her words every since my dad shared her book Holdfast. I found this stunning High Victorian Gothic library in the West Village. Meeting the Dark Matter of Mental Illness, Modiano's Elusive Paris: What My Father Never Saw, Reading Where the Wild Things Are with My Little Wild Thing, She Read Lord of the Rings and Got the Job. All Rights Reserved. What a glorious creature, I think but do not say, to have died such a death. This book functions as an expansion from KDM on Moral Ground. A strong representation of what ethics and mortality studies can and need to be. ;

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