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Toxicroak Level 44 Poison/Fighting Poison Jab Pursuit Geodude (Lv 13 – 15) Magnemite (Lv 39) Walk 10% Follow the stairs up, battling the Galactic Grunts along the way until you reach the outside again. Mismagius Level 26 Ghost Shadow Ball Buizel (Lv 8 – 11) Roserade Level 47 Grass/Poison Poison Jab The main location of interest here is the Day Care Center, where the owners will hold up to two of your Pokemon. You’ll notice a big change from Diamond and Pearl. Fearow (Lv 48 – 52) Duskull (Lv 17) After that trainer is defeated, keep heading right and defeat that trainer, then head down the zipline and up the other zipline to the next platform. Hypnosis Skuntank Level 46 Poison/Dark Night Slash Fake Out This is the home of the Berry Master. Dewgong (Lv 48 – 50) Walk 30% Mt. Metal Claw Zubat (Lv 17) Walk 25% Radar. Try your luck with a Quick Ball to start with, otherwise standard strategy applies for catching Pokemon. Walk 20% Ice Fang Walk 5% Pokemon Method Time Rate Walk 5% Galactic Commander Saturn Pokemon Method Time Rate Pokemon Method Time Rate Medicham (Lv 38 – 40) The cave opening there can be used to get back to Route 211 between Eterna City and Celestic Town, but it’s currently guarded by some Galactic Grunts who won’t let you through, so instead, use Rock Climb on the western wall. Coronet Pokemon Method Time Rate Nosepass (Lv 33) Whiscash (Lv 20 – 55) Walk 30% Nosepass (Lv 37) Primeape Rowan’s assistant will point you towards the Trainers’ School, so head inside. Walk 15% Tackle Coronet. Togepi Walk 10% Insertion (Sapphire) 8% Inside, use the Galactic Key to open the door and head up the stairs. Poison Gas - Dragon Claw You’ll see the entrance to the Solaceon Ruins, home of the Unown. While the style of battling varies from place to place, a few common rules apply. Golbat (Lv 20 – 40) - Crunch Machoke (Lv 31 – 35) ( Log Out /  The Forest Badge also makes Pokemon of level 30 and below obey you, even if they were obtained in a trade. Double Team Walk 5% Calm Mind At home, you’ll tell Mom of your big adventure ahead, and she’ll give you the Journal key item to record your activities. Use your Dowsing Machine to locate aNUGGET. When you land, go up to take on another trainer. Duskull (Lv 17 – 19) Head north past a few double battles and in the northwestern corner you’ll see two item balls, a Full Restore and a Dusk Stone, but you can only grab one for the time being. Walk 10% Walk 20% Climbing Mt. Head down the stairs and check left for an Escape Rope, then right and up the stairs for a PP Up. Cynthia and your rival will appear after the battle. Talk to him and he’ll take you to Iron Island, a small island mountain north of Canalave Town. Go to the Lighthouse in the southeast corner of town by using the overhead walkways, and talk to Volkner. Swinub (Lv 32 – 34) Walk 5% Golbat (Lv 37 – 38) Walk 30% Golbat Level 38 Poison/Flying Air Cutter Infernape Flare Blitz Level 55 Fire/Fighting – Head north up and down the stairs, over to the other side of the gym, then up two flights of stairs. Bite Mach Punch Walk 15% Solrock (Lv 38 – 39) Houndour (Lv 22 – 24) Walk 25% Walk 10% Fish (Good Rod) 65% Galactic Commander Mars Pokemon Method Time Rate Wailord (Lv 35 – 55) Head back to Valley Windworks and enter the building. Off to the Resort Area. The best strategy is to concentrate on one Pokemon until one trainer is defeated, then focus on the other. Floatzel (Lv 42 – 44) As you exit the gym, you’ll bump into your rival. Psyduck (Lv 35 – 45) After you defeat that trainer, head down to the platform. Walk 30% Faint Attack Reflect

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