football without fans is nothing

F365 Says. And not solely for the immediate revenues, but to ensure the sport remains an attractive proposition for broadcasters and sponsors, who continue to contribute to the biggest proportion of revenues. As with any long-term relationship, there has been a sense at times that both sides have taken each other for granted. Like Football? Good piece. But this is not strictly true, at least not for the time being, thanks to the global pandemic of COVID-19. Boards must realise that ‘football without fans is nothing’ and will need to put the fans and local communities at the heart of their decisions for their clubs to survive. It was no longer about fan loyalty or triumphing a derby – clubs did whatever they could to financially survive with little regard for their fans. Sometimes we are inclined to forget that. It’s a phrase we hear a lot concerning the commercialisation of football as the price of being a supporter continues to rise. It’s a phrase we hear a lot concerning the commercialisation of football as the price of being a supporter continues to rise. Smaller football leagues – arguably with the most loyal and community-driven fans – may be wiped out before the next season even starts. Clubs must reward the loyalty of their fans with more affordable ticketing and innovative and accessible viewing strategies for all. We all know the hit that local businesses in Upton Park took when West Ham moved from the Boleyn Ground to the London Stadium. 2014 FBA winners and 2019 Finalists! Football seems to have become less about the needs of fans and more about the club’s financial highs. Before the intrusion of television and the gradual commercialisation which turned the game into a business, by the early 1990s football was in crisis. It is about a community and we need to ensure we are doing all we can not to price fans out of the game”. For now, fans will have to be further away from their teams than they would like and that is a sacrifice that will have to be made. The words are immortalised outside Celtic Park in tribute to Jock Stein, and they read: "Football without fans is nothing." The excitement, desire, enthusiasm and the commitment that they bring to the game is the biggest thing”, he has said. There has been more attention on player-focused content during the absence of live games, some of the innovations introduced look set to stay and, now matches have returned, we are seeing potential investments in artificial intelligence systems to expediate the return of fans to grounds. There is no question that, as the game has flourished commercially, players have increasingly felt distant from the average fan. But, with players now experiencing just what football is like without the match-going supporter, will we see more effort being made to reward their devotion? While some players may feel more relaxed without the pressure of a roaring crowd, others will be struggling to amplify their action without the main event’s atmosphere. This hierarchy has made football wholly inaccessible for the majority of fans who are devoted to their club. Burnley striker Jay Rodriguez put it best: “I’d be lying if I said it was normal and everything was fine because football is all about playing in front of fans and being driven on by the atmosphere. Blog > Football > Football is Nothing Without Fans “”Without fans who pay at the turnstile, football is nothing.” Share. You are probably sick of hearing the phrase “football without the fans is nothing”, but it could not be more true at the moment. Original article 16.07.20 on the sports website. When it is safe for fans to return to football, the importance of a sold-out stadium will never be greater. The empty stadia will impact clubs up and down the English league system, but is there any joy in stripping football back to basics? The lockdown period has forced clubs, leagues and governing bodies to engage more effectively with fans and they are increasingly looking for innovative ways to interact on and off the pitch. Had the players forgotten the importance of those providing the atmosphere, passion and emotion on a weekly basis? The original football without fans is nothing Facebook page. More Related Articles. Almost all …, Football and human trafficking: urgent action needed to halt exploitation, Spying on Leeds United: 5 players to watch out for. You might well be interested in Tony Collins' 'Sport in Capitalist Society' - as the title suggests, it's not exclusively about football, but does discuss fans and spectatorship (arguing that this helped the game become truly global and commercial) and sets contemporary concerns about supporters in historical context. But, long-term, this could prove to be the moment when the romance between football and its fans is rekindled, with both sides having had time to reflect and appreciate the symbiotic relationship. 'Football without fans is nothing.' The post-Coronavirus game will do well to start heeding the mantra: “football without fans is nothing”. Until it becomes everything. The lack of fans and spectatorship have led to an inevitable financial impact on clubs and their neighbouring communities. "Football without fans is nothing". Football without fans is nothing. You are probably sick of hearing the phrase “football without the fans is nothing”, but it could not be more true at the moment. Reblog. 'Football is nothing without fans' - Woodward salutes Man Utd supporters ahead of closed-door Old Trafford return . Did we as fans see the players as mere assets that could be moved between clubs and discarded if not playing well? It is, sadly, a sacrifice that has to be made. Stein uttered the mythical phrase long before the Premier League was formed in 1992. Click here for more of our latest articles or visit our homepage to find out about The Catenaccio. On the side of owners and organisers, there may well prove to be a financial imperative to do so. The pandemic has provided a moment of pause to remind football that the game is nothing without its most passionate fans and it needs to protect that relationship, by all means necessary. Football seems to have become less about the needs of fans and more about the club’s financial highs. It is more than just a game. Sports Opinion: Cancel Euro 2020, football is nothing without fans. The absence of fans from stadiums has been the single-biggest talking point. We have to adapt and appreciate the fact we have football on our screens. The primary reason for tension between supporters and clubs is the feeling fans are now defined customers.

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