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However, after meeting Frisk, he starts to believe in a new motto, "Save and Be Saved". The phrase, "But nobody came," that appears when the protagonist calls for help, is akin to a line from EarthBound when an enemy calls for help, but no enemies join the battle. When this plan was executed, Asriel transformed into a powerful being. His face is white or peach and his petals are gold. * This article would benefit from the addition of an image.

Flowey is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the role-playing video game Undertale, created by Toby Fox. [8], Flowey also leaves a message on an Echo Flower in the vertical room before the bridge in Waterfall that changes if the protagonist spared or killed Toriel.[9][10]. Further down are more vine-covered cacti that have been shaped into arms, with three thorns on each hand acting as fingers or claws. Flowey introduces the concept of the bullet board and calls his bullets "friendliness pellets.". If the protagonist nearly completes a Genocide Route but resets after killing Undyne the Undying, Flowey becomes upset with the protagonist. [3] He retains his memories between SAVEs because he was once able to SAVE.

At the exit to the Ruins, Flowey judges the protagonist's actions up to that point. Flowey requires the protagonist to offer him mercy multiple times before he flees, unsure why the protagonist is being nice to him.[11]. He is the main antagonist of the Normal Ending and the True Ending and the secondary antagonist of the Genocide Ending. Flowey • Toriel • Sans • Papyrus • Undyne • Alphys • Mettaton • Asgore DreemurrAsriel Dreemurr • Frisk • Chara UNDERTALE! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The face that appears while fighting Photoshop Flowey, The earliest Concept Art of Photoshop Flowey, Characters This fight is not RPG-oriented but instead is based more or less entirely on a bullet-hell encounter. INTO. However, if the protagonist spares him, Flowey insists that he has not changed at all, telling the protagonist that he would kill them and everyone they love if he is allowed to survive.

Frisk saves her friends, then he saves Asriel, Asriel says E. then he is not scary goat. ichimoral. They do so by providing the protagonist with more than enough healing projectiles to fully heal them, and by reducing Photoshop Flowey's defense to 0. He then abandoned his old identity and lived his life as Flowey.

The artbook mentions that Flowey was partially inspired by, Flowey's character might be inspired by flowers from. Flowey says he burned every book and won every game, then frisk has the evil face, Flowey screams then runs away when frisk tries to kill him, Sans dies, Frisk stabs Asgore, Flowey Stabs Asgore, Asgore dies, It's just a prank bro, Flowey says. Undertale AU Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The monitor either displays a laughing pixelated face, or it can show … After Chara died of an illness, Asriel used Chara's soul to cross the barrier and become the Hyper Angel of Life. Hotland Enemies The RPG game where you don't have to destroy anyone. This description also matches him, as he watched the human souls in Asgore's castle and took them to achieve his form. His eyes are black. 166 Comments. The fight continues until they reduce Photoshop Flowey's HP to 0. The humans mortally wounded Asriel and, upon returning home, he collapsed, his ashes scattering over golden flowers.

Initially, Flowey operates under a façade of friendliness and politeness.

"Uh uh uh, you have to make friends for the true ending." UNDERTALE! [2] He is manipulative, devious, and a cunning planner and subtle if the circumstances require it. Frisk still showed loving mercy and kindness to all monsters. Flowey has the most battle sprites of any character; he has dozens of expressions that he uses in the battle room. If the protagonist decides to kill Asgore, Flowey appears, destroys Asgore's SOUL, and absorbs the six bottled human SOULs. If the protagonist has gained no LOVE, their HP bar also becomes much longer than usual (does not display a number); however, if their LV is 8 or above, their HP bar becomes shorter. EXP On Kill UNDERTALE Movie Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Flowey can contort his face into a variety of expressions and mimic the faces and voices of other characters. [6], Jason Schreier of Kotaku called the fight against Flowey's true form as Asriel "one of the greatest final boss fights in RPG history", saying that it rivaled "games like EarthBound and Chrono Trigger in sheer, gut-wrenching poignancy. I'll come back. Flowey - Undertale. As he absorbs the SOULs, Flowey's face becomes horribly twisted in a way not previously witnessed, and the game immediately closes.

1.1K Favourites. Flowey usually appears as a sentient, grinning golden flower with a white androecium, six yellow petals, and a light green stem.

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