fat albert hey yo

These bad kids keep chasing Russell.

You guys yankin’ my chain? It’s okay.

Okay. - Doris, don’t start. Why don’t you stay here and wait for Doris? Well, she didn’t want me to go before.

You missed it again.

Let go-- my legs. - Well, don’t. - Look at you. Then go.

And you heard her spirit… and you crawled through the set?

- Who is that? Sure. Okay. Yeah?

- Well, at least you have friends. And thanks for winning this for me. It’s over. . You’re a cartoon, and you have your fellas waiting for you to do more stories. You’re so sweet. The show’s almost over. Since I was a little girl. Yo, Viper. Yeah. - I thought I was talking to her. Yeah, bu-- New school. - You okay? Put the hat on! - Yeah. - Dominate in the paint and score at will. Thanks. Uh-- Help!

Well, aren’t you the hip-hop fool.

He’s not clumsy anymore. Slow down.

Look-- Look at us.

Let’s move it! They’re gonna take over our show. What kind? - I see you. Let go of my legs. - Singin’.


You can’t read. - Yeah.

It is.

I have no idea!

What are you saying? It’s you and me. - Noba-- Wubba-- Wubba me? - I just need a moment alone with Doris. . - Doris says you’re visiting.

I don’t know how, but I’m gonna tell him that we need a gate. - You can’t quit school and run away. - Morning, Doris.

And, uh, coincidentally, uh, his name is, uh, Fat Albert. You cannot last another day. Will you come? - Then who were you talking to? You know, it’s almost funny.

Nice meeting you.

You sick or somethin’? We interrupt this program to bring you a special news broadcast. How come Fat Albert and Rudy have girls, and I just have you? - Come on. Come on. I got a nice face! Wait a minute. You haven’t seen the last of me.

Doris. - Hey, man. Go, Albert.

Arthur! - Can I ask you a question?

We didn’t want to miss goin’ to school with you. Great. - What’s that on your head?

Well, we’re gonna need some wheels. - Let go of my legs. My behind? Look!

It would later inspire the long-running 1972 animated series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Why don’t you bu-bu-bu-- bike us? Don’t be like that.

Come on! - No, they call that talking. Okay, Daddy and I are gonna have to have a long talk. - I never had a girlfriend. Oh, thank you. So, Doris, when is our show on again? - What’s it to you?

Go. These have been two of the greatest days of my life. That’s a nice thing to say. Guys, help. Runners, take your marks! We’ve gotta go. Is there something I can do for you, Fat Albert? - Baba baloomba. - All right.

Cody, can I ask you a question?

Albert, hold up. That better?

Whoa, stairs. Everybody’s a winner.

I’m gonna go check out the-- the Big and Tall.

- Go, Lisa!

They’re back!


Me and you. Trust me.

We gotta go.

Stay tuned to TV Land for more of your classic TV favorites. He seems nice. Where will we go?

Say "ba". - That was fantastic. I mean, cool. - Your name is Mouth.

- You see, Doris doesn’t have any friends… - and we have to fix that and get her some.

I should have known better than to go to that party. Doris? Oh, you guys helped me find my backpack. - Yes? - Everybody, look! The can opener’s on the can. Yeah. There’s no place like TV Land.


- Doris… you’ve got to start believing in yourself. I’m- I’m Fat Albert. We always had fun there.

- Hey,Jer. - No, I don’t!

All right, kids.

Albert, you can’t go. - Fat Albert. What are you doin’ here? Albert-- Let’s roll. - Is he all right? - Now say "loon".

Run, Doris!

- You can’t-- You can’t stay out here. So we meet again.

- Answer questions one, four, seven and nine. I’m Air Harold now. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Right. One. Now this is you.

Oh, man!

- Lauri. I designed your character after Albert Robertson. Go! You should be walking on this side of the street. Yeah. - Me too. My goodness.

Let go of my legs.

Hey, hey, hey.

How about you?

Hey, hey, hey.

I’ve become smart enough to understand that we’re fading away… because we’ve entered into a world where we do not belong. I guess… kind of personal stuff. And we’re coming out on "divda".’ - What’s "divda"? - Beats me. Neither are we. - Yebba.

So we came here to tell everybody to be her friend.

- Go away! It’s time for Doris to believe in herself again. Forget the drinks.

Shut up, dummy! You’re like school on Saturday. Hey, hey, hey! Oh, my.

I don’t think we should be outside. Anchor? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Quit hittin’ on me!

Enough fun for one day. - We have to wait until : . Ow.

Albert, wait.

Now push together. - How could this be? - I hope so. But I don’t have a problem!


- You can win! - What I understand… is that we have a track meet tomorrow, so let’s go to sleep. And he’s the first guy I’ve met in a long time… I feel I can trust.

Don’t talk.


You come back here, you!

Come on, honey.

See you around. - I’ll go. Stop that! - Ow. You won’t be back in time. - I should have never listened to Albert and-- - What is with you? - Set! You do have a problem. It’s about yours! - You do one, Mushmouth. - Well, that’s just fine, son! Run! I know. - Oh, okay.


Uh, what should we call you? Ah, that was a close one.

You are such a gentleman.


- Pardon me, miss. Why?

Sorry about that. Lauri! Hey, man. Hey, man. And now why don’t we begin by having your friends introduce themselves?

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