example of digital convergence

An analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) translates analogue signals to digital signals. Holtzman asks the difficult question, "What means of expression are idiomatic to computers?" Just as computer interfaces use familiar analogies such as the desktop, trash bin, file folder and notepad to make computers less threatening, so do many programs use analogies to make the digital operation seem familiar to the user: the digital paintbrush or spraycan, and color palettes in visual programs; frequency modulation in audio programs--terminology that borrows from existing paradigms. (Analogue and analogous both derive from the Greek ana-logos meaning "proportion" or "ratio." It is possible then that one day everything digital may be interfaced together and more readily available (Krechmer, 2007). High Definition Television (HDTV) or Smart-TVs? If possible link to your selected example. Taken together, the alignment of all the particles on the disk represent digitally recorded information" (121). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. As Steve Mann continues to show, wearable computing will allow us to take the show on the road. In a digital signal, information is represented by "discreet states"--for example, high voltages and low voltages--rather than by continuously variable levels in a continuous stream, as in an analogue signal. However, combining cable's high bandwidth network with the "switchability" of the telephone network in one line into the consumer's home has been fiercely resisted by both cable and telephone interests. McLuhan called this the "rearview mirror syndrome," a situation extensively documented by media analysts: early mechanical printing made copies of manuscripts; early photographs mimicked painting; radio stations broadcast concerts and revues; early television presented plays and radio-style news reports; the internet adopts old business models or forms of entertainment like streaming video (aka television). There is thus a "regulatory lag" based on traditional distinctions which is complicating the convergence of cable and telephony. “Convergent is defined as a movement towards a certain point that unites a common interest” (Yoffie,1997). A CD-ROM holds approximately 680 MB of data. Photography has claimed to provide images so closely analogous to reality that it has been used to record the facts of life: news, commercial products, the moments of a life, landscapes, technical illustrations and so on. Many of us may feel exactly as Negroponte does--that our present is being determined by technology. "), In the lingo of computing, this definition has been extended and made more particular. Digital Convergence is the coming together of previously distinctly different products that employ digital technologies. The answers to these and thousands of similar questions have become part of our everyday news and social interaction. Telephony developed historically to carry interactive voice, then data traffic, and has always been as important for business transactions as for residential applications. He then goes on to suggest that, in terms of music, the musician consider the ways that the computer creates a sound: In the shift from analog to digital signal processing, Holtzman is suggesting, old paradigms are expressed as analogies to promote familiarity and acceptance of the new technology; these analogies also tend to limit the ways in which we are able to use the new digital technologies creatively. They are best described as the merging, or hybridisation of different digital devices, networks and content (Pagani, 2000). At it's most basic, convergence refers to the ways that various analogue media can be translated into digital bytes and manipulated by a computer. Values that fall between two numbers are represented as either the higher or lower of the two. Once in a digitized form, the image may be altered--in a program like Photoshop--in an increasing range of eye-opening, reality-shaping ways. Having all forms of information in the digital domain made convergence inevitable. C. In "Products and Services for Computer Networks" (Scientific American: The Computer in the 21st Century, 1995, 102-109) , Nicholas Negroponte discusses how telephone and television delivery systems will "trade places": Negroponte suggests that the FCC should "put the television networks and independent stations on notice that their spectrum will slowly be withdrawn and encourage the cable operators and telephone companies to begin collaborating immediately. We now have digital telephones and televisions replacing the older analogue versions, CDs and DVDs competing with audiotape and LPs, film and video. While a digital photo may look like its analogue counterpart, it is really a different object--it's a map of information. Today, voice commonly travels over data networks. Krechmer, K. (2007). For example, old black and white sets are still able to receive colour broadcasts, just as mono sets can receive stereo broadcasts.

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