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"King Dedede is the king and he makes the decisions, and as good citizens we must believe him innocent until proven guilty now that the Nightmare Enterprises fiasco has passed.

"Not everything he's ever done in the past two years was bad. After all that is what this account is about, but I'm getting way too ahead of myself. When asked if he likes Dedede, Es… He ripped it open and tossed it aside to reveal the very shiny sliver of a silvery handheld device.

Bring Escargoon to Kirby Star Allies!

Not everyone was overly content about these peaceful times anyway. "And since when do you like anybody, Escargoon?" I'm gunna make a law against mentioning them!" "How exciting! he demanded. said King Dedede, and he sniffed the envelope. Dedede looked with interest as the shiny glint of the holographic envelope caught his eye. Maybe they have some kind of big-boy toy you could cheer yourself up with.

And he laughed darkly.

I really need him in a Kirby game other than a cameo like his last appearance.

It's just a trial run anyway.". "Of course, I'm sure there won't be a problem with that," said Sir Ebrum.

Things were back to normal in the long scheme of things, or so I thought.

And he swiped it off with one great swipe of his hand. Cause by that logic [Spoiler](/s "Marx has no business coming back, as he died in MWW. ", "Now, dear," said Sir Ebrum. Oh, woe to living in a time like this, I would sometimes think when I allowed such things on my mind, a time when I had found myself lying to my own mother, lying to my own self about my own involvement in destroying my own world in loyalty and dignity in one's own station gone awry. Tuff offered smugly. ", "Well, it does sound nice, darling," said Lady Like thoughtfully. (Anime-verse) How Susie, King Dedede with Escargoon (and others) become Kirby's allies in a show-version of Kirby Star Allies. "I almost had you fooled too!" ", "Please, dear," said Lady Like. "Now, dear," said Sir Ebrum gently, "no one said anything about a super store. ", "Yes, of course, Your Majesty," Escargoon whimpered, "but first could you please let go of me?". He shoved a very large forkful of something very beefy and full of eggs into his beak. ", "Ah, it's started to get boring, Escargoon," waved Dedede with one hand cupping his chin and elbow on the table from where he had sat down again in his chair. growled Dedede punching Escargoon's eyes. It's the perfect little sub...if you like that sort of thing.

I can hardly believe that I leapt into battle fighting black shadowy versions of Waddle Dees and all as a true ally of Kirby and as a true servant of the king. He just was not about to get excited until something proved amiss, which was a good thing, and she had to admit that he always had been just a little different since King Dedede had kidnapped her during their picnic that one time. All the wars and conflicts and famine and frosts all happened on other kingdoms on other planets, not mine. He can also summon waddle dees with spears for about 3 seconds.

Except in my time period who could say that there could be anything wrong in a place like Dream Land to have loyalty and dignity?

"Hey, that means I'd get some of the profit!"

said Escargoon.

exclaimed Dedede suddenly grinning.

Nothing had happened in Dream Land for two years more than the local jail bird kleptomaniac Doron escaping and giving Chief Bookem something to do, and I expected it to stay that way. It's a long and complicated story. It’s actually possible he’s already in development. I have written about half way through the story and it's gunna be pretty long.

Garden snails besides. ", "Yes, it's only proper," said Sir Ebrum.

complained Tiff at the dinner table when the cabinet minister shared the news with his family. Here are the outlets where you may politely request Escargoon's inclusion into Star Allies. They say they have the most advanced scientific discoveries the universe has ever known and that they wish to share these advancements with those less fortunate. It would just be a reference.

Shinya Kumazaki's, the official director of Kirby since 2009, official instagram Kirby's 25th Anniversary's Official Twitter HAL Laboratory's official twitter, Be polite and do not pester them too much, It is very preferable to communicate to them in Japanese, IMPORTANT, send them this Japanese phrase that means "Please add Escargoon to Kirby Star Allies" if you cannot type your own Japanese sentences: 星のカービィスターアライズにエスカルゴンを加えてください. A robot-like person or person-like robot or whatever she was stood, or rather hovered as she had no feet, very properly without a mouth but with deep blue eyes and long lashes. "Yeah, but, Tiff, do you really think he'd be that stupid to fall for another evil company again?" Escargoon has now become more obscure than Gooey, think about that. "Knowing King Dedede, he'll make something bad come out of it even if the Haltmann people don't have bad intentions," muttered Tiff. 83. Such a massive bite of food required Dedede opening it all the way to fit everything in, and he still got some sauce on his face. She had known her father all her life, of course, but somehow it still always surprised her when he showed that pluck and courage hidden behind his foppish exterior.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. But I had to be the one tested in my time period until I lost more than both.

", "And anyway," said Sir Ebrum then quite staunchly. Don't blame me, Sire!" It was so lifelike that after Dedede and Escargoon exchanged glances, they both wondered if she truly had been teleported in front them. She's ruining my delicate appetite!". Everyone has the opportunity to become better, and I am confident one day His Majesty will become a fine king. "I don't know exactly," Sir Ebrum admitted, "but they apparently are a very advanced lot at the Haltmann Works Company.

The sun shone bright and pleasantly hot. Hmm. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share.

"We know that Dream Land," said Susie, "and the Planet Popstar, while a place boundless in resources and beauty, is advancing at a more gradual rate than some, and even those advancements are somewhat harmful such as the exhaust from the limited vehicles and waste management programs. He also has a pie throwing attack that can be charged up for larger pies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

She said there was no hidden fees! Quickly Dedede dropped a moaning Escargoon onto the floor and flipped the device back over. His English voice has a strong resemblance to late comedian Paul Lynde. "It sounds like a scam to me. "Who cares about Tiff? We need all the loyal Dedede followers to band together to request upon HAL to make Escargoon a playable Dream Friend for the game Kirby Star Allies.

"Good morning, Your Majesty," Escargoon announced in his most boisterously cheerful tone. Last time that happened the whole world had nearly come to an end, or the whole universe maybe, but I was in too good of a mood to let it be dampened by the king's sour mood that morning. No war or famine or terrible politics or horrible monsters parading through walls and trying to crush bouncy, pink, baby-talking superheroes. ", "She is getting a little preachy, isn't she, Your Majesty? Background: On March 8th, 2018, a Nintendo Direct revealed a feature for Kirby Star Allies called "Dream Friends", this feature lets you play as other characters with custom moves, and this included many forgotten characters such as Gooey, Marx, and some other Kirby colluders. 45. Dedede blinked and turned roughly to Escargoon. "A store?" ; He and Dedede are the characters shown animated in CG … ", "Oh, really?"

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