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The Ed Palermo Big Band performs monthly at the Iridium in Manhattan and regularly at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY, where Palermo often scripts elaborate thematic evenings. THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN (The Brooklyn Bridge) DON’T YOU EVER WASH THAT THING intro only (Zappa) 03. Bruce McDaniel has contributed only a few arrangements to the bands repertoire.

Big Swifty #1 (Frank Zappa) Hot Fun in the Summertime (Sly and the Family Stone) Sail On Sailor (Beach Boys) G Spot/We Love You (FrankZappa/Rolling Stones) The Wooly Mammoth Mash-Up

MOTHER PEOPLE (Zappa) 07. The small group expanded into a big band and began a three-year residency at a New York club called Seventh Avenue South. FUR ELISE (Beethoven) YER TUBA (Beatles) 12. Sail On Sailor (Beach Boys)

Electric violinist Katie Jacoby – dressed in a sailor suit as well as having her own swim ring – displayed virtuosic skilles on her Viper, in addition to sharing the microphone with McDaniel.

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020 at 7 p.m. RESERVATIONS ONLY <> "Interview/Album Drop" Promo for The Ed Palermo Big Band's newest release: The Great Un-American Songbook Vol. Your email address will not be published. Ed Palermo Big Band 2015 10 31 Falcon Marlboro NY - YouTube

LONELY BOY (Andrew Gold) 10. Arrangements by ED PALERMO \u0026 BRUCE MCDANIEL LINE UP: Ed Palermo - (arranger, vocals) Saxophone Section (with flute, clarinet, piccolo \u0026 oboe): Barbara Cifelli Ben Kono Phil Chester Anton Feder Bill Straub Trombone Section: Matt Ingman (\u0026 tuba) Daniel Linden (lead) Jim Lutz Trumpet Section: Ronnie Buttacavoli (lead) John Bailey String Section: Bruce McDaniel (guitar, lead vocals) Katie Jacoby (violin, vocals) Keyboard Section: Bob Quaranta (piano) Ted Kooshian (electric keyboard) Rhythm Section: Paul Adamy (bass)* George Sarpola (drums) Special guest: Napoleon Murphy Brock (vocals, sax, \u0026 muffins) Credits: Three Source Audience Matrix MC HughGotIt (Zoom H4n - internal mics) Paul Adamy* (Tascam DR-44WL - internal mics) punkjazz (Sony PCM-M10, with Sonic Studios DSM-6s mics) Editing and Matrix by doctorzap Editing by HughGotIt 2017 Special thanks to: Ed Palermo, the Big Band, Susan Palermo, Napi, Ray Morelli, Paul, Rich aka: punkjazz, Tony Falcoand the wonderful staff at The Falcon! Ed Palermo Big Band ~ recorded live on 10-27-2018 ~ at The Falcon ~ by Betty Gennarelli. Hope to see you 10/31. CALL ANY VEGETABLE part two (Zappa) 17. The Beach Boys material focused primarily on selections from Pet Sounds and the post-Pet Sounds period. Ed Palermo Big Band - 2017 06 03 Marlboro NY Happy Togetherearly show 01. Ed Palermo Big Band. © 2020 - Nippertown.

Thanks for the great review & photos. VILLAGE OF THE SUN (Zappa) 08. Hendrix/Zappa Mash-Up: Little Miss Lover, Voodoo Chile, Foxy Lady, Who Knows, Big Swifty, King Kong (all played simultaneously) ED PALERMO BIB BAND’S BEACH BOY BEACH PARTY SET LIST Feel Flows (Beach Boys)

Ed Palermo Big Band 2017 06 03 Falcon Happy Together - YouTube POJAMA PEOPLE (intro only) 3:15 GOOD MORNING, … Join us as we celebrate the release of our new album: “The Great Un-American Songbook Vol 3: Run for Your Life”.

Zappa/Beach Boys Medley: Be True to Your School (Beach Boys), Status Back Baby (Frank Zappa), I Get Around (Beach Boys), Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (Frank Zappa), Eddie, Are You Kidding?

Franks, Alot (chat) 19. Marqueson’s Chicken (Frank Zappa) Taped on August 25th, 2018 in Marlboro, NY. In 1977 Ed Palermo assembled a nine-piece band to play his own compositions. ENCORE Audio provided by Rich , Hugh and PaulVideo provided by Rich , Hugh and Glenn Scharback Greg was a musician, journalist, and ambassador to the Capital Region arts community.

Play next; Play now; silent peaks 2015 12 19 Live at the Falcon by Raymond Morelli.

Ed Palermo Big Band The Falcon ~ Marlboro NY 2015 10 31 HALLOWEEN NIGHT THE TORTURE NEVER STOPS/FIFTY SHADES OF FRANK AUD/SBD MATRIX MC Ed Palermo Big Band - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY 117.08 AUD-SBD MTX MC (doctorzap-HGI) Set List THE TORTURE NEVER STOPS (early show) 01. While Palermo has written more than 300 Zappa charts, he’s anything … The big band’s latest gig at The Falcon in Marlboro was not only a non-stop audio extravaganza, but also a visual spectacle when Palermo & Co. paid tribute to the Beach Boys. BLACK HOLE SUN (Soundgarden) 10. ROCKY RACCOON (Beatles) 05. Caroline, No (Beach Boys) Frank Zappa Medley. REVOLUTION mashup: a. The Ed Palermo Big Band earned international attention with its 1997 debut The Ed Palermo Big Band Plays Frank Zappa on Astor Place Records. The Wedding Ceremony (chat) DON’T YOU EVER WASH THAT THING-intro only (Zappa) 14. Let’s Go Away for Awhile (Beach Boys) LIVE: The Ed Palermo Big Band @ the Falcon, 8/1/15, Into the Mystic: The Van Morrison Experience, Midnight Ramble Band with opener Jackie Greene. With Palermo’s brilliant arrangements and soloists such as Bob Mintzer, Chris Potter, Dave Samuels, Mike Stern, and Mike Keneally, the album made an undisputable case for the Zappa jazz concept.

Esward, the Mad Shirt Grinder/Shove It Right In (Quicksilver Messenger Service/Frank Zappa) Stinkfoot (Frank Zappa) Ed Palermo Big Band2015 10 31Falcon Marlboro NYRecorded Mixed Mastered by DoctorzapLineage: Sbd , Zoom H4N , Studio One , TLHEPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 01 Intro 00:00:00.000 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 02 Pojama People-Good Morning 00:01:23.826 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 03 Welcome to Ed's Nightmare 00:04:38.960 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 04 Halloween Mash-Up 00:07:09.253 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 05 Eleanor Rigby-Mountain King 00:11:04.026 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 06 Ed Awakes 00:14:52.026 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 07 Innagada-da-G-Spot 00:16:25.026 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 08 A Big Swifty-Marqueson's 00:18:43.413 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 09 Doc Brown Gets Down 00:24:14.520 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 10 Pojama People-Peace Pipe 00:25:09.693 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 11 Lip Biters Unite 00:35:18.053 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 12 The Second Torture 00:38:03.066 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 13 Oh No 00:39:52.013 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 14 Why is Teddy Barking 00:41:10.986 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 15 Echidna's Arf 00:42:54.746 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 16 A Catastrophe 00:46:59.546 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 17 21st Century Schizoid Man 00:49:50.826 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (E) - 18 The Final Torture 00:52:53.560 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 01 Between the Sheets 00:54:43.506 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 02 Wild Love-Filthy Habits 00:58:40.560 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 03 Penguin in Bondage 01:07:32.613 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 04 Dirty Love 01:14:57.346 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 05 Walk on the Wild Love 01:18:52.986 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 06 Band Intro 01:22:42.826 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 07 Bamboozled Slimey Pimp 01:29:07.173 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 08 Whipping Post-King Kong 01:29:54.680 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 09 Stevie's Spanking 01:36:09.466 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 10 Edward-Shove it 01:37:40.786 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 11 Finale Mash-Up 01:43:16.600 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 12 Whipping Post Finale 01:44:57.813 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 13 Thank You, Tony 01:48:26.213 EPBB - 2015 10 31 Marlboro NY (L) - 14 Good Night 01:52:27.520gofund.me/3ggv4f4c Along with the Beach Boys, music was also drawn from a wide range of other ’60s-centric pop and rock bands including Sly & the Family Stone, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Byrds, Lou Reed, King Crimson and Quicksilver Messenger Service. THERE’S NO MYSTERY ABOUT MY G-SPOT (Chick Corea/Zappa/Wayne Shorter) 06. So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star/Eight Miles High (The Byrds)

Long Promised Road (Beach Boys)

It's the year 2020 and times are tough all over. BROWN SHOES DON’T MAKE IT (Zappa) 16.

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