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She was abducted by Dark Angel who mistook her for the real Diana, and cursed her to experience a cycle of countless tragic lives, given the name Donna Troy as a cruel joke to her origins. Queen Hippolyta adopted Donna as her daughter making her Diana's (Wonder Woman) adopted little sister. Captain Marvel, Jr. | Red Tornado | Atom | Browse Genres Donna is now a none Goddess, but is still a Titan of Myth powered Amazon much like her sister Wonder Woman. Goals

Each Super Power also has 3 levels (SPL).

Browse Rooms Supergirl | When gaining her powers and abilities, Donna took the title Wonder Girl, and became one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. Captain Atom | Detective Chimp |

This had little effect on her during the Silver Age, as very few changes occurred. After Donna's adoptive father Carl Stacey was killed in a work-related accident, her adoptive mother Fay Stacey gave her up for adoption again, unable to raise the toddler because of mounting expenses. When Donna was revealed to be a magical duplicate of Wonder Woman all her powers and abilities grew to that of Wonder Woman's level of power. Wally and Hippolyta help Donna break Dark Angel's bound to her, and she was adopted by the Queen of the Amazons, gaining the title Princess Donna. Donna was reborn, but brought by the Titans of Myth, and given false memories so that she could do her destiny to save them. She is a founding member of the Teen Titans, and has also been involved with the Challengers from Beyond, Darkstars and Justice League of America. appears in 4 games. Donna Troy is a superheroine from DC Comics. Element Woman |

It was during one of these "swaps" that the duplicate was kidnapped by Dark Angel; a villain of Hippolyta's from her time as Wonder Woman in World War II. First origin story, born in Man’s World Donna was adopted after being saved from an apartment building fire by Wonder Woman when she was a young girl at the time. Amazon Superheroine, Wonder GirlTroiaDarkstarWonder WomanDonna PrincePrincess DonnaGoddess of the MoonFateDeathbringer, AmazonianSuperheroineAdventurerPhotographerGuardian of the Universe OrbTeen TitanFate of the Gods (formerly)New-Earth:Justice League of America MemberTitans of Myth Member (formerly)Teen Titans Member (formerly)Darkstars Member (formerly)Titans Member (formerly)White Lantern Corps Member (formerly)Prime-Earth:Titans MemberTeen Titans Member (formerly).
Firestorm | Power Girl | Adam Strange | Jade | In the aftermath, Donna was told by Wonder Woman that she could benefit by being part of the team, and recruited Cyborg and Starfire. Affiliations Miss Martian | Wonder Girl |, Secondary Episode(s).

After discovering that the Titans were individually plotting to gain power for themselves, Donna instinctively summoned her friends from the Teen Titans to stop them, restoring her memories in the process. Teams August General in Iron | Sign in

She was created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani. Wonder Woman took her to her Island and used the purple ray to save Donna’s life and in that act gave Donna all of her powers and abilities. Donna Troy was created to be a playmate and \"sister\" for Princess Diana of Themyscira by the Amazon sorceress, Magala, who used a magical mirror to create a duplicate of Diana from Diana's reflection with a fraction of Diana's own soul.

She was made by a MAGICAL process. Terry later divorced Donna, citing that her superhero role put the family in danger, and gained sole custody of their son in addition to his daughter.
Marvel & DC Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Cassandra Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl, daughter of Zeus. The truth about her past and New Cronus was explained by the Titan of the sun, Hyperion. But her world was not as it seemed.

New Cronus Sideshow and Tweeterhead are pleased to present the first release of Teen Titan Maquettes - Donna Troy! She was created as a weapon, a weapon forged to destroy ME. Amazing Man | Sideshow Collectibles is the registered trademark and copyright of Sideshow Inc.All Rights Reserved. Artemis, of Bana-Mighdall, Bana warrior, Artemis is the Best Amazon warrior next to that of Wonder Woman with out the divine gifts granted by the Gods of Olympus. Customer Support

Amazonian physiology. Gypsy | Zauriel, Main Donna Troy also known as Troia was the first Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman’s adopted little sister, she became a clone of her big sister gaining all her powers and abilities. She is Amazon super-hero who began her career as the second Wonder Girl, but has also used several other names including Troia and Wonder Woman. Accelerated Healing 2. Huntress | Bombshell | Donna Troy was created to be a playmate and "sister" for Princess Diana of Themyscira by the Amazon sorceress, Magala, who used a magical mirror to create a duplicate of Diana from Diana's reflection with a fraction of Diana's own soul. We love to hear from our collectors. Why Sideshow? Batwing |

3. Jesse Quick | In one of the lives she ended up living, Donna was orphaned by her birth mother, Dorothy Hinckley, a dying unwed teen who had given her up for adoption. Though vulnerable to the Black ring due to her previous death, but was converted by being infected by the Black Lantern's power. Sideshow and Tweeterhead are pleased to present the first release of Teen Titan Maquettes - Donna Troy! Current origin story. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Faction The lasso's effect can be overpowered only by those whose will is stronger than Donna's. Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, Donna Princess of Themyscira / Donna Hinckley Stacey Troy.

Vixen | Donna later had a horrific nightmare of her husband and children revived by the Black Lantern Corps, and was bitten, becoming infected by it power. Flamebird | Her normal regenerative abilities allow her to recover from injury within seconds to minutes.

Metamorpho | Firehawk | Type of Hero Full Name

But it would not be until the intervention of Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, and the Flash years later that she would learn this. Afterward, Donna returned to New Cronus where she analyzed the history of the universe via Harbinger's old Universe Orb. Hawkgirl | By the end, Donna had gain all the knowledge of all her alternate selves, and was entrusted with the Universe Orb by Harbinger after the Titans of Myth were imprisoned. Jesse Quick | Wonder Woman (template, partner)Nightwing (on/off boy-friend)StarfireCyborgChangeling/Beast BoyRavenCassie SandsmarkJerichoRavagerRed HoodArsenalKyle Rayner (ex-boyfriend)Superboy (Kon-El)Red RobinGreen Lantern (Hal Jordan)The AtomKid Flash (Bart Allen)Green Lantern (Jade)Mon-El

pinterest, Need help? Speedy |

Track an Order Dark AngelAresHades (depending on continuity)DeathstrokeTrigonHyperionAlexander Luthor, Jr.Superboy PrimeCheetahGigantaDoctor PsychoNekronPrometheusWilderbeast SocietyDeathstroke's Titans East The tragedy caused Dark Angel to appear, and make Donna Troy be forgotten by everyone (except Wally West and Hippolyta).

Wholesale Program Captain Cold | In one of her lives, Donna was the orphaned child of Dorothy Hinckley; a dying unwed teen who had given her baby, Donna, up for adoption. When not adventuring, Donna had a civilian job as a photographer: working on a contractual basis for various magazines while also running her own private photography business called Aurora Studios in Manhattan. Shazam | What's happening, you ask? Browse Characters DC Superheroes + Zealot. Madame Xanadu | Family Donna often detects others' emotions, and most forms of mind control will not work on her either. Gender Plastic Man | Female Superheroes + Riri Williams. Enemies Brawling Products by Type Amazons of Themyscira, Teen Titans Bronze Tiger | Donna would fight against Diana's rogues gallery, such as Giganta and Cheetah, but would be attacked by Doctor Pyscho. Given the last name of Troy in homage to the ancient city, Donna was returned to Earth at age thirteen and her memories of New Chronus were erased until such a time that she would return and take her place among the Titans. Bumblebee | Contact Us, About us Links On Sale 666 - The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope [Abby's View], Character » AmazonianSuperheroineAdventurerPhotographerGuardian of the Universe OrbTeen TitanFate of the Gods (formerly)New-Earth:Justice League of America MemberTitans of Myth Member (formerly)Teen Titans Member (formerly)Darkstars Member (formerly)Titans Member (formerly)White Lantern Corps Member (formerly)Prime-Earth:Titans MemberTeen Titans Member (formerly) Donna Troy first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #60 (July, 1965) as the first Wonder Girl. Ep. General Glory | Donna can mystically fly at supersonic speeds while in the atmosphere, and can reach escape-velocity speeds while in space. Hobby Mon-El | During her marriage to Terry, in addition to giving birth to a son, whom she named Robert, Donna also had a step-daughter named Jennifer who was conceived during Terry's first marriage. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Learning of the impending Infinite Crisis through the orb, Donna recruited and led a group of heroes into space to deal with Alexander Luthor's manipulation of reality.

Occupation Movement Elongated Man | Donna Troy is Wonder Girl, the adoptive sister of Wonder Woman and a close friend of Dick Grayson. Curated Collections

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