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A son might be named after his father or uncle, for instance; a daughter for her sister or grandmother. For example, in spoken French, Quebec locals usually use the formal pronoun “vous” when speaking to someone new. On this day, the successful students don a distinctive “cap and gown” outfit and publicly receive rolled diplomas certifying their graduation from the head of the school before a packed auditorium full of friends and parents.

Though such wedding rituals are broadly inspired by European-Christian customs, particularly British custom, North American weddings these days are often said to have evolved to exist in a world of unique tradition all their own. As the name implies, these centre around the ceremonial lowering of the deceased into an awaiting grave at a cemetery. Weddings in Canada have gotten so elaborate and complicated that their planning and organization is now a multi-billion dollar industry unto itself. The actual act of graduating is commemorated in a whole other ceremony a few days or weeks later, usually called convocation. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Christians associate the number 666 with Satan, while many Asian-Canadians associate the number four with death. Opening an umbrella indoors, walking under an open ladder, knocking over a salt shaker, killing a ladybug, or having a black cat cross your path are all fairly common omens of bad luck, while finding a lone penny in the street, picking a four-leafed clover, spotting a shooting star, throwing money in a decorative fountain, or blowing a lone eyelash off your finger are considered harbingers of good luck. Canadians are not an overly superstitious people, but many may still believe in a number of strange omens of good or bad luck just in case. Between 2004 and 2014, the commercial revenue from the holiday doubled. ; Blue –Common Local Holidays. Get information about current, upcoming and past royal tours in Canada and the protocol to follow when meeting the Royal Family. Finally, when attending dinner parties, purchasing high-quality wine and sending flowers beforehand are both common occurrences. However, the date is always the second Monday in October, and it’s a statutory holiday across the nation, except for in the Atlantic provinces. This 11-day festival, which begins on the first week of July, also features children’s cartoons and other events at the ‘place de … Upon marriage, most Canadian women begin using their husband's last name, though some government paperwork will be involved to make it legally binding. “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”—that’s the Calgary Stampede, an annual extravaganza that happens every July in Calgary, Alberta.The Stampede’s core purpose is “to preserve and celebrate western heritage, culture and community spirit.” They celebrate through concerts, rodeo events (with big money prizes), carnival rides, exhibitions, a parade, and agricultural competitions. The Stampede’s core purpose is “to preserve and celebrate western heritage, culture and community spirit.” They celebrate through concerts, rodeo events (with big money prizes), carnival rides, exhibitions, a parade, and agricultural competitions. You will not receive a reply. Knowing “your sign,” which is to say, which of the 12 astrological constellations is connected with your birthday, is considered a basic tenet of self-awareness on par with knowing one’s shoe size, and it’s not uncommon for even otherwise non-superstitious people to openly relate with at least some of the personality traits tied to their astrological profile. No one knows why, but light blue is the traditional baby boy colour in Canada while pink is the traditional colour for baby girls. A wide variety of odd and arbitrary actions are considered unlucky as well, usually for long-forgotten reasons vaguely connected to the Bible or fears of witchcraft. Lunar New Year. By the standards of some parts of the world, Canada is not a country with a lot of particularly flashy folk traditions — which isn’t to say none exist. The Canada Guide: Complete Guide by JJ McCullough, 10th- Tin (traditional), diamond (modern), 20th- China (traditional), silver (modern), 30th- Pearl (traditional), diamond (modern).

Calgary Stampede action | © David Minty / Flickr. Permits must be obtained, and people must be over 19 to buy and set off the fireworks. Canadians from non-Christian or non-European backgrounds often have unique wedding customs, though these are often fused to varying degrees with North American ones.

Canada has its own Thanksgiving tradition, which is slightly different to its American counterpart. In practice almost every detail of a typical Canadian wedding, from flowers to music to seating arrangements, is governed by more rules and traditions than could possibly be summarized here. Skip to main ... Canada 150, the 150th anniversary of our Confederation, Canadians came together and celebrated what it means to be Canadian. Eventually, the man will be expected to formally propose to his girlfriend, usually by giving a little speech and presenting her with a special engagement ring.

Roses are very strongly associated with romantic love, particularly on Valentine’s Day, poinsettias are a symbol of Christmas rarely seen outside the holiday, poppies are a symbol of war veterans and Remembrance Day, and white calla lilies are a somewhat old-fashioned symbol of death. Due to European roots and its close proximity to the United States, Canada’s traditions are a unique amalgamation of several cultures. It’s also a tradition in the units and headquarters of Canadian Forces, where officials receive and greet guests to welcome in the new year. A growing number of women find this tradition old-fashioned, however, and continue using their so-called "maiden name" even as a wife. Some men will really go all-out with their proposals, even staging them in public areas like the Toronto International Airport, as seen here. These cards, commonly sold at supermarkets and drug stores, as well as specialty card shops, are very cheap to purchase but are nevertheless considered one of the most important ways to indicate you haven’t forgotten about someone else’s special day.

Canadian traditions also tend to be closely tied to the country’s various holidays, which are discussed in more detail in that chapter. Canadian couples are expected to closely follow the number of years they’ve been married, with the annual anniversary of their wedding date (or in some cases, engagement date) used as an opportunity for gift-giving or a special night out. Other women switch between using their husband's name and maiden name, depending on the context. Only common local holidays are listed. Quebec has a few unique traditions. These usually take the form of a fancy dress gala held at a local hotel or banquet hall, complete with a dinner, dancing, limo rides, and lots of awkwardly-posed photographs. Communal Celebrations While some rituals and ceremonies are for a single person or small group, others include members of the community. Black has long been the colour associated with mourning in Canada, and it's considered quite impolite to wear any other colour to a funeral. If children are born to parents who aren’t married, or simply don’t use the same last name (see marriage traditions, below), they’ll sometimes be given a hyphenated last name combining the names of both parents, for example, “Martin-Jones.”. For enquiries, contact us.

Most Canadian cemeteries are privately owned and will house dozens, or even hundreds of bodies, with graves sometimes separated by religion. They often have speciality versions for every imaginable holiday. Some friends and families may exchange lots of expensive presents on symbolically important days like birthdays or Christmas, while others may give only small ones, or none at all.

Flowers are very common decorations during weddings and funerals, and a common gift of compassion to a sick friend, but are less commonly seen on other holidays or special occasions. It should similarly be noted that since Canada is a country of considerable diversity born from the eclectic immigrant heritage of its people, the traditions of individual Canadian families can vary greatly based on which customs they’ve decided to import from their former homeland. June 27 is Canadian Multiculturalism Day! Birthdays, weddings, funerals, and school graduations are commemorated with some of the most common and well-known Canadian traditions. Because of the long courtship process, the average age of marriage in Canada has been steadily rising, and is now estimated at around 30 for both genders. Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate and learn more about the cultural diversity of the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples by participating in the many activities happening across Canada! These are all traditional community celebrations and would go on for days.

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