being atheist in philippines

(Updated) The clinical trial of candidate vaccines against coronavirus disease led by the World Health Organization will start in December, the Department of Health said Monday. One day I realized that while many of my friends and family didn’t understand me, they were still my friends and family. Many of you will probably say that my world shrank from the time I lost my delicate faith. They mostly think that the religions they know are the only ones existing in the whole world and their god is true one etc. I remember her making me say bible verses and whatnot. We asked alot of side questions till they just made us leave when they got cornered to questions like "You say we have to respect others, what do you think you are doing now?" Unless ikaw yung tipong atheist na pinagyayabang na atheist ka para mag mukhang cool. And besides conforming doesn't mean believing. I'll see to it if I can update you all, thanks for reading this far lol. I guess that would be needing its own post in time. A week of Metro Manila in quarantine raises concerns as to The belief that everything that happens is a labor of an intervening god is nothing but pure intellectual laziness for me. Damn. Being a Filipino Atheist: A Personal Story by CynthiaAP 17/10/2016 The Philippines is one of the most religious countries in Asia. At first she thought I was just confused and "let Jesus Christ in my heart" or whatever that means, but it just came to the point that I told her I'm sure and she respected me so far, which is surprising since she's a daughter of a pastor. I insist to give the credit to myself and the people who help me achieve them. For starters, I don’t have to explain to them where I get my morals, meaning, and passion. Sevilla paid tribute to former captain Marcelo Campanal before the game, and goals from Lucas Ocampos and Fernando delivered a derby win. Available today: AirAsia's unlimited flight pass for Filipinos as travel restrictions ease, Panasonic introduces nanoe X technology in Philippines. It came to me almost naturally to let my family know that I am a non-believer. So we do this activity, I pick a verse where I don't remember what it is, but its something about moving mountains. Yup, conform ka lang muna since dependent ka pa sa magulang mo. There are some who speak strongly about their irreligion, but there are also some who are very moderate about it. Copyright © 2020. I now knew the horrible shit, they’ve done and it’s unspeakable as well as the generations of fuckin’ child indoctrination as well as all the wasted hours spent on attending church, praying the rosary and morning prayers. Atheism is still a taboo subject in our country. 24. And damn would I never forget the disgusted look she gave me after I explained what an Atheist is.

Milan increased their unbeaten run to 24 matches, while Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored in a sixth successive Serie A outing.

I hope you can get more stories/insights from fellow atheists. ( Log Out /  And my current classmates aren't so respectful about me being an Atheist. But the most important one was "Do you think we need to be in the same religion to achieve world peace?". I do what I can and either thank or blame myself for the result. There is no organized set of beliefs, nothing or no one to worship. With his band Aleka’s Attic, River Phoenix advocated for what he believed in and carved out a cult following without... Four moments that made us cringe while in quarantine. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. After knowing this was all for shit, doing these religious activities felt like a waste of time, annoyance, an inconvenience. So I guess.. wish me luck to how many teachers I can piss off this year and look down on me just because of my religion. So I then automatically fall to the last two options. 2nd year. I bet it would be a lot easier to be an atheist in the States where there are more like-minded people and condoms aren’t believed to have the ability to possess human beings with lust. Some say we created cancer, then there’s the undying Hitler, Stalin and Mao arguments. The police claimed that they were doing this to protect him from attackers, however, no charges have been levied against his attackers. Perhaps it was partly because of the less strict religiosity in the family, and partly because of my stubbornness. In high school, my friends and I attended the Wednesday mass after school hours (I forgot what it’s called). Now, I choose what I will to do and oblige myself to embrace whatever the consequences are.

I wanted it to end. Now, I’m writing this reply and thinking how it’ll change later on. Hindi naman ako pinilit ni erpat na "magbalik" sa katolisismo mula 'non. Though, it helps na she probably thought it was a phase coz it was back when I was in my teens(ang tagal na pala haha!). See, even that, we can’t delude our secular asses into taking full credit for. However lax my family is about my spiritual makeover, it is not by any means the result of my upbringing. And then there’s the fear of being incarcerated and being stigmatised by the society. I saw your post on AR and I am looking for insights from atheists around the world. I think this is the worst one.

My convictions aren’t very common after all, and people need the space to get me all wrong before they can get me all right. The world is scrambling to “flatten the curve” — that is, to address the growing number of COVID-19 cases... What ‘solusyong medikal’ really means for every Filipino. I also remember reciting the holy rosary with my mum before going to bed, but I never learned the process by heart. We don’t discuss religion. but I never told anyone because I never met anyone like that and I thought no such thing exists. Ah, how satisfying it is to know that you all share my burden. Anak: Putang ina mga tamod niyo ang dahilan kaya ako nandito tas tatanggihan niyo? It's kinda ironic too because I was always at the church when I was I child. So you could get the idea that almost everyone here are not familiar with other religions or things like Atheism. He has been prosecuted under blasphemy law, blasphemy by its Criminal Code. But the old hag was angry and called me a demon, daughter of Satan and etc. If you are a Filipino atheist, expect some crossed arms and raised eyebrows. But these days, I think, Filipino teens and young adults are not inclined to being rigid about religious matters. (Updated) The clinical trial of candidate vaccines against coronavirus disease led by the World Health Organization will start in... BDO, UnionBank profits rebound in Q3 from pandemic buffer boost. Now enough about my stupid country. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. In the way how I approach things and how I view the world, I have been more tolerant and open about certain topics that are usually frowned upon by the society.

So I message him about it, and he was chill, and changed the system. So I tried my best to do everything they do but I just really ain't feeling it. We cannot hate what we do not believe in. Atheist Association of the Philippines. [3] B. F. Intan has written that natural law does not require one to follow a particular religion. It’s important to know that because liberals have the tendency to be proud, generalizing bigots, too. Indonesian atheist activists are pursuing their religious freedom. Nonprofit Organization. 3rd year. I just believed…blindly. Any suggestions?

Some of them will condemn you, but only the most devout will. It was obvious and she always made sure I always got something to say and to recite. There is a stigma attached to being an atheist in the Philippines, and this necessitates many Filipino atheists to communicate with each other via the Internet, for example via the Philippine Atheism, Agnosticism and Secularism, Inc. formerly known as Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society. For me, I was always getting invited to religious masses and gatherings. And no, since they all want everyone to just be in one religion rather than just respect others because it's much "easier" that way. Although a Roman Catholic, I was raised in a family where I wasn’t forced to put on my Sunday dress and go to church mechanically.

We still have to figure out a way to make things work. I started choosing what kind of people I allow in my life, what hobbies to spend my time on, whose opinion I should value. With my Christian friends, it is also not a serious matter. Her answers were all about praising God and saying others are blind and etc. [10], Discrimination against atheists in Indonesia, Freedom of religion in Indonesia § Recent examples of abuses, "Commentary: Is there room for atheists in Indonesia? But despite this reality of weakness, I delight myself in the thought of being accountable for all of my actions. Atheists and theists may be agnostic or gnostic. At wag ka na magpapaapekto sa mga yan. I simply started asking questions. I don’t feel uncomfortable at all about these things that are usually considered taboo in Christianity. [9] This incident raised a debate about the legality of atheism versus treating it as a genuine religion. 3 people has to speak each day. We have this activity about interviewing teachers and picking a topic.

I don't know, it's hard to even just get a job here, that would sure cost alot. Although my mum would lightly convince me from time to time to still believe in god by reminding me of the good things that have been coming to my life. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. What ever makes you think you’re so special? I began to doubt claims that don’t have any proof. Community Organization. So.. Hindi naman siguro yon kawalan sa pagkatao mo di'ba? At an early age of 6, as a son of Christian parents, whose relatives are also religious, I knew there wasn't a god. I was very young when I got the idea that "Hey, there's no god, what are you all worshiping for?" My friend was very defiant, and it caused this awkward tension in his household. ( Log Out / 

Lumayas ka!". r/Philippines: A subreddit for the Philippines and all things Filipino! Like I mentioned earlier, I no longer seek divine help. Change ), Being a Filipino Atheist: A Personal Story,, So we have this ESP or Values teacher that gave us an activity of picking up a bible verse, making a slogan about it, then put an explanation. When I started reading books by Kurt Vonnegut, Albert Camus, Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche and other nontraditional writers, I began asking questions. I have learned to see events unfolding before me, like the beautiful colors of sunsets and the diversity of flora and fauna as products of naturally occurring phenomena (atmospheric optics) and evolutionary processes, respectively, and not creations of a supernatural being. This is important because.... One day, I asked why she always uses bible verses as examples then she asked why, then that's the moment I came out. Atheist Movement of the Philippines. Like, what would they do if I come out as one. How I Came to Terms With My Friends and Family. I reject credulity. Steady lang zer, kaya mo yan. The Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society (PATAS) is a nonprofit organization for the public understanding of atheism and agnosticism in the Philippines which educates society, and eliminates myths and misconceptions about atheism and agnosticism. Feel ko hindi ako pagpapaaralin eh at baka hindi na ako mahalin HAHA tangina. They’re goddamn stupidity was fuckin’ annoying and painful inside but I was like that back then.

Not every atheist can be labeled intelligent. There were even times where friends introduced me to people they know and they'd introduce me by saying '' Hey this is jaespinel and she doesn't believe in God. '' All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome here. One of them is the popular yet downright wrong idea that “we are devil worshipers.” This claim reflects an extreme misunderstanding of atheism. But I had to come out because he told us that each day, someone has to pray. The last one we interviewed was my past English teacher. We just don’t get our morality merely from a book: not out of the expectation of a reward of heaven nor out of the fear of being punished and sent to hell.

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