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On their way to the Manticore's Tavern, Barley insists Ian to speak from his heart in order to activate the spell he is using to which Ian has a hard time concentrating. If they were taller than him, he’d stand on his toes to hug them, to kiss them, etc. During the chase, Barley tells Ian to follow the signs leading to Raven's Point while telling him to stay focused while fighting against the Pixie Dusters. Disney Pixar Soul 22 (Grinning) Vinyl Figure, Funko Pop!

Barley discovers the needed gem inside an historic fountain across the street from the high school and retrieves it. I thank Onward, and everyone behind it, for improving not only my year, but my life. Barley Lightfoot is a teenage male elf. Onward has been the best thing for me in 2020, and I was lucky enough to see it in theaters the day it was released with two of my closest friends.

Excitable, rowdy, cheerful, relaxed, funny, brave, confident, brotherly, loving, exuberant, friendly, encouraging, selfless, smart, passionate, adventurous, eccentric, fun-loving, helpful, slightly sensitive, loud, rambunctious, boisterous, defiant, kind, protective, enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic

Upon receiving a wizard staff that once belonged to his father, Laurel tells Barley that he was an accountant to which the conversation becomes interrupted where Ian reads a quote said by his late father about magic before it became slowly scarce.

Ian Lightfoot, Laurel Lightfoot, Wilden Lightfoot, Blazey, Corey the Manticore

Good ", Barley and Ian as they appear at the Disney Parks.

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My favorite little detail I noticed is that Barley mouths Magnora-Gantuan when Ian is casting it on the gas can. It’s obvious! And she/he feels insecure about their height sometimes. Barley grows back to his normal size because the spell Ian accidentally used on him is temporary just as the police squadron arrives and prepares to arrest the two for reckless driving. We use cookies to analyze and improve your experience on our website. New Mushroomton

This gives time for Ian to complete the spell. Friends forever truly implies … Ian then tells Barley and his mother about getting food for breakfast to which Barley offers him to kneel before him but Ian decides to do this later while planning to get breakfast. It meant a lot =D, Here is Onward fan art of Barley Lightfoot (a elf) along with Zandiiangelspit’s OC Athena Lancelot (a centaur), both of them looking out… at something…. I mostly connect to Barley (which is part of the reason I love him so much), but I also connected with Ian. and it’s romantic and all.

Laurel, Ian and Barley's mom, gives Ian a gift from Wilden, they boys dad who died before Ian was born. While his younger brother Ian is small, quiet, and awkward, Barley is large, loud, and excitable.

Ian's 5'0 and Barley's 5'6? Literally the sweetest boy in the whole world! He fully believes Ian can bring their father back to life and summon magic back to their world. As the dragon looks at Barley, it chases after the elf brothers and their father. Arriving at the Path of Peril, Barley explains about the dangers in the area to which they come across an enormous chasm where they see ancient drawbridge where Barley tells Ian to use a spell to help Ian activate the lever on the side of the drawbridge. Character information

And she/he feels insecure about their height sometimes. Onward.

Barley and Ian embrace together after the success of reviving their late father.

Maybe I've seen taller teenagers, but I think they've shortened them by a few inches.

Long story short, height doesn’t effect Barley. Despite being a little teasing, Barley never loses faith in his brother, Ian and encourages him to rise above his (Ian's) own self-doubts and is always there for him; something Ian didn't fully realize until he recollected the journey they'd taken together fulfilled his check-list he'd originally made to spend time with their father.

I can relate since, well, I'm taller than most of my classmates (by at least 98%, others are boys that surpassed me).

Upon arriving in the station's mart, Ian asks a storekeeper for gas while Barley impatiently requests him to buy some Cheese Puffs and a bathroom key, increasing Ian's total cost.

Dad was a Wizard!

Ian's magical staff is knocked into the ocean during the battle with the dragon. Blue elf, stocky, burly, dark blue mullet hair, hazel eyes, beard stubble, freckles, pointed ears, black beanie and t-shirt, blue vest with patches and pins sewn on, army green shorts, large black sneakers, indigo armband tattoo on right arm, spiked bracelet on right hand, cast with white writing on left hand Barley Lightfoot Disney: Onward - Manticore Height 3.75 Inches 3.75 Inches 3.75 Inches 3.75 Inches Amazon Exclusive SIGN UP NOW TO DONATE A MEAL ON US AND GET 25% OFF ONLINE! Gwinny’s license plate! Ship to Store*: Allow up to 8 business days. Games Critical Role Vox Machina Percival De Rolo III Vinyl Figure, Funko Pop!

Disney: Onward - Barley in Cosplay, Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop! So I got an ad on Instagram for this coloring app thing, and I downloaded it because the ad said there were Disney pictures on it and…. And, I tell you, you notice new details about the movie every time you watch it.

. Then again they're elves, so what do I know. When Ian tells Barley to be careful of his father's sweatshirt he is wearing to which Barley tells him he doesn't remember his father wearing one, he tells Barley that he only had two memories of his father to which he denies telling him that he had three memories of his father.

Onward, Pixar, Ian Lightfoot, Barley Lightfoot, Printable Art, Instant Download, Watercolor, 14x11, 10x8, A4, Disney Poster, Digital print - YOU WILL RECEIVE- 1 ZIP-acrchive with 3 JPG files in hi-res (300dpi) for printing in different sizes: ️ 10x8 file ️ 14x11 file ️ A4 file Require a

He’d make grabby hands to get them to bend down just so he can gaze directly into their eyes before kissing them. Barley then looks at the instruction of how to use a Visitation Spell to which he explains that a rare Phoenix Gem is required to use this spell.

He is the older brother of Ian who serves as a mentor, protector, and best friend. The dots finally started to connect. *Available to US stores only. Going on quests/adventures with his brother, snacks, driving, magic, his van Guinevere, Quests of Yore

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Personality Here’s that drawing of little Ian and Barley I mentioned yesterday!

D&D Beyond Every day is a grand and glorious quest with the rowdy blue elf from Disney•Pixar's, disney pixar onward barley lightfoot vinyl figure, Funko Pop! I'm doing commissions if anyone's interested. Flat rate $5.99. And lastly, my younger brother gifted me this poster!

Ian, Barley, and their father arrive at the Swamp Gas area as the three notice a group of motorcycle fairies, the Pixie Dusters, offending an elf customer.

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