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Methods and Materials for Second Language Instruction. ACE offers several programs that do provide a pathway to licensure, certification, or endorsement and they can be found here. Building Scientific Understanding in Students. This course highlights how technology and classroom design can be used to differentiate instruction. Designing and Leading Professional Learning. Trends and Issues in Literacy Best Practices. This will provide a forum for determining action. View the College Catalog for full descriptions. The strengths and limitations of each approach will be assessed to construct a broadened, integrated perspective of literacy. Through research and discussion, the students will be guided to provide the appropriate selection of technology with the targeted population in mind. This course investigates critical issues and concerns, emerging roles and functions, and influencing factors helping to redefine the nature of higher education. Any six of courses This course focuses on the major theories, strategies, and applications utilized in P-12 standards-driven learning environments.

Emphasis will be placed on response to intervention, formative assessment, and the development of strategies and interventions that target exceptional learners.

Hear from some of our recent doctoral graduates as they share their experience at American College of Education. Students create a professional portfolio based on work created during their program to highlight mastery of specific academic outcomes and demonstrate the impact of the focus of study on the professional field. ACE becomes one of fewer than 300 providers nationwide to have achieved CAEP accreditation. Emphasis is placed on the examination of diverse viewpoints and approaches to integrated science education to examine research-based integrative models and strategies for the improvement of student learning. These protocols will relate to compliance issues as well as inform stakeholders of their importance. The unique nature of each learner will be discussed, along with the way accommodations create learning experiences that maximize each student's ability to learn and progress.

We have over 20 years experience providing expert Educational both businesses and individuals the industry expertise in driving our investment approach.

Inventing and Reinventing Mathematics and Science Curriculum: Elementary, Secondary, & College Level.

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United States. New Orleans, LA 70112 “ The American College of Education was the best option for me at the time because it allowed me to continue to work and take care of my family as needed, but allowed me to continue my education. *This is an estimated value of the cost for tuition and fees. Foundational Leadership in Health Education. Engaging Diversity in the Science Classroom. Students analyze funding sources and the process of applying for financial resources from organizations or agencies through grant writing. Using a curricular framework, graduate students in this course will plan, evaluate, and adapt curricula experiences to build successful learning environments for all learners.

Students will demonstrate best practices for effective online teaching through course activities.

To make these improvements, leaders must first develop the skill set and knowledge base necessary to build leadership capacity among staff members. Professional doctorates historically came about to meet the needs of practitioners in a variety of disciplines. This course examines the purpose of various categories of assessment and tools of assessment, given at different organizational levels.

Success is attributed to effective decision making, a skill required for professional and personal reasons. Upon conclusion of the project, students will provide suggestions to inform curricula within organizations and in their current or future roles as educational leaders. Students get an overview of socio-cultural, psychological, and political variables that play a part in second language acquisition, which will translate to greater understanding of second language learners as they navigate the community and professional settings. The legal and civil rights of students receiving special education services are discussed in the context of the Office of Special Education Programs of the U.S. Department of Education, as well as in the context of each state's monitored progress on Part B and Part C indicators of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Foundations of Integrated Science Education. Advanced Foundations of Second Language Learners. U.S. and international program models are analyzed and current theories of Second Language Acquisition (SLA), bilingualism, and socio-cultural theories are explored for their pedagogical implications. Focused on examining statutory and regulatory compliance issues impacting institutions, this course is designed to heighten analytical skills to ensure an understanding of the intricacies influencing higher education in today's climate of globalization. ACE introduces a new level of program offerings for busy working professionals looking to advance their education. semester credits. Students create a professional portfolio based on work created during their program to highlight mastery of specific academic outcomes and demonstrate the impact of the focus of study on the professional field. Submit a goal statement, demonstrating a clear expression of purpose and anticipated personal and professional goals. Instructional Strategies for the Adult Learner. This course assists educators in the development of rigorous, appropriate, curriculum and instruction, with a focus on diverse-learner groups. Learners will investigate diagnosis of reading disabilities, reading assessment strategies, and intervention principles. This course explores the role of international organizations, international aid agencies, non-governmental organizations, and global foundations in the provision of education internationally with a focus on developing countries. Final approval of Chapter 3 by the course faculty member and the dissertation chair is required for successful completion. Students will examine the principals needed to understand standardized assessment and the rationale for using curriculum-based measurement (CBM) within the broad context of special education programming. Students will evaluate components critical to writing and maintaining IEPs, individual goals and the use of accommodations and modifications. Students will evaluate communication and best practices for public, nonprofit, and other organizational leaders working to influence political and policymaking processes.

If you ask for … Students in this course will gain experiences utilizing a data-based decision-making process and evidence-based instructional models to individualize and adapt reading instruction and provide targeted support for diverse learners. This course examines the importance of scholarly writing in your leadership practice, the foundation of how to write in a scholarly mode, and research strategies to support your doctoral writing. As technology is an integral part of the public health care system, students will research ways to deliver, analyze, and interpret data, including informatics/bioinformatics, clinical research, consumer and public health statistics. Students investigate critical functions, societal shifts, technological trends, and how emerging roles are reshaping the foundations of higher education. This course provides a comprehensive view of advocacy strategies including polling, research, lobbying, and communicating with the media and stakeholders. Foundational theories and historical trajectories in literacy best practices will be examined and compared to current trends in the literacy field. Differentiated Instruction for Exceptional Learners.

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