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What future lies ahead Lublin? Check out the full version of Foresight Lublin 2050 report!


The Dialogue about Lublin's future

23 tables of the future

2 days of the Dialogue

This was the first meeting with the local community, during which we tried to examine the associations with the future of the city in 2050. How do the residents see their immediate surroundings? What are they missing? How do they imagine their needs in 30 years and what are their fears? What should Lublin be like so that they can proudly say that they live well in their city?


Warsztaty scenariuszowe

nearly 30 experts

5 workshops

We invited local experts to cooperate, people who know the details of Lublin particular realities, creating a city image together. It was them who, based on the data and analyzes we collected, gave direction to the urban development scenarios that were created together, interpreting global trends according to local conditions.


Konsultacje społeczne

6 months

over 40 meetings

We met with residents, and tourists who were visiting Lublin. We talked with representatives of all groups functioning every day in the city – school children and youth, students, entrepreneurs, seniors and representatives of public administration, residents and users of the city. Numerous meetings, workshops and talks gave them the opportunity to share their vision of development and significantly influence the shape of the scenarios.


FORMAT forecasting

2 subjects of research

evolutions of systems

We have analyzed trends and statistical data. We used innovative model analysis of the FORMAT methodology to collect data and create development models that formed the basis for creating future scenarios. Thanks to the method based on the laws of system evolution, we had the opportunity to indicate potential ways of development of the two selected aspects conditioning the future situation of Lublin.


Scenariusze rozwoju

2 axes of development

4 scenarios

As a result of analyzes and debates, scenarios of the future were created. This will soon be the basis for the development of further short-term policies, milestones, strategic documents or revitalization plans, starting with the Strategy 2030 announced by the City of Lublin.




The report of Foresight Lublin 2050 includes not only development scenarios, but also an analysis of global trends, the results of public consultations and a detailed report on the FORMAT forecasting.


The foresight report is not an element ending the process, but only its beginning. The coming years are the period during which changes in policies and activities will lead to the formulation of the final vision of the city in 2050. With specific clear objectives and potential threats in the long-term perspective, the Office’s representatives will be able to lead a conscious and responsible city development policy.

We also talked about the future worth creating for other cities during the Cities 2050 Conference, which was closing Foresight Lublin 2050 project.