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What future lies ahead Konin? Check out the full version of Foresight Konin 2050 report!


1. Desk research

150 hours

24 analytical sessions

We have analyzed trends and statistical data. We used innovative model analysis of the FORMAT methodology to collect data and create development models that formed the basis for creating development scenarios. It was used for the first time in urban research.


2. Expert Panel

50 hours

3 workshops

We have established a team of local experts who know in detail and in practice the various aspects of reality that make up the functioning of Konin. It was them who, based on the data and analyzes we collected, created scenarios for the development of the city during three workshop rounds.


3. Public consultations

6 months

over 4 000 people

We have involved a wide range of Konin residents, entrepreneurs, youth, seniors and representatives of public administration in consultations. Numerous meetings, workshops and talks gave the opportunity to share their visions of the city’s development and significantly influence the final shape of the scenarios.


4. Development scenarios

4 development scenarios

Visions of the city in 35 years

As a result of analyzes and debates, scenarios of the future were created – from pessimistic, to the most probable, to the most optimistic one. They can become the basis for developing short-term policies, milestones, strategic documents or revitalization plans.


5. Report


Konin2050 is the first broad foresight project of that kind for a medium city in Poland. The urban foresight model developed by the Urban Workshop allowed to extract from this method additional elicitable aspects and building social capital.


The Foresight report is an element that completes and also opens the process. The next 35 years is the period during which changes will lead to the final vision of the city in 2050. With specific clear objectives and potential threats in the long-term perspective, authorities can lead a conscious and responsible city development policy.


If you have any ideas concerning the future of Konin or comments about our project, don’t hesitate to contact us!